Christmas 2010

I vividly remember listening to a talk show on my car radio a few days after Christmas last year when the announcer asked the lady caller on the phone “ So, how did you spend your Christmas if I may ask ? “ The woman promptly replied, sounding quite ecstatic “ We bought some pizza, rented a couple of movies and watched them at home. We had fun ! ” Ugh, if that’s your idea of Christmas eve fun then what would be your Saturday nights like ? 😉 This simply reaffirms the fact that in a multicultural society where I am, not everyone celebrates Christmas and that’s just fair. You can’t force people celebrate so called religious holidays like their adherents do. At best what one can universally do is go with the flow, greet people and wish them well and enjoy the spirit of the season as well as the treats they pass around 😉

Over the years I’ve seen how Christmas had been systematically commercialized and the practice of gifting had given people more burden than joy it seems. It is said that the average Canadian spends $700 to buy gifts during the holiday season. What is crazy is after Christmas here, there is a second tide of the spending spree – the Dec 26th Boxing Day – where prices of merchandise drop to some ludicrous degrees. The rule is if you want to take a good grip of your dough, never read the daily newspaper flyers or visit the store websites on Christmas Day. Chances are you’d score something totally unintended, like upgrading your BlueRay player or boosting up your subwoofer’s power, not because you really need to but because the price is so darn good that you feel like you’d never see such riduculous prices again, ever.

But that’s just the spirit of the season, the one time of the year where you become more generous to your loved ones than ever, even pamper yourself with cool toys or spiffy clothing. The din however fizzles out after Dec 26th where you would cease to hear Christmas carols being played on the airwaves and I totally agree. Let’s get over with the euphoria and get back to business as soon as we can. I see no sense in playing the carols until Valentine’s Day 🙂 I remember years ago when I vacationed back in Pinas, I arrived Jan 21 and the Little Drummer Boy was playing on the airport’s sound system. I wonder what the motivation is – businesses and their deftly continuance of the commercialization of the yuletide season perhaps ? Whatever the reasons are, I’d still prefer to get back to reality as soon as I can. Heck, those people prefer an overdose of the season are likely the ones who have no credit card charges to pay 😉

ON 2011

I have nothing more to wish for in 2011 except a better global economy. I wish the U.S. to recover as quickly as it can and likewise the economic turmoil in Europe to abate. The unfortunate part with an economic crisis is it can’t be fixed in a jiffy. It is like a wound that needs to heal over time. But time flies fast. I can’t believe we are going into the 3rd year since economic crisis of fall 2008 and the big U.S. banks that were bailed out by the U.S. government had fully repaid their billions of TARP loans. We are global now folks and the economic community is like our body. When one part ails, the whole body feels it.

Those folks who rant why Pacquiao isn’t fighting Juan Manuel Marquez for their trilogy are out to lunch. Figure this one out. Could Marquez conceivably beat the likes of Cotto, Clottey and Margarito , all of whom the Pacman trounced so convincingly ? If your answer is a resounding NO WAY, then you’d need not go further. You have the answer. I say Pacquiao should have fought Andre Berto but why Mosley ? Boxing is also a business other than pure entertainment. Promoters go where they think the money is. Give the Pacman rest. Let him fight an aging 39 year old in May and reserve Berto for an exciting match in November .

A friend told me a story of the genie that helped the Pacman win his phenomenal record of 8 titles in 8 weight classes finally had a session with his mom, Nanay Dionisia, this Christmas. Manny told her that the genie is an honest one and tries his very best to please the master. The genie asked her for 3 wishes. Dionisia asked for a second mansion at a plush subdivision and the genie confirmed the request with relative ease. For the second request, Dionisia said ” I‘d like for you to make me even more beautiful“. The genie pondered for a moment and replied ” Err.. OK… may I ask, what is your third request ? Let me get back to your second request after we do your third request :mrgreen:


To all of you who kept me company in 2010, I wish you the best of the holiday season and will see you in 2011. Hope I can blog a little oftener 😉



34 Responses

  1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    • same to you bro. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. BTW I moved your greetings from my previous post to here. Hope you don’t mind 🙂

  2. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, bw!

    If Pacman is going to fight an aging fighter, he shouldn’t fight at all. He can concentrate on his duties as a Congressman instead and fight Berto in November.

    • I think the Pacman deserves an “easy fight” after his last battle with the giant 🙂 However, Mosley only appears easy with his age (39) but he’s still a very dangerous fighter hehe.

      wish you a Happy Holidays and a fantabulous 2011 .

  3. Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year to you BW. I know what you mean when it comes to spending during the season. I wish Christmas ends quickly. One month is too long LOL 😉

    • It is too long indeed 🙂 But I was out today being boxing day and darn I got some nice bargains 😉

      Same to you – have a wonderful and safe holidays.

  4. What I can’t understand is why are my relatives in the US celebrates Thanksgiving when they are not part of the Mayflower? : D

    Merry Christmas, bw!

    • LOL… they say Thanksgiving in the States is celebrated better with family than Christmas as families tend to have reunions on Thanksgiving.. Besides, Thanksgiving is just so close to Xmas.

      Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a bountiful 2011.

  5. Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones, Pards. May the new year bring you and your family more happiness and blessings. Take care.

  6. happy holidays bw and cheers for more blessings in 2011 🙂

  7. Ashamed to admit it, but I have long wanted to have a quiet Christmas, but not gonna happen. My family and I live near each other and only during the Holidays do we all gather together and break bread under one roof.

    I did have a private no nonsense thanksgiving though, so that made up for all the chaos of the Christmas preps.

    I have been very good at the keeping true to my shopping list. When I go to the stores, I have tunnel vision. I get what I need or what’s on my list. I never get tempted anymore 🙂 yay me!!!!

    Also I take advantage of the ridiculously affordably priced items after Christmas. As a matter of fact, I am already halfway done with my 2011 Christmas shopping list at 70-80% less than what I have budgeted for 🙂

    Which means I should take a vacation now, right?

    Hoped your Xmas was wonderful. Happy new year.

    • Honestly I’m thinking that next year, I’ll propose to my family, my loved ones that we do the exchanging of gifts on Dec 27th, the day after Boxing Day ! That would be totally cool methinks – more gifts for cheaper money 😉 Sure, we will have Xmas dinner but just postpone the exchange 🙂

      I did a Xmas cruise once spent new year’s a a resort but it was not as fun. I think the family part is great but the friends and all the others are becoming an annoyance haha 🙂

      Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a terrific New Year’s celebration. All the best for 2011 !

  8. I think most people just want Christmas carols to be over and done with right on Boxing Day because it reminds them of their credit card bills. Boxing Day is my moving on day 😉

    Wish you a Happy Christmas and a Joyous New Year.

  9. Christmas means giving gifts while Thanksgiving is just that; just give thanks to anyone sans buying gifts; thus the popularity of Thanksgiving Day, hehe…..

    Api api new year to you, your family and to your relentless disciples. Hope everyone get rich this 2011. Cheers!

    • Thanksgiving sans the gifts is more profound methinks. It is more solemn and deep compared to the Disneyfication of Christmas.

      Right on. Hope we all get rich in 2011 ! Happy New Year to you and your family 🙂

  10. i hope you had a blast this holidays and may you have a great year ahead! the photos on this post are so funny 🙂 you are right though sometimes christmas can give you a heart attack because of all the spending LOL

  11. I know, I know it’s belated but hey, better late than never, right? Happy Holidays to you and your family, bro.

    As I wrote in my blog, I have been remiss in my blogging duties and you can blame that on plain old laziness. I dunno, maybe I lost my mojo or perhaps the stress at work have finally taken its toll on my noggins. Or perhaps my writing stint at The POC have gotten the best of me. Whatever, I’m trying to find my way back into the blogging world again and I hope I don’t lose my way… again. 😀

    As for Pacquiao, I agree with one of the commenter, he should concentrate on his work as a lawmaker if he really want to help his countrymen, but I guess it’s easier said than done since an obscenely big amount of money is involved, and that is kinda hard to ignore, especially now that Dona Dionisia is asking for another mansion, hehehe. 😀

    • same to you bro. !

      No worries as I’m sure you’re pretty much tied up and concentrated on your POC articles which is to be expected 😉

      Honestly, one really wonders how far Manny can go with his mission to help the poor but as long as he tries, it’s good enough. As for Nanay Dionisia, she has a second mansion alright but rumors float around that she now needs a prince hehe 🙂

  12. Hi BW, happy New Year!

  13. Didn’t the genie told Donya Diony “balik na lang ako sa bote” when she asked to be made beautiful??

    She might be quite happy with all her materialistic windfall, courtesy of Mani; but I think deep inside she misses her freedom of movement.

    • hahaha… that’s funny.. that’s the genie’s own admission of failure 🙂

      I bet the freedom of movement comes with the celebrity status that Nanay D is enjoying right now. That’s the trade off for being famous I guess 😉

  14. the genie is not omnipotent after all… 😛

    happy new year, bro!

  15. I don’t like the part that people gets burdened by gift giving. I know few people who made it a rule in their lives that they will not give gifts during Christmas, but they do for the other occasions (and even if there are no occasions). I think that for some it’s the immediacy of the situation and materialism that burden them.

    I hope you had a meaningful celebration of Christmas. Happy new year to you and your family!

    • Same to you and Yes, I spent a lot and had fun – that’s for sure 🙂

      I’m sure you did have a whale of a time with your Xmas vacation in Pinas It’s been a very long time since I spent Xmas back home. All the best for 2011 !

  16. that joke about mommy dionisia and the genie is a knock-out! 😀

    hello, bw. belated happy holidays is all i can say. been busy doing this and that.

    this year, we opted not to buy gifts. instead we just gave money in red envelopes. less stress, and economical he he

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