You are all probably familiar with the A&E TV series HOARDERS. The series showcases people with dysfunctional habit of not being able to part with things they no longer need, aka JUNK. While there are those that can’t part with their junk for emotional reasons there are also those who are plain first class slobs, people who can’t delineate a home from a junkyard. A lot of us are hoarders to a certain degree but nowhere near the likes of the extreme ones sensationalized by the TV series. I’m one who has a habit of hoarding files or records in my filing cabinet and in the digital word, old emails in my archive folders.

Last year I got a note from the city claiming I didn’t pay a parking ticket fine at the train station in 2003, asking me to pay 36 bucks. I knew I paid the darn fine but where is my evidence ? Luckily, I hoarded my bank statements of the last 10 years. 36 bucks wouldn’t break your bank but why pay the fine again and tolerate the sloppiness of the city for not handling their records properly ? The payback for the aggravation was when you call the city office, fax your cleared cheque and the satisfaction of admonishing them with – “WTF are you guys doing ??

Talking about emails, have you been in a situation where an almost 2 year old email saved your job ? ( or at least you thought so πŸ™‚ ) Sometimes when a fiasco happens at the office staff get into a nasty blame game situation that could potentially put your credibility in jeopardy and the only way to extricate yourself from the bind is to prove with written evidence that you indeed performed your due diligence and followed every rule that was asked of you. Well, if you did kept that old email evidence and pulled it out in time to save your butt, you should pat yourself in the back for possessing that “hoarding” spirit. Too often we discard emails we consider trivial only to find out that we would need them big time in the future ! Not that it would likely save my butt in the future but the old long distance relationship emails with my wife before we got married 11 years ago are still intact and preserved in my personal email folders πŸ˜‰

I disdain that feeling of helplessness when I can’t find the darn thing I’m looking for – be it document, an email or even a lowly screwnail when you need it. I’m scheduled to clean up my garage and basement including my filing cabinets on my annual spring cleaning ritual. I hope I junk the right stuff .

COOL TECHNOLOGY : BOOK ( Bio Optical Organized Knowledge ) device

Aren’t you confused with the frequent announcements on the latest tablet computers and digital book readers available in the market today ? What do you make of the IPAD, Blackberry Playbook, Google Android, Windows tablet, Sony ereader ? You get excited, acquire them, find out that they are less than perfect and you feel helpless when they fail. Well, you might as well try this one.


– What is the most searched word in the online dictionary ( Merriam-Webster) in 2010 ?

Answer : austerity

An indication of the rough global economy we went through last year ?

– What is the most played song in 2010 ?

Answer : It’s A Small World

Source : Breakfast TV show , Toronto

The song is played non-stop at all Disney theme parks in the world


26 Responses

  1. I think my problem is not hoarding but organizing things. I’m a scatterbrain most of the time.

    That video is cool , the first minute or so lol πŸ™‚

    Interesting trivia. The most played song I though is only on radio and TV.

    • I think that’s the case with most people, including yours truly. My file organization at the office and home have much to be desired.

      That’s what I thought too – its about airplay . But I bet you it will be difficult to get the stat from all over the world.

  2. saving emails is one thing… they only clutter your hard driver

    saving too much physical junk… that’s annoying and unsanitary!

    yung kuya ko may pagka hoarder and pag nabababadtrip na ako sa mga iniipon niya sa bahay, ako na mismo ung nagtatapon…

    • I agree. A cramped place looks dirty even if its not. hope you don’t end up in trouble with your bro πŸ˜‰

  3. …hard drive, HDD, I stand corrected πŸ™‚

    • that’s the case at the office when we are only allowed certain amount of GB for our emails. But for personal emails with yahoo and gmail, looks like sky is the limit hehe. They’re much more generous.

  4. I’m also a hoarder. I can’t seem to separate myself with my books, even the old ones I bought since my college days. But I’m a meticulous organizer. I want everything in order and in its proper place.

    The only disadvantage of “book” is you can only carry one book at a time while its more modern version may contain arrays of different books.

    • you’re a rare breed if you’re that meticulous hehe πŸ˜‰

      Agree with you. The new ebook versions of Kindle and Sony have wifi and 3G access for free ! You download books you buy , also newspaper/magazine subscriptions through the 3G net and you don’t have to subscribe to the network service. It’s cool.

      However, to me having an IPAD and an ebook is a duplication. I’d install the ebook app on the IPAD even if costs a little more.

      For bookworms who aren’t interested in browsing and facebook hence no need for an IPAD, the ebook is perfect. Imagine, the book downloads are cheaper that buying them from the store and you can have as many as 3500 titles on your ebook ! that’s crazy πŸ˜‰

  5. i’m so disorganized, but i do keep emails especially at work just in case something comes up later on.

    and i don’t delete emails from travel agency giving me confirmation of my payment for trips πŸ™‚

    • me too. I make a judgement call of what’s important email save it. I junk the unimportant ones. Those confirmation emails are very important.

      One time I got an email from the airline telling me that my flight was re-scheduled – 3 days before departure. Problem is I don’t read my personal internet mail everyday. I’m more busy with office email. When I showed up at the airport my flight had left. Good that I got into another flight that same morning ugh 😯

  6. Yes, I’m most of the time in a situation that old emails do save me from the regulators, intruders, et al, hahahha!

    • Now, when it comes to being audited – whether it is internal or external audit – you wish you saved all your emails ! πŸ™‚

  7. I can’t throw things away…over my dead body !

  8. I can’t seem to get rid of my VHS tapes. I still have lots of old clothes in my closet too. Emails are a little tricky. I normally erase his and hellos and ad mails even if they are important.

    That’s a pretty tricky ad. btw, I googled austerity too πŸ™‚

    • VHS tapes – same here. I got a bunch of them lying around. I have lots of clothes too and plan to donate them to charity this spring.

      LOL.. no need to feel guilty if you googled the word πŸ™‚

  9. natawa naman ako sa most played song. dahil sa disneyland. hahaha.

    but wow! keeping everything from very long time ago? i throw almost everything. hahaha

    • … that “It’s A Small World ” ride is extremely popular in Disney theme parks. Young and old always queue up for the ride.

      yep, I do hoard things and so does my wife πŸ˜‰

  10. i am a hoarder but a meticulous organizer. i’d like to keep things for a time and decide about them after sometime (perhaps a decade? he he). i sort and discard if i had finally decided on giving the verdict ha ha

    i hate clutter, and i hate them more if i find no time organizing them. 😦

    • you seem compatible with Blogusvox hehe πŸ˜‰

      clutter… that’s one of the reasons why I’d be buying an ebook reader so I can buy books and subscribe to magazines/newspapers. Some of these readers can store up to 3500 books ! I’ve already stopped buying CD’s and DVD’s. I’m not a download nut for movies so I just watch them from Itunes and Netflix on my Apple TV.

  11. ako hoarder talaga. kaya i do spring cleaning now and then. lol. but i cant part with my books.. im making my own library when i have a place.. so kaya ganun.

    • how are you Tina ? Hope everything is swell with you. Books are our treasure. I’m now seriously thinking of buying an ebook reader so I can store all my books in it. Saves the hassle of finding a shelf for them. I may start off with buying my wife an ebook reader. These tools are pretty cool and I’m careful of buying a reader not a tablet πŸ˜‰

  12. Hi Guy, this good blogs, thanks

  13. I used to be a pack rat myself but not anymore. Kept long playing albums, cassette tapes, vhs for as long as I could, even pics of old gf’s; got tired of all of them and trashed them. Just gave away all old cellphones (maybe 15) to a cousin who visited me lately from Pinas.

    If you have no use for it, and can’t sell it; give it away to someone or throw it away, I stopped being sentimental if aint worth it..hehe….cheers!

    • good idea… I did bring my old computers and monitors to the recycling depot. I’m trying to get rid of my old VHS/Betamax tapes too. Dang, they’re occupying a lot of space in my basement.

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