I’ve always wondered what it meant when someone says – “you got to be dignified”. We ordinarily associate dignity with rank, status and power for the reason that it connotes respect, nobility and elevation in character. But do all of these so called successful people possess dignity ? If you have met accomplished people who thoroughly impressed you with their meekness and quiet self-respect  I’m sure you also met those whose preoccupation in life is to show off or talk about other people’s private lives,  so amused at the misery others are going through. Here’s an excerpt from the book Rules of Life that may offer some snippets of wisdom on what having dignity means.



I’ve spent years watching successful people, and I don’t just mean successful as in having lots of money or a big shot career. In fact one of the most successful people I ever met lived incredibly frugally and simply and reclusively and yet cracked it in a really big way – happiness, peace and contentment. This was a person you could have swiped an inner smile off even if you have tried.

Almost all successful people have a sense of their own dignity. Now what do I mean by this ? Well, they are all pretty solid in themselves, they have worked out who they are and what they are about. They don’t need to show off, brag about what they have or who they are. They don’t need to draw attention to themselves because they aren’t particularly interested in what we think – they are too busy getting on with things in their own lives. They maintain decorum ( lovely old-fashioned word that) not because they are frightened of making a fool of themselves or falling flat on their face but they simply can’t be bothered by attention seeking stuff.

It is so important – if you want to be a successful Rules Player – to show poise, gravitas, a be a bit separate from the herd, have good manners, be polite and considerate and to be others might like to look up to. You don’t have to be all aloof and stand-offish, serious and grown up. You can let your hair down – just don’t go out of control completely. You can still relax – just don’t fall off the edge. Dignity is about showing self-respect and having quiet self-esteem. It is amazing how others will respect you and hold you in greater esteem when you start the ball rolling.


I believe in human dignity as the source of national purpose, human liberty as the source of national action, the human heart as the source of national compassion, and in the human mind as the source of our invention and our ideas” John Fitzgerald Kennedy

A government’s role is the preservation of human dignity for it matters not who are governing, their power, riches and intellectual achivements, if the people are wallowing in poverty and hopelessness.


The second part of my trip was a couple of hectic days in Vancouver. Darn, I wished I came a month earlier during the Olympic games but then I could not have accomplished much , never mind the difficulty of getting hotel rooms in the city. I didn’t have the spare time to go anywhere so I just took these shots around the city area where our office was, right at the heart of downtown. The weather was much better, typical northwest weather at this time of year, cloudy but not too cold, in the low teens. My trusty little Lumix FX-35 had a bit of a challenge with the occasional drizzle but the last time I checked it was in good working order 😉

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25 Responses

  1. there are some bosses who think that they’re faultless and don’t give a care about their employees. so much about dignified people in power. they are a rare bunch.

    I love Vancouver. Wish I was there during the games too. Love those pink flowers. They give life to the season !

    • You look a little too flustered with your boss 😉 Some bosses are like that but there are reasonable bosses too.

      Flowers haven’t started blooming where I am.. yet… I couldn’t wait 🙂

  2. I also think that dignity is something taught at home.

    Nice photos set. As for the olympic cauldron, are they going to take them down?

    • Agree. your parents are the perfect models on how they view dignity.

      About the cauldron, dunno – they’re fenced so maybe they will take them down after a while.

  3. Pretty amazing shots… I am jealous !

  4. “Dignity is about showing self-respect and having quiet self-esteem. It is amazing how others will respect you and hold you in greater esteem when you start the ball rolling.” Isn’t that the truth. Altho’ initially I thought that dignity is getting respected.

    Not really a lover of crowds, I would love to see Vancouver just after the crowds have gone home 😀 Point and shoot are great in my estimation. I use mine all the time. Was this job related travel? Wish I had a job that requires travelling.

    • When someone says ” you look dignified” it does speak of respect.. But again, you ‘d have to hear the man speak first to find out if he’s truly dignifed 😆

      Vancouver is a vibrant city, not like Calgary. I like the vbrancy. It wasn’t too crowded so it was OK for me. Yes, the trip is part of my job related travel.

  5. Dignity: I wonder if our dear politicians even know the meaning of the word? Di ba they’re often referred to as “honorable” and are sometimes called dignitaries? 😀

    Man, that Vancouver sure is a clean city. I have several friends and relatives in that city and they all love living there, save for the occasional rains…

    • These honorable dignitaries can be very charming people for all you know 😉 But at the end of the day we all know what they are up to in their dignified positions 😯

      Better rain than snow they say 😉

  6. Erap said “ano ba yang digniti-digniti? sa Pinas di kailangan yan!”

    Been there three times so far, and it’s really clean and pretty. Awesome pics as usual. There is a gathering this June or July of peoples of the Cordilleras in Vancouver; and since I’m one of their harshest critic, I’ll pen something, hehe….

    • Erap said “ano ba yang digniti-digniti? sa Pinas di kailangan yan!” – LOL 🙂 Dagdag pa… Basta magkasama tayo sa hirap at ginhawa, ayos lang hehe.

      Good for you.. June or July would be a much better month to go. Have fun.

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  8. dignity really starts at home, a role model is the first step in such. i wonder how many politicians have dignity these days…and in a few days we’re going to replace them with pols of lesser of higher dignity

    • I believe so – a person’s values are molded by what he sees in his family, esp his parents. As for politicians, we know what they’re capable of hehe.

    • I agree with snglguy and backpacking philippines. Our politicians here needs real dignity. If these politicians don’t really know the real meaning of the word, we’re doom…

      A present officemate was staying in Canada a few years back. She told me Vancouver is one nice place to be visited…

  9. Is dignity synonymous to respect? I think so. But dignity is also synonymous to power. Whereas respect can be gained without being in power….
    Glad to be back again. Seems like you are still posting regularly. Masipag ka pa rin…

    • It is synonymous to respect and power, hence an oxymoron because we all know what these people in power are capable of doing which will make them lose people’s respect duh.

      Nice to hear from you sis… As for me, blogging is my pastime… I’ve mulled about quitting many times but I’m still here hehe..

  10. I agree to the dignity = respect.

    The best example I can think of is accepting rejection with dignity. Which means, there is no need to beg.

    • True … and of course we always hear that controversial phrase ” dying with dignity” where terminally ill people have asked to be given rights to end their lives on their own terms to avoid prolonged suffering.

  11. true dignity is seen in the most dire situations. it is so easy to say that one is dignified when people around are giving him respect because he has money and power.

    politicians have different meanings for the word, single guy.

    • well said. As the famous Aristotle said ” “Dignity does not consist in possessing honors, but in deserving them.”

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