RH Bill Tall Tales

I’ve been mum on the RH bill in this blog for a while now but my torpidity had been roused by an improbable article that literally rocked me off my chair in utter disbelief. The article echoed the opinion of a former high ranking justice of the supreme court purporting that the “passage of the RH bill is worse than earthquakes and tsunamis”. Does the esteemed gentleman mean that he’d rather be in Fukushima frolicking in the radioactive fallout than eating sushi in Manila beside his cursed and wretched vasectomized and IUD laden compatriots ? I’m curious what his fellow RH bill naysayers have to say about his apocalyptic exposition. Would you switch places with the folks in the earthquake and tsunami ravaged areas of Japan over condoms and IUDs? Really ? Amen to the justice minister- anyone ? Here’s my 2 cents – spare me the frigging crystal ball okay ? No wonder why our justice system is fucked up.

The problem with the RH bill naysayers is , instead of debating on the constitutional aspects, the alleged infringement of rights of health care providers, the potential financial impact on the state coffers, sex education, they keep on harping on the abortifacient rhetoric to trump the bill, insisting that birth control pills and condoms are abortion tools. It’s a blatant lie and propaganda designed to deceive the ignoramuses amongst us. Watch out. The world is listening to what we are saying. Let’s not twist knowledge as if we’ve unravelled something the rest of the world hasn’t figured out. Here’s what I can’t understand. Birth control pills are presently available and legal in Pinas to married women who can afford to pay for a physician’s prescription. If these pills are truly abortifacients and abortion is illegal then why does the law allow them to be available ? Conclusion – they are not abortifacients ! Why all of a sudden we jump and down calling it a curse, an abomination when the poor amongst us are to be given free access to family planning services by the government?

The RH bill has wrinkles that need to be debated and ironed out and it is becoming to look like a circus show. Already we have seen legislators flip-flop because of fear of reprisal from the voters and pressure from the men in skirts. Some have backed off from their pro stance and relegated the responsibility to the holier-than-thou , supposedly morally judicious anti camp as if to say – ” okay, I back off, now you fix the problem”. And of course, must we spare those legislators who stomp their feet and scream NO to the bill just because their wives are in the menopausal stage and sex is no longer exciting ?

As for sex education, the debate is whether it helps or not and at what age should it start. Sex education has to do with understanding the human anatomy and the reproductive system. The theme is prevention of sexually transmitted diseases , prevention of teen pregnancy through proper education. Sex education will dispel long held myths that hold false assurances and pose health risks to the human body – like not getting pregnant at the first intercourse, ingesting an antibiotic pill prior to intercourse to prevent syphillis, putting toothpase in the vaginal tract to prevent pregnancy and a slew of other quackeries concocted by folklore. Sex education isn’t taboo. It is done in many countries. Even Islamic countries like Malaysia and Indonesia have sex education in schools. 

” Faith is a vague term, but I suggest it has two essential characteristics: it is a belief that ultimately some good will come of it all, and while its components may be reshaped by evidence it is a belief that transcends the evidence. In short, people who feel that such and such scientific claim must be false or their whole religious belief system will collapse don’t really have faith. They have a membership in a particular ideology” …. Clay Farris Naff


Do you want a free ticket two to anywhere in the world Air Canada flies to ? It’s not a cakewalk this I can tell you with supreme assurance – definitely not for the faint of heart. 🙂 All you need to do is sleep inside a ventilated wooden coffin overnight, from 11pm to 7am ! Six fearless brave souls are available to contest this eerie and spooky challenge simultaneously and the one courageous and undaunted enough to last the night could win the prize. It is a theatre promotion for the show Ghost Stories. Here’s what sucks – a tie will result in a random draw to select the winner. Ugh. I wouldn’t subject myself to such chilling aggravation only to end up with nothing 😡 Interested ? Check it out.


28 Responses

  1. Man, what a mess this bill is. Some real conflict going on out there. Conservative people everywhere seems to have the same mind set.

    Free ticket to anywhere with this contest ? Nope, no can do for me. That’s way beyond my mental capacity 🙂

    • it’s a mess indeed and it’s getting nowhere it seems. I say a referendum would be the ultimate solution for this.

      Same here but there’s no shortage of courageous souls out there who’d go for it believe me.

  2. Q: How many senators does it take to screw in a light bulb? A: Two to sponsor the bill and thirty-three to constitute a quorum.

  3. Haaa… haay. Politicians understood the benefits of the RH bill but withdraw their support when religious groups started to advocate the “evil” side of it.

    Priests, even gather 40,000 of their “loyalist” in Luneta to show their disapproval. Most, I suspect, didn’t even know why they are there. For all they know, they were there to pray.

    • That’s the bad part when politics conquer principles. What do you say about politicians who use family planning when their wives were younger and now that they’re in menopausal stage and they don’t have a need for birth control, they shout NO for pogi points from the church ?

      40,000 isn’t impressive in my opinion. I was expecting a million at least.

  4. the moment they make something “bawal”.. the more it is appealing to the people. its basic psychology. i think.. it’s also about “culture”. laws and rules are pretty much not the issue. sex is taboo to most people… most of the time we grow up with mixed ideas about it. why not be open about sexuality and yes sex ed. can be a good thing..

    basta ako pro-love and everything that goes with it. hehehehe.

    “It is your rules that make unlawful beings. You would get along better if you would just trust each other to treat each other appropriately, but you don’t. So you keep making laws — until you make criminals of everyone. “- Abraham Hicks.

    • Interesting that the game changes once the poor are given free services. To me its saying like ” those of you who can afford to buy pills and condoms, you’re rich and you all can go to hell. Leave the poor alone because they are destined for heaven” 😦

      I like that “pro-love” stance of yours 😉

  5. People should be free to have choices and follow their own conscience. That’s my 2 cents.

    Sleeping in a coffin ? That’s way too creepy for me. Will they have lights like a wake ? OMG. I’d rather die haha.

    • Interesting you mentioned conscience. The current pope Benedict when he was a cardinal back in 1976 said this :

      “Over the pope as the expression of the binding claim of ecclesiastical authority there still stands one’s own conscience, which must be obeyed before all else. If necessary even against the requirement of ecclesiastical authority. This emphasis on the individual, whose conscience confronts him with a supreme and ultimate tribunal, and now which in the last resort is beyond the claim of external social groups, even of the official Church, also establishes a principle in opposition to increasing totalitarianism.”

      Looks like the pope is much smarter than his minions 😉

      I read the ad – no, it’s just a wooden coffin with ventilation and a small camera and total lights out hehe.. 🙂

  6. RH bill is purely politics. I don’t know if this will get resolved.

    Eniwei, I think that promotion has reached the high weird level. I wouldn’t go near that thing, even though I could win something. Would you?

    • It’s been a long wait… who knows when it will get approved. The debate is never ending. Maybe they should just hold a YES or NO referendum and that’s it.

      LOL.. the coffins are at the back stage. For me as long as there’s no bloody funeral lights, no shining coffins, no pillows and cushions, just plain wood, no scents + 10 million bucks and a night with Jessica Alba, I would take sleeping pills and give it a shot and hopefully I’ll wake up the following day 😆 No way in hell I would kill myself for a couple of plane tickets, for something I can afford hehe 🙂

  7. jusko day @ catholic church!!!!!!

  8. I say those who are against the bill are either being misled by the church through their narrow-minded views about population and economy, or they are just to dumb or even blind to see that this frigging country already has too much people that it couldn’t even feed itself without importing that most staple of Pinoy food: Rice. Come to think of it, we’ve never outgrown our feudal past when the church held sway over everything in these islands.

    • One of the naysayers’ perennial pitches is that population is an asset and that we should not discourage population growth. I’m now convinced that they still couldn’t discern the difference between population growth and population explosion ! There’s only so much people a given economy can support 😦 As you said, when we can’t even produce enough rice to feed everyone – where are we headed to ??

  9. this country is backwards in a lot of ways bw, that is for sure… sigh. as for the coffin rock, it is a cool idea and you know what, i think i am willing to try it 😆

  10. My students conducted a survey on sex education among parents of highschool students and had found out that most responses pointed out to respondents being so misinformed about the sex education issue, and that could be the main problem, lack of information by the government…

    • that’s true MT. We gotta open up as a people. Sometimes we become paranoid with the information thinking that knowledge in sex education will result in kids going around and screwing every person they see. That’s a false notion. Knowledge is better than no knowledge lest we forget.

  11. i agree. referendum or a plebescite should seal the deal here. this issue has too much pplitics and religion already.

    • Yes, let the people decide. to me a plebescite is the ultimate solution. It happened in Canada when the government did a referendum on the much debated autonomy for the province of Quebec. The Quebecers were asked to decide in a referendum because the legislators were getting nowhere in the debate. The secessionists lost with something like 48% wanted to separate but 52% wanted to stay. After the referendum, the separatist politicians were forced to shut up.

  12. many of those people who oppose the bill haven’t read it yet…just ask 😛

    the church should define first where does life really begin? if they say conception, then all birth control methods should pass the test for they don’t really abort life…natural family planning methods are on the same level as artificial since they don’t abort but prevent conception

    besides, not all Filipinos are catholics 😛

    • conception starts at implantation no doubt. No woman can say “I am conceiving because I have been fertilized “. Pregnancy is the ultimate proof of conception. This debate will go on and on for eternity it seems 😦

  13. Go to RH bill! Many Filipinos believed that it would really help a lot to the current country’s situation. Politicians keep on debating in this issue. Let the people decide.

    Vox populi vox dei

    • absolutely – respect that the politicians speak for the people or better yet have a plebiscite or referendum !

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