For the next two weeks, it looks I won’t be spending any money for coffee :). McDonald’s Canada just announced that its java concoction will be offered free to the public for two weeks – all day, not just during breakfast time like they did for a couple weeks in 2009. It is a rather intriguing move for McDonalds which interestingly coincides with the 2010 launch of Tim Horton’s celebrated Roll Up The Rim to Win contest. People are excited about the prospect of laying hands on the 40 Toyota RAV4’s up for grabs and countless other prices from ranging from $10K cash, netbooks, coffee cards and millions of free donuts and coffee. This contest – literally rolling the rim of the paper cup to look for a prize – also covers the handful U.S. states where the Tim Horton’s franchise had expanded . The great part about the contest is you can go to the website and check the winners map where you can view the places where the major prizes were won. In this type of lottery, geographical distribution of major prizes is important. The contest is definitely not a ruse as by law, the franchise will have to apply for a permit and provide the odds of winning to get approved.

I am not sure what Mcdonalds is trying to pitch with their free coffee campaign other than to say that theirs tastes better than Tim’s ( which I kinda agree, somewhat 😉 ). Or probably lure folks into saying – “hey, you get free coffee so why not buy a muffin or chicken wrap along with it for good measure “? The free coffee still won’t stop me and my wife from spending an hour or so at a pricier Starbucks or Second Cup joint after our regular weekend dinner dine out where we can enjoy real coffee and healthier non-fruit dessert (if there is such a thing). At Second Cup I can browse with my netbook for 2 hours for free since daughter would be incessantly blabbering with her stories not allowing me and my wife to engage in a decent conversation 😡

As for the free Mcdonald’s coffee – sure, oddly enough,  it would be nice to pass by their drive through anytime and say “medium with milk only please” and not pay for it :). For those cheapskates who are thinking of taking their date for the first time to free coffee, I can tell you it’s as worse as paying with free coupons 😆

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