Stand up comedians would be the worst liars and hypocritical jerks you can ever imagine. I run out of adjectives to define someone who would concoct tall tales and self-deprecating humor and insult himself, his mother, his wife, even his god to elicit laughter from his audience. Yes, laughter is golden. Such playacting, looking so contrived and phony is the comic’s way of making a living and interestingly, the ones who have the audacity to tread into vulgarity and over exaggeration often score the highest points. Being brash and borderline controversial makes a comedian interesting and appealing. George Carlin was one comedian who would trash his subject with no holds barred. You would cringe when you watch his stand up session dissing obese people like they’re an aberration of society. HBO’s Bill Maher is also one present day comedian who fires disparaging remarks at will to make his case with a politician he disagrees with. With his scathing criticism of the sex scandal cases committed by the church, you’d wonder why up to now the Vatican hasn’t sued him.

Hyphenated Americans – Paul Rodriquez (Mexican) and Margaret Cho (Korean)joke about their respective cultures, sometimes to the point of cynicism but no one cares. I guess it is OK to make deprecating jokes about your own people, your culture but not OK when you make fond of other cultures. Black comedian Chris Rock is who one comedian who can diss black and white people with his jokes but comes out relatively unscathed. Styles makes fights they say. I guess Brock has a certain style that works to his advantage, somehow restraining people from strangling him.

Recently comedian Adam Carolla expressed his intense frustration of not seeing the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight happen, blamed Pacquiao of sabotaging the deal, calling him idiot, illiterate, overly-superstitious like people in his country who pray to “chicken bones”.

Were Pinoys incensed by Carolla’s scathing remarks about Pacquiao ? We’ve seen some intense and fiery name calling on both Pacquiao and Mayweather on boxing websites, forums and blogs and no one made a big deal about it. Except for the defamation lawsuit the Pacquiao camp filed on the Mayweathers and Golden Boy productions, no one talked about suing or censuring anyone . Things got a little dicey when Carolla fired this volley :

“They got this and sex tours, that’s all they have over there. Get your [expletive] together Philippines. Jesus Christ. I mean, again, it’s fine to be proud of your countrymen. But that’s it? That’s all you got?”

This is what I think incensed the entire Pinoy nation, rallying people to call for Carolla’s scalp. Carolla apologized to Pacquiao when he realized the indignation he brought on people with his comments. Pacquiao accepted his apology. The Fil-Am community doesn’t think Carolla is sincere though. They want a more severe censure from CBS radio on Carolla. What must we do with this SOB ?

I’ve trolled the forums and the reactions were mixed but I sense that the majority couldn’t sleep with Carolla’s allegedly slanderous remark and want his head cut off. Some demanded Pres. Arroyo to defend the country and others called on a national anthem line “ ang mamatay ng dahil sa iyo” and defend Pacquiao, its national treasure, to the death. Others went the academic way, justifying why the Pinas became a Catholic country from its pagan roots, quoting definitions from the encyclopedia. Seriously now, are obnoxious comedians really worth our belabored arguments ? Are they worth worrying about?

Presidential spokesman Gary Olivar showed dignity and class when he responded with an official statement and called Carolla an ignorant fool who belongs to a sick minority in his country:

“His statements carry zero weight for us. We will not dignify it by demanding an apology. In fact he should apologize to his fellow Americans for giving them a collective black eye,”

One interesting reaction was this comment from a staffer of a boxing website :

I’d say Adam Carolla has a grasp of the Filipino psyche,” wrote Andre Sagovia also on “Satire is supposed to be funny, but often isn’t. It is the ugly truth of reality. And that, mga kabayan ko, is just how Adam Carolla sees us. He’s free to express what he thinks so forget about it and get a life.”

Has Adam Carolla harmed us or simply rattled our cage real hard ?


With the suprisingly 20 deg C+ weather this weekend, we decided to spend the Easter weekend at a resort 3 hours away up north and do a little fishing on the lakes and rivers along the way. It was the first time my little girl learned how to cast with a spinning reel. She was ecstatic to catch fish and I may have successfully indocrinated her with fishing as she had been bugging me to go out this weekend 🙂 Unfortunately the outdoor activities of the resort was still closed. We did a little tour of the maple syrup farm the resort operated. With only about 2,000 liters being produced annually, one could consider it a hobby farm but I was extremely pleased with my Maple Syrup 101 crash course. Much has changed since the early days when the natives boiled maple sap to produce sugar. Nowadays, healthier and tastier 100% pure mayple syrup can be produced with better technology. Approximately 1 liter of syrup can be extracted from 40 liters of sap but gone are the days of the cans. Plastic tubings now collect the sap from the trees, feeding them into the tank via gravity. Simple boilers and evaporators are used to extract and refine the syrup. I also learned that 100% maple syrup doesn’t freeze. It is amazing how much things we get from mother nature, from such as the lowly and ubiquituous the maple tree. Now when I pour my maple syrup on my pancake I can appreciate the labor that went into producing such a wonderful treat we take for granted. This Easter weekend was just plain family fun on a nice spring weather and I enjoyed it immensely.

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  1. i have heard this insult in a form of a satire but never really paid much attention to it. i mean, we are who we are and if those dammm hypocrites could not see us beyond pacquiao, then so be it.

    looks like a fun way to spend easter bw?

  2. Adam Carolla is a jerk. Those comments are uncalled for even if he means it. That’s typical of comedians. their mouths are ahead of the head all the time.

    Nice photos.. glad you enjoyed the weekend.

    • In his 2nd term , George Bush was insulted almost every day by every comedian you know. If he had a case, could have made money suing these comedians 😉

      We did enjoy the weekend. The fishing was fun too.

  3. I have not heard about the Adam Carolla brouhaha because while I am generally a fan of stand up comics and generally find their bits funny, I’ve never seen any of Carolla’s shows.

    My stand is he is free to speak his opinion. I just wish those who knows how to dish it well can equally take it as well. And most of the things they say on their shows were meant to be funny. I never take any of it seriously.

    I just wish we don’t blow things out of proportion. Let it go. Who is he anyway?

    • Comedians these days are fond of terrible exaggerations to make people laugh. If Pinoy comedian Rex Navarrette said ” common Pinoys – Isex tours and manny Pacquiao – is that all you got ?” I don’t think there will be an outrage . Just as I said, it is OK for us to make deprecating jokes about ourselves but not OK for other nationalities to do it 🙂

  4. I find Bill Maher offensive. He looks creepy too 😦 I don’t like his jokes. Sad to say, people find vulgar jokes funny these days.

    I love Easter Eggs when I was a kid. My parents use to bring us to a golf course and look for real eggs with a bunch of kids 🙂

    • Bill Maher’s show is on cable – HBO so he can say anything he wants expletives included and no one seems to be bothered censuring him. Maher is one of those comedians to make their opinions through jokes and you wonder somethimes if he is really serious or not.

      Me too. I loved those colored eggs. In those days we can eat the eggs we find as they were hard boiled eggs 🙂 Nowadays, with all the health stuff floating around , they use plastic egg containers with little chocolate eggs inside. Much less messy and safe I guess.

  5. Hmmm… if I ever want my moment of fame I already know what to do… insult the Filipino’s in general ;-). Or an OFW for maximum exposure.
    That being said…Adam Carolla’s remarks were cheap and irrelevant.

    By the way… you look great as pink bunny.

    • Making yourself controversial is one way to get attention – that’s for sure.

      ouch..i wasn’t in the picture at all… little girl surprisingly didn’t like a picture with the pink bunny. Maybe she would if it was Lady Gaga 🙂 Hmmm.. I think my little girl is growing up faster than we thought.

    • I agree with Sidney. I think Adam Carolla is looking for maximum exposure and the thought he could ride on Pacquiao’s fame. We better not stoop into his level. He is uninformed and ignorant…

      Your Easter weekend looks like lots of fun. Belated Happy Easter. Ngayon lang ulit nakadalaw…

      • I give credit Pacquiao for not reacting to Carolla’s stupid comments and not stooping down to his level. What he said about Pacquiao was totally untrue anyways.

        Kaso, it is the Pinoy nation who took offense when Carolla dissed the nation as an under-achiever. Funny when people over-react when someone speaks something about you that is not totally false. Truthful words hurt sabi nila 😦

        Hey, same to you. I’m still on the road. Will blog hop and visit you folks when I get home. cheers.

  6. I agree with that comment from Segovia. The way many of our kababayans go gaga over Pacquiao’s exploits in the ring, to the point of proclaiming him a national hero (thank God that didn’t happen), as well as that idiotic suggestion for him to run as president, have given credence to the impression that Juan de la Cruz really ought to get a life.

    Yes, Carolla’s remarks are hurtful but it should also be treated as a wake-up call. It’s high time that the rabid Pacquiao fans wake up to the reality that their hero is a mere prizefighter (and a good one at that) and is NOT this country’s savior, nor is he the answer to the ills of its society.

    It’s funny though, many people (including myself) in this country have written about this unhealthy obsession over pacman and yet you hardly ever hear a squeak from his die-hard fans. So does that mean that only Pinoys can diss Pinoys?

    • THere’s one quote from the Book of Psalms I think which said something like ” Thruthful words hurt “.

      Know what, I’m an avid fan of Manny Pacquiao too but I haven’t become a Pacman jockstrap smelling nuthugger . I admire him for his extraordinary skills but I don’t consider him a messiah nor an Aragorn who’s sent by heaven to save the Pinoy kingdom 🙂

      There’s a proper way to honor and appreciate a compatriot and fanaticism – making Pacquiao everything he wants to be isn’t one.

  7. Stand up comedy is an acquired taste, and I look at it as the 21st century equivalent of minstrel shows that people are free ignore.

    Have you seen the reaction at Adam’s facebook page? The Pinoys who have resorted to death/ physical threats and those that used very vile language did Filipnos no favor. I was and still embarrassed that many Pinoys fell for the equivalent of IRL trolling.

    • Very true. It is an acquired taste. You can’t appreciate standup comedians if you’re pikon or pusong mamon.

      I’d be honest – the only reason why I haven’t gone berserk like my Pinoy compatriots when Carolla said :

      “They got this and sex tours, that’s all they have over there. Get your [expletive] together Philippines. Jesus Christ. I mean, again, it’s fine to be proud of your countrymen. But that’s it? That’s all you got?””

      HE WAS NOT ENTIRELY WRONG. There is some grain of truth in what he said. Some Pinay women who are against sex trade and bride for sale said that Carolla’s comments will make Pinas think of its perceived image abroad.

  8. Honestly, whenever we Filipinos are insulted by people from other countries whether intentionally or not, I cringe more because of the over-reaction of some Filipinos. I appreciate those who take the time to make well-written, well-thought-of, sensible responses but those who make low, stupid comments in response to the already low blow make me want to pull my hair out.

  9. I checked out the site as well, and after reading the comments posted by the so-called nationalistic Pinoys, I’ve no more doubt as to why this country is in the pits.

    • That’s typical of our pusong mamon mentality bro. It is OK to get upset but going berserk doesn’t help at all. It shifts the stink to you 😦

  10. he thought it’s funny. i was waiting for someone to challenge him to a duel like in the good old days 😛

    • Glad duels are no longer allowed coz the way people sounded with their viral comments, there seems to be no shortage of would-be-martyrs 🙂

  11. If Adam’s comments did not occur on his usual stand up gig, then I could say it was racist and uncalled for especially the mere mention of Pakyaw as “illiterate”. Adam is not a well-educated person himself and I really have huge problem with people who say negative stuffs about other people, yet they themselves are in the same predicament. Such as Palin recently calling my friend Barack a half-term Senator…..gee whiz Sarah the quitter Alaska Governor!!

    Rightwingers such as Beck, Rush the addict Limbaugh, Hannity, and others who spew hate messages and untruthful things are like these comedians who camouflage as comics to really fire out their hate rhetorics.

    Why people pay for these comedians is beyond me. In a few days, they’re all over YouTube. I like Bill Maher though, minus his foul-mouth tirade on sex and bashing the rednecks. Otherwise, this dude is well-informed and knows a lot of stuff.

    • Hey, you forgot Ann Coulter… man, she’s scary 😦

      Some Pinoy commented that if we think that Carolla’s comments on Pacquiao being illiterate speaks of his impression of Pinoys, maybe we should stop sending servants to work abroad. ugh. very touchy topic.

      Methinks Bill Maher is one of those guys who makes jokes about what he really means 😯

  12. i don’t really care what that Adam Carolla said. never heard of him, actually.

    but i won’t be overwrought by a comment of someone who’s trying to get an audience by his cheap and trying hard attempts to become funny. now, am i over reacting, too? he he

    there is a misconception about being makabayan here. sometimes it is a misconstrued notion when there are other significant acts that being makabayan can be shown.

    • I think the real issue is the way some Pinoys responded to the SOB in Carolla. Gosh, if you read how some people gave a history lecture on the conversion of Pinas to Catholicism as a rebuttlal to Pacquiao’s alleged “praying to chicken bones”, it waaaay out of topic, totally senseless. 😦

  13. Carolla can be very funny and can also be very offensive. He walks a fine line. In this case, he crossed the line. But like you said, he’s not entirely wrong. The Philippines does have sex tours and the gov’t isn’t exactly the epitome of good gov’t.

    • He did cross the line and I’m sure these vulgar comedians have thick skin anyways 😦 Our mistake would be stooping to his level and become vulgar like him ugh.

  14. Hey, great blog…I haven’t figured out how to add your site in my rss reader but I will soon 🙂

  15. If only more than 90 people would read this.

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