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The recently passed campus gun law in the state of Texas is certainly perplexing and controversial but one must not forget that the wild wild west legacy and the famous six shooter immortalized in cowboy movies has its roots in the Lone Star State. Texas has a lot of respect and love for guns. They say if you are a gun enthusiast or love hunting, move to Texas and you’ll enjoy it even more. But hold on now – does Texas really need to have college students carry concealed guns in school to reaffirm such love and respect of the venerable six shooter ? Opinions differ but those in the aye side feel that incidents of random shootings in school campuses perpetrated by the psychos might likely abate. Methinks no one can stop a deranged psycho from pulling his murderous stunt but it is likely that he will get killed by his gun toting schoolmates before the police come therefore murders in large numbers reminiscent of the Virginia Tech and Ecole Polytechnique Montreal massacres can be prevented. Do we really like the idea of students policing the campuses ? Some plaudits also feel that cases of bullying may likewise decrease. Heck, you can’t bully someone who carries a gun, can you ? In short, deterrence is the main principle here but such deterrence may also pay a hefty price in the side of human relations.

Granting that stringent licensing and control procedures are in place to ensure that only those perfectly qualified are issued permits , pundits are quick to say that guns and students are a bad mix – more so when you throw in alcohol into the unholy mixture. Can teachers teach effectively to a bunch of gun toting students ? Will students have second thoughts in hanging out with their gun toting classmates ? Would you have the appetite to send your child to a Texas university? Β What is the main threat in school for students to arm themselves with guns? If it is just the expression of the good old bill of rights – the right to bear arms – then one could question the sanity of doing it on school grounds.


Many people still dismiss population control as capitalist mantra designed by governments to reduce the cost of social programs, especially those in the developing countries. The less people in the country, the less burden on social programs. There is an apparent correlation with poverty and over population – poorer countries have more population while prosperous ones have lesser population. The pattern is quite startling with the fact that religion, which plays a more dominant role in most of these poor and developing countries than the developed ones, seem to have little or no empowerment or enhancing effect on the quality of life of the people.

Here’s Hans Rosling’s short video with his interesting “analog” presentation on the urgency of population control.

It is entirely up to individual governments with the resolute will of its people, not the United Nations, to tackle its problem of overpopulation. A country with a rapidly expanding population like Pilipinas is in a precarious situation if it allows itself to be held hostage by religion. Sure we believe in God but we continue to explore the universe and understand it better in our own terms so we know how to react to changes that threaten our extinction. In the same way we invented medicine to cure our illnesses we continue to explore ways and means to preserve our existence. The men in skirts are there for a reason but not to exacerbate our misery and accelerate our demise. If we can’t comprehend this fact then we are doomed.


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  1. Interesting that the militia movement in small towns USA had become more active when Obama became president. They are groups of people regularly gathering together practicing with their guns and the law can do nothing about them. I think the campus gun laws being implemented in Texas and Utah are signs that the right wing conservatives in the country are flexing their muscles as if to say they would fight the government if it does something silly.

    Growth rates in developed nations are declining and people from developing nations are immigrating to fill in the bodies. It kind of ironic that this is happening.

    • I notice an increase vigilance particularly from Republican states when it comes to relaxing gun laws. Maybe this is by design to give a message to Obama’s left wing agendas.

      It is ironic but it looks like the experience in first world countries says so, that fewer population leads to more prosperity. Legal immigration is one way to increase population to meet economic growth and a country like Canada uses it to fill the shortfall on a permanent basis it seems !

  2. Whoa. Controversial topics. hehe. I think people should only have 1-2 kids, whether they’re in the developing or developed world. This coming from a guy who has 4 siblings. hehe.

  3. As long as the law is strict enough (including stringent psychological evaluation), I’m for students or citizen for that matter to carry guns to protect themselves from bad elements. A lot of “crazies” are sprouting in the US lately.

    As the saying goes – “It’s better to have it and don’t use it than need it and don’t have it”.

    • That’s a valid point. I guess deterrence is of significant importance to some folks.

      As one saying goes :

      ”The world is filled with violence. Because criminals carry guns, we decent law-abiding citizens should also have guns. Otherwise they will win and the decent people will lose.”
      ~James Earl Jones

      I wonder what it was like in the days of the wild wild west . People were perhaps scared of each other πŸ˜‰

      • That’s understandable because there’s no law at that time, bro.

        But, if I’m living in one of the “projects” and don’t associate with any “groups”, I think it’s prudent to own one, just in case. : (

        • They had sheriffs and marshals at those times and criminals were sentenced to death by hanging but with the absence of sophisticated technology the lawless have a lot of real estate to hide from the law !

  4. I’d be scared if I knew my classmate is packing a gun in his backpack. Having it in school is too much.

    Less population is better. just like a family. The less mouths to feed and clothe, the easier on the pocket. Of course having a lot of siblings is fun but its not easy for the parents.

    • I suppose he will try his darnest best to conceal it so you’ll never know πŸ˜‰

      So true. The less liabilities the better πŸ˜‰ Some parents like more kids – others don’t want to have kids because they are a burden and an impediment to their lifestyle ! To each his own I guess.

  5. Gun ban… and free access to contraceptives.
    That is what we do in Europe since ages…and it works pretty well !

    • same here in Ontario Canada. Hand guns are labeled as restricted firearms. Long guns for hunting are considred non restricted. On both cases you have to go through a safety course with the ministry and pass a written and practical safety and ethics exam with the police and a series of background checks.

      The reason to own a handgun is if you are a member of a gun club – period. You can only buy it from there because no stores are selling them. And you are only allowed to transport your handgun from house to the gun club in a locked box with trigger lock as well – nowhere else. You have to get a permit for it – about $200 per year. Simply put – handguns are almost inacessible. Thugs and criminals get them illegaly from the streets.

      I was at a bbq party at my sis house in Connecticut and one of her guest a Pinoy had a .32 cal pistol tucked in his shorts. LOL.. he must be living in a really bad neighborhood πŸ˜‰

  6. very controversial topics you chose indeed.

    i am against gun. but then again, it seems that people who want and need them can find and get them regardless. i just don’t want to see them people with bulging waistline and it’s not bilbil that’s making it bulge.

    • The States is a much civil society in my opinion. Its gun culture has been around for centuries People who have guns aren’t necessarily criminals. The irony is criminals use unlicensed guns. If you start promoting gun culture in a country like Pinas it would be a powderkeg. I also think that gun culture must be backed by a working judicial system.
      However, restricting acquisition of firearms, particularly handguns also has its merits.

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