YouTube is one the most fascinating social networking tools invented in cyberspace. It provides ordinary souls the ability to stand face to face with the world and express themselves in a way they so they desire. The name of the game is sticking with set rules of broadcasting and as long as the bounds of decorum aren’t broken, anyone can turn into an overnight sensation if he/she is able to connect with the millions of tube voyeurs trolling the cyberspace unceasingly. Connection doesn’t necessarily have to be delightful and effulgent to generate an overwhelming response. Obnoxious and atrocious posts can generate even more excitement and controversy and engage people into a heated and arduous debate.

Case in point. A young female student at UCLA had posted a rant about “Asians in the library”. The video went viral and as expected, members of the Asian community were enraged and answered with quick rebuttals ranging from the mundane, the comical to the vicious. Is this video racist, disrespectful and insensitive ? Here it is.


I’m Asian so I guess like comedians Chris Brock and Margaret Cho, I could diss my own race and escape unscathed. I’ve long wanted to make my own version of “Asians in the library” but this girl beat me to the pole. My library would be the public library and my rant would be about Asians cramming into the reading area with their rambunctious toddlers and infants in strollers turning the joint into a day care center. But I have a solution in the offing – an ebook reader where I can download hundred of books – some free and some at fraction of the published cost and yes, Newsweek at an unbelievably ridiculous price. No need to trek to the library and grit my teeth. I have decided to let it go πŸ˜‰

Going back to the video. This girl was at the “point of reaching an epiphany” when she was thrown off balance by the sudden ching-chong-ling-long-ting-tong and the revelation bounced off her cranial cavity. She was pretty pissed and frustrated like someone who experienced premature ejaculation πŸ˜‰ Who wouldn’t ? πŸ™‚ As for parents and relatives not being able to leave their kids to cook for themselves at the college dorm – this is nothing new. Remember phenom golfer Michelle Wie ? She was a golf scholar at Stanford U and playing pro golf part time. At one point the university banned both her parents from riding her golf cart during practice because they were an embarrassing distraction to her training program 😦

Was the video racist ? Nah. Disrespectful ? Maybe. Insensitive ? Absolutely. Fact is the girl didn’t invent anything new. She spoke from her first hand observation. Unfortunately she hasn’t chilled with Asian folk long enough to understand their culture. If there’s one thing that would make me crucify her it was the insensitive remark on the tsunami victims. Good that except for her materiales fuertes endowment she doesn’t look anything like Dolly Parton else I would have sentenced her to the gallows πŸ™‚

The Rebuttal

So what shall we do with cutie pie? I subscribe to the idea of the quote ” the size of a man can be measured by the things that makes him angry” and this brouhaha hasn’t quite gotten enough Richter scale strength to rock me πŸ™‚ In fact I find it amusing. In one of the forums, one guy had a hilarious translation of ching-chong-ling-tong-ting-tong to mean ” I want to pull off my thong and insert a dong” πŸ˜† We can take this too seriously and call for an inquisition or for those thin-skinned amongst us, go on a vendetta rampage. My rebuttal would not be harsh. I do not wish her to be burned at the stake. She needs to date an Asian guy – that’s all πŸ™‚


Interesting shout out comment on the free evening newspaper circulated at the train station every afternoon

To the young girl on the LSE GO train. You’re pretty, you’re stylish, you’re put together nicely and you have such an affectionate smile. But do yourself a favour, sweetheart – get that one step closer to perfection and lose the mustache.


28 Responses

  1. I remember a few years ago when Shaq got in trouble for mimicking kung fu sounds when talking about Yao Ming.

    I haven’t watched the UCLA student’s video, but I’m not surprised that kind of stuff is still going on. Its good that its no longer tolerated.

    • I heard about that Shaq thing but wasn’t too clear on what happened. Athletes normally do that to rile up their opponents.

      Still happens. Sometimes you have to bite the bullet for being politically incorrect.

  2. This girl wanted to air out her beef but got in trouble because of the way she said it. Some people view her comments as insult to their culture because of the mocking way she says it.

    • she tried to be cute about it but I guess people got incensed nonetheless. She didn’t realize she upset people with her rant.

  3. it was pretty dumb for this girl to be dissing Asians the way she did. I think she doesn’t know much about Asian culture as you said. Oh well, I would ignore her. She will realize sooner or later that what she said was stupid. 😦

    • true she was quite naive about the implications of her rant. Yep, she has no clue of other cultures. She got hit pretty hard I can tell. So many people got back at her calling her names. argh..

  4. She’s hilarious except for the “tsunami” part. But I like the rebuttal video way much better.

    Okay let’s stereotype:
    She’s blond. What do you expect? >: D

    • true. The dude’s video has probably more hits than her.

      hehe, was it one of those “blonde moments?” πŸ™‚

  5. As Asian, I didn’t feel good either upon watching the video. She is very insensitive against other culture. I just found myself so lucky to have mingled with people from different parts of the world (once worked with lots of foreigners) so the experience taught me to be flexible with any other people’s culture…
    She was thinking like the world revolves around her, and that’s pitiful… 😦

    • agree. Last I heard she dropped out of UCLA because of the insults and threats she got as the result of her video post. Now to suffer that kind of setback because of a stupid post is definitely tragic.

  6. this girl blabbers about manners but she is the one who has no manners. if you can’t tolerate people, who could tolerate you? did she drop out of UCLA? well, she was the authir of her own misery.

    • Yes, she dropped out of UCLA because of fear for herself and her family. It is definitely a case of a rant post that went awry.

  7. just recently, it was the video of a kid named jan jan being bullied by willie at his show that caught the attention of some (amazed… talented daw ang kid) and the ire (kasi child abuse daw) of some journalists, concerned citizens (meron pa pala sa pinas noon… just kidding) bloggers, twitter,fb folks, galit kay willie and even the govt of pnoy (dswd and mtrcb investigating) that prompted the show and the tv management to issue public apology.. ngayon tahimik na ulit… hehehehe

    I agree that ‘She needs to date an Asian guy – that’s all’ – not necessarily you or me pero pede ako kung type nya…. hahahaha

    • I saw that Willie video and i didn’t think it was child abuse. But an apology always buries the hatchet so why not just give it.

      LOL.. baka makabasa ni misis mo yung comment mo lagot ka πŸ™‚

  8. “She needs to date an Asian guy.” – problem solved πŸ™‚

    Spring yet in your neck of the woods?

    • simple, isn’t it ? The rebuttal song was spot on in my opinion and btw the song is now available in Itunes πŸ™‚

      Well, it;s officially spring here since Mar 21 but the weather man has overextended his stay as usual. Yesterday morning we were at an unusual -5 C deg and today and for the rest of the week we would be hovering in the +5 to +10 C deg. Not time for spring cleaning yet πŸ˜‰

  9. ay nako bw, that’s a tricky topic

    isa lang ang masasabi ko diyan, “NIGGER”

  10. hahahaha. ang cute naman nung Chinese guy! galing ng rebuttal nya.

    when she said: “im polite..” this and that… or having manners… she wasn’t really showing that in her video. she was trying to be: “nice” but you can definitely see through her nice girl mask.

    great example for: “its not the words you say but the music you play.” (music he plays on this case literally!).

    oh btw.. this is tina of =)

    • I like that quote πŸ˜‰ the guy is an amateur musician. His name is Jimmy Wong. Check out his music videos – they’re original and great !

      you have a new wordpress blog ? Let me check it out πŸ™‚

      • yeahh. im beginning to fancy him. nyahaha. my sister who loves chinky guys loves him too. yeah… gonna post some snippets from angels on this wordpress blog. im tracking my communication with the divine. πŸ™‚ ty for checking it out.

  11. just another girl who’s now the flavor of the month for incensed asians πŸ˜›

  12. That’s what happens when asians don’t share their lumpias and pansits with her, and torons, hehe….

    blondie joke:

    blondie #1: yohoooo, how do I get to the other side of the river???

    blondie #2: wuhuuuu!! you are on the other side!


    • agree.. she doesn’t know how tasty Asian torons are πŸ™‚

      LOL.. I have another blonde joke to put in my Blackberry πŸ˜‰

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