Live A Little

At an elevator door of a hotel we stayed on our long drive stop over to our March break destination, I saw a poster of a chubby man with snorkeling his way through a shallow bay. The poster had the title “Live A Little”.ย  I immediately thought of borrowing the phrase for the title of this post. This trip of ours is by no means extravagant so it fits the title to a T.ย  I chose a place where we could catch a fair bit of the sun with the least driving hours and all of us – myself, the wifey and the daughter can enjoy things we like to do. Williamsburg, Virginia was my choice because there is golf to be played, great colonial history, plenty of kiddie activities, has a large factory outlet strip mall where the wifey can spend quality time entertaining herself ๐Ÿ˜‰ and last but not least, it has an affiliate resort with our timeshare membership where we could stay. The leisurely 12 hour long drive was well worth it. Mornings were mine and afternoons were for the wifey and the daughter. I can spend it on the grass as long as I’m back at the resort by 12 noon.

Williamsburg is one unique place because it has restored and preserved a historic ย part of this colonial town and declared it off limits to commercial traffic. The buildings and houses are immaculately preserved and visitors can only visit the heritage site on foot. You can spend a couple of days seeing it all, including the shows and exhibits that go with the package. Local folk dress up in colonial attire and staff the buildings and stores that sell colonial memorabilia. It’s a treat for the photo enthusiast as long as he/she is willing to walk all day. Unfortunately for me, my movement was constrained by companions who weren’t too eager to check every nook and cranny of the complex. Most people park their cars at the visitor center, get dropped at specific locations by buses that circle around the colonial town until 10pm. The weather was in the low 20 deg Celsius which was perfect for us who have not had the luxury of walking around without second layer clothing. Sure there was a surprise drizzle every now and then but it was quite alright. After suffering a near overdose of my daughter’s Lady Gaga music on the car stereo, I thought the 250 bucks I spent for gas and the 2 rounds of golf I played let alone the buckets of balls I hit at the range was well worth the trip. Speaking for myself, my goal was met ๐Ÿ™‚ And yes, we ran across Mama Cita Sinigang mix in Williamsburg ๐Ÿ˜‰

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