Stand up comedians would be the worst liars and hypocritical jerks you can ever imagine. I run out of adjectives to define someone who would concoct tall tales and self-deprecating humor and insult himself, his mother, his wife, even his god to elicit laughter from his audience. Yes, laughter is golden. Such playacting, looking so contrived and phony is the comic’s way of making a living and interestingly, the ones who have the audacity to tread into vulgarity and over exaggeration often score the highest points. Being brash and borderline controversial makes a comedian interesting and appealing. George Carlin was one comedian who would trash his subject with no holds barred. You would cringe when you watch his stand up session dissing obese people like they’re an aberration of society. HBO’s Bill Maher is also one present day comedian who fires disparaging remarks at will to make his case with a politician he disagrees with. With his scathing criticism of the sex scandal cases committed by the church, you’d wonder why up to now the Vatican hasn’t sued him.

Hyphenated Americans – Paul Rodriquez (Mexican) and Margaret Cho (Korean)joke about their respective cultures, sometimes to the point of cynicism but no one cares. I guess it is OK to make deprecating jokes about your own people, your culture but not OK when you make fond of other cultures. Black comedian Chris Rock is who one comedian who can diss black and white people with his jokes but comes out relatively unscathed. Styles makes fights they say. I guess Brock has a certain style that works to his advantage, somehow restraining people from strangling him.

Recently comedian Adam Carolla expressed his intense frustration of not seeing the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight happen, blamed Pacquiao of sabotaging the deal, calling him idiot, illiterate, overly-superstitious like people in his country who pray to “chicken bones”.

Were Pinoys incensed by Carolla’s scathing remarks about Pacquiao ? We’ve seen some intense and fiery name calling on both Pacquiao and Mayweather on boxing websites, forums and blogs and no one made a big deal about it. Except for the defamation lawsuit the Pacquiao camp filed on the Mayweathers and Golden Boy productions, no one talked about suing or censuring anyone . Things got a little dicey when Carolla fired this volley :

“They got this and sex tours, that’s all they have over there. Get your [expletive] together Philippines. Jesus Christ. I mean, again, it’s fine to be proud of your countrymen. But that’s it? That’s all you got?”

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