Let Me Hear You Speak English James Soriano

I’ve been hibernating for the past two months enjoying the fantastic summer and feeling overly lazy to update my blog and lo and behold – I’m back, a bit earlier than planned and only because of a buffoon named James Soriano who woke me up in my den with his despicable article on the Pilipino language. I’m not thrilled to be badgered in my slumber but on one hand I’m anxious for a good scrap with a wannabee fucko who disdains my mother tongue like some stinking garbage , spoken only  by the unlearned, the servants and tinderas in the country.

I’m not going to rationalize and point out positives or negatives of such a contemptuous and deprecating article like his fellow jerkhead Ateneans who think that the country revolves around them. I’m going to say straight off the bat that a traitor like James Soriano is toxic and poisonous and jerks like him are the very reason why Pinas couldn’t make any headway towards prosperity.  Soriano affirmed his vision of a tiered society composed of the haves and have nots separated by language !  What could be worse than that ?  People defend their language to the death and this dork is dumping his language in favor of foreign language ?

Let me cut this short. I’d like to hear  James Soriano speak English to figure out how fluent, spontaneous and conversant he is. He seems to allude that he has mastery of the language, being brought up by his family to speak and  “think in English” from birth.  If his performance benchmark is with “the unlearned  Pinoys” then he’s no more than a sissy, one who likes to beat up on the minor leaguers, the weaklings so to speak.  Where I am I only speak Pilipino with my wife in the evening, in a given work day. I relish being with Pinoy friends on weekends so I can chat and joke in the mother tongue.  There something exceptionally refreshing and soul satisfying when you speak in your mother tongue. I grew up with the Hiligaynon (Ilonggo) dialect, learned Pilipino (Tagalog) in school. These languages are innate to my identity and I will never forsake nor degrade my mother tongue for another language. We Pinoys beat and rile each other up on our attitudes but never berate our own language. 

Am I incensed with the article ? You bet I am offended with such tacky braggadocio. Let me hear you  James Soriano, if you talk like Brad Pitt or Mr. “Tik It Awiy” – Joe Quirino. I’d like to hear how bad your accent is. If you’re that good of an English speaker as you claim to be, then go international pal and beat the heck out of everyone like Manny Pacquiao did.  I doubt if a humbug like you could be an Indira Nooyi, CEO of Pepsi Cola nor Vikram Pandit, CEO of Citigroup, heads of largest multinational corporations in the world. These people are Indians by birth but never berated their culture  nor language despite their exemplary achievements. They never bragged about ” thinking English” nor trashed their national language. In fact, their are proud of their roots, their humble beginnings  unlike the obscure, stuck up  Atenean like Soriano who thinks he is more superior than this fellow citizens who can’t speak the language.  The playing field of the English language isn’t confined to the boardrooms of Makati in case you don’t know James Soriano. It is international, global.  Just because you possess a fucking degree from Ateneo doesn’t give you the right to behave like an arrogant prick and diss the national language of an entire nation.


Here’s Toronto born Mikey Bustos, a top 10 Canadian Idol finalist with his YouTube tutorial on the Filipino English accent 🙂 Mikey says that he leaned to speak with the proper accent at Grade 4 so the kids wouldn’t make fun of him. Watch him throttle from Pinoy accent to no accent at all. This braggart James Soriano claims he “thinks in English” and I am curious to hear how he speaks. Note how Mikey is proud of his Filipino heritage and the numerous dialects of the country while this Atenean prick James Soriano denigrates our local language.


Here’s Canadian stand up comedian Russell Peters making folks crack up with his Pinoy accent joke. Peters opened Charlie Sheen’s show in Toronto to spice up the mediocre reviews Charlie got in Detroit. Peters also grew up with Pinoys in his boyhood neighborhood in Brampton, Ontario hence his familiarity with the Pinoy accent.


29 Responses

  1. Language wars ? Oh not again. People wage wars, secede from nations to preserve their culture and language ! Disrespect of a language is recipe for disaster.

  2. LOL! I enjoy the comments better on that MB article. BTW, bro, Hiligaynon is a language. Capiznon is a dialect just like Kalibonhon and Ibajaynon are dialects of the Aklanon language. : )

    • is Hiligaynon a language not dialect ? Much better then 🙂 My father is from Iloilo where they speak Kinaray-a but write in Hiligaynon.

  3. It looks like the caste system is still prevalent in the Philippines, where English is the language of the privileged.

    • you bet.. and just because you speak English means you’re learned and privileged – at least that’s what some people think. They want to be foreigners in their own country. What a tragedy.

  4. Middle class people who have some money and enjoy a bit of privilege are like that. They think they are more superior than common folk like their former colonizers. They’re not necessary flawless speakers of English as you said and they could possess the most horrible accent. Anything to be different, to separate themselves from from the goats is what they want. Very divisive indeed.

    • It’s the same thing all over. The haves wanting to speak a different language than the common folk, like the former colonizers. Know what, these sons of high income families going to exclusive schools who pretend not to speak the local language – do you really think they care about the country ? They don’t give a fuck about their fellow citizens. They only care about their social status 😦 That’s precisely the message of James Soriano’s article.

  5. what an uppity attitude. grabe. e bat pa sya naging Filipino? dapat e umalis na sya sa Pilipinas. gano ba kayaman ang mokong na si James Soriano to even mention na Filipino ‘was the language we used to speak to the people who washed our dishes’. how condescending.

    at di ba sya kinikilabutan na sabihin ‘I learned about God in English, and I prayed to Him in English’? as if God cares. malay na lang sya pag natigok sya sa kumukulong asero sya matagpuan dahil sa kanyang kayabangan.

    serves him right to have that article of his removed. kulang pa nga yun.

    hi, bw. how are you?

    • I’m fine Bing. Just took a long lay off this summer to recharge myself 🙂

      The article reflects the true mentality of these children of the upper middle class who constantly compare themselves with the poor and rejoice and revel in their stature as fortunate, learned and privileged. The article is sickening because James Soriano is not someone who grew up amidst the mansions, yachts and jets of the likes of Henry Sy or Lucio Tan. It’s true that the small timers have the tendency to brag more than the big timers and anyone who says that Soriano has a point is a wannabe fucko like him.

  6. oh you’re back! missed your incisive posts just like this.

    • Booyahh Ewok ! 🙂 I’m back and yes glad to be back and scrap with jerkheads like James Soriano. I feel like Manny Pacquiao wanting to blow up the eye sockets of someone who denigrates my mother tongue haha ha 😆

  7. James, you’re a stupid guy for even thinking of writing that pathetic article of yours

    • stupid indeed. James Soriano doesn’t know that his beloved English, the language of the “learned and privileged” is used by the educated like him to land jobs as servants in other countries.

  8. @ James Soriano, ano daw? pang katulong and lower life form lang ang Filipino? Who the fuck does the he think he is? My L1 remains Filipino even though speaking English is the core of my job.

    I was about to say… long time no hear BW ;D

    • That’s exactly why Pinoy have gone nuts reading this guy’s article. I ttells you how people think of themselves as more superior than the less moneyed. They intend of isolating themseves from those not like them – their own subdivisions, their own school, their own hospitals, their own supermarkets and now their own language.

      I’m fine bro. Had a whale of a summer 🙂

  9. it saddens me that judgments are being made about people, let alone entire races, based on language. sigh. i wonder how smart this guy is for saying these things.

    • it is very sad indeed. That’s exact;y my point. I want to hear this guy speak English. What’s more disgusting is the paper had to gall to publish such crap.

  10. shucks !*& Man, paano mong sabihing proud itong si James Soriano sa pagka Pinoy nya ? Porke marunong ka mag English eh, magaling ka na mag English ? As if when you know how to play the guitar ang yabang mo na akala mo si Carlos Santana ka na ? Oh my word. Grabe ang panglalait nito sa mga hindi nyang katulad na sosyal. Super yabang, Go Arnel ! Go Charice ! You accomplished a lot but remain loyal and proud of your country.

  11. “English is the language of learning. I’ve known this since before I could go to school.” – James “da clown” Soriano

    This freaking klutz is plain bullshitter! It doesn’t ring well when clowns make insidious opinions as such.

    Well, as you said, I’d like to have conversation with him too, and hope I can decipher what he’s saying. The alternative for him is beat Pakyao’s rendition of “samtym when we tats, da hanistys too mats”. He could be worse.

    Been out of blogosphere too for awhile, i’m into internet scrabble. If you want to play with me or others here, my username is “TruBlue007”. Anyone here who wants to play me must use /bw so I know you’re coming from this blog..i.e. Bing/bw. Otherwise I will decline, and when we play, let’s finish it in one day or a few hours. Use your android, iphone or blackberry.

    Welcome back, and thanks for James Soriano for sprouting you out.

    • Could be that James Mr. Inglesero Soriano is Pinas born but international school bred and his accent is flawless but this does not give him the right to denigrate the national language, to unlearn it because it is not used in the corporate boardrooms and only used to communicate with maids and tinderas. It is utterly unpatriotic. Native language is the soul of the nation used by everyone to communicate and empathize with each other. Soriano fails to understand this and so are the hordes of deluded Pinoys who think he has a point.

      the last line of his article read :

      “So I have my education to thank for making English my mother language ”

      This is his message to the world, that his mother tongue is actually English and you notice – he is damn thankful that it is not Pilipino ! Lo and behold, the people who “think” he has a point must have been on weed when they read his article. It is braggadocio to the max and therefore disgusting.

      Yep I’m back. Still busy but trying to post oftener 😉

  12. The site for internet scrabble is: word with friends, download the “free” one. Made a mistake of buying it, since they now have my visa card and other infos. Thanks bw.

    • man, you have some time to spend on online scrabble eh ? Good for you pal 🙂

      I have a desk calendar that shows a weird and wonderful word a day and here’s some that would be a stunner in a scrabble game 😉

      Monday – worble
      Tuesday – retund
      Wednesday – viduous
      Thursday – pyknic
      Friday – lerky
      Sat/Sun – faitour

      We can ask Mr Inglesero James Soriano if he knows the meanings of these words on the spot. If he doesn’t then he’s what I suspect – a wannabe dunce who thinks he is more superior because he speaks the language fluently.

      I bet you, there are fluent bilingual even trilingual educated Pinoys who are a lot smarter, more accomplished and wealthier than this asshole but you know what, they keep it under their hat and don’t brag about it 😦

  13. “Like his fellow jerkhead Ateneans….”

    Man, that simple phrase made reading this piece worthwhile.

    How have you been, Pards? I was in your neck of the woods a couple of weeks ago in order to view one of the world’s natural wonders. Hehehe

    Take care always. 🙂

    • lol.. I can read between the lines 😉

      Great.. so you went to Niagara Falls… I bet you crossed the bridge to Canada – did you ? Nice to hear from you bro 🙂

  14. As Forest Gump said, people are a bunch of chocolates – some are plain, some have nuts…tama ba? wink!

    Hoping he is not in a way related to three star US army general
    Ed Soriano (born in Pangasinan).

    Haven’t use above words yet. Scrabble (internet), however, disallow some words that are in the dictionary which is quite strange. Best word I’ve used so far; aphoriser. Webster used the letter z but scrabble took it.

    So, James Soriano’s aphorism – I’m a braggart, no more no less, hehe..

    • If he was related to the general good luck to him.. I’m sure the good general with give him a good knock on the head for his disrespect of the Filipino language.

      LOL.. so the scrabble has its limits on words too eh ? That’s cool. We don’t want doctors to win all the time hehe 🙂

  15. The article of James Soriano is a very good one. The Filipinos will learned the hard way and more harder for those who are illiterate like the Tagalogs. I advice that you read this to literate yourselves.

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