The Pacquiao-Clottey fight leaves a sour taste in the mouth of fans who were extremely frustrated by the collapse of the Pacquiao- Mayweather megafight. For lack of a better term , my PPV channel simply refers to the fight in a rather nondescript sounding manner – THE EVENT. The fight may not be that spectacular in what is at stake for the fighters but the venue – the brand new $1.2B Dallas Cowboys stadium – is by itself already spectacular, making up for the lack of glitz and glamor of an opponent in Joshua Clottey. Manny is favored to win but experts say it will not be a cakewalk for Clottey is no slouch. The man may look sluggish but he is a gorilla with the tenacity of a hippo. He looks indestructible. His skin looks like premium leather fresh from the tannery and one wonders if the Pacman will need a razor to break his brow. There’s already ton of hype surrounding the fight courtesy of Gerry Jones, the billionaire owner of the Dallas Cowboys and Pacquiao’s savvy promoter, Bob Arum. Reportedly former President George W. Bush will be at the executive box of Jones to watch the Pacman. Action star celebrities with the likes of Steven Segal, Claude Van Damme, Mark Wahlberg, Mickey Rourke will be on the ringside to watch the Pacman. Of course, members of the mutual admiration society of Pacquiao’s ilk will be at ringside as well to watch the power of Pacman the great – Julio Cesar Chavez, Kelley Pavlik, Juan Manuel Lopez and Miguel Cotto. And… to top it all and this is really big… Dana White, the president of UFC, a rival sport that threatens to convert boxing fans to MMA ( Mixed Martial Arts) believe it or not will attend the fight and is rooting for the Pac to destroy Clottey in 8 ! He’s also handing out tickets to fans. Now that truly speaks of Pacquiao’s appeal to MMA fighters. With the Pac in the ring, it’s slam bang action from the opening bell. With Floyd Mayweather,it will be boredom city from start to finish.

Joshua Clottey said that when his manager called to break the news about the Pacquiao fight, he was so ecstatic that wasn’t able to sleep. When you fight the Pacman these days, you reap the harvest too. Clottey gets $1.5M – the most he could ever get on the planet fighting in the ring. In fact Clottey was so immensely thankful of the opportunity when he declared with a rather surprising magnanimity, about fighting a man he greatly respects ” if I lose to Pacquiao then I lost “. But Clottey is a bulldog that should not be taken lightly. The fight is by no means an easy one for Manny, at least on record. One thing that Manny only needs to do is mentally replace Clottey’s face with that of Floyd Mayweather. It may pump his adrenalin up full volume and harness his deep seated hatred of the man who tried to ruin his reputation with his senseless setroid allegation and he can end the fight with a sleeper like he did to Hatton. That will be a real treat to the 45,000 fans who will be watching the event live at the humungous stadium.

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