What’s In A Name ?

Do you like your name ? I don’t like mine but I won’t kill my parents for giving me a unique name. In fact my name could be easily mistaken for a girl’s name but I could take it as a positive, when people who haven’t heard or met me would send me an email thinking I was a woman. A dose of extra respect wouldn’t hurt πŸ™‚ Hey, unisex names are a fad nowadays – Kelly, Taylor, Alexis to name a few.

The excitement one could undergo in life is the ritual of finding a name for his/her child. Expectant parents would spend hours mulling over a long list of names with their meanings while others could make up their minds in a jiffy, naming their child after a loved one – a grandparent, an uncle – or a celebrity, a favorite saint, a historical figure perhaps ( God forbid not Hitler). Β I never look down on a guy’s name as ugly, wimpy unless he is named Sue πŸ˜† Β That would be recipe for disaster, a life long curse given by his parents. The poor boy would would be subject to unceasing, perennial jeering until adulthood. I know of a boy nicknamed Pinky who I played a lot when I was in primary school. I never saw him for years but I’m quite sure he had changed his nickname by now πŸ™‚ Β What’s in a name ? Does it have an effect on how people respect and treat you ?


Why is it that in countries that permit OFW’s ( Overseas Foreign Workers), Indians and Filipinos dominate ? Here’s an answer. In the case of Indians, where a typical province would average some 48 million residents, more than the population of Australia or Canada, sending people to work out of country might be a good idea to fee up some real estate πŸ™‚ As for Filipinos, the country seems to have given up on upgrading its economic infrastructure to provide employment and content on sending people abroad to work. Whatever the reasons are, Indians and Filipinos seem to be more adventurous people. No wonder they find each other’s company anywhere where jobs are for the taking.


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  1. LOL, It’s so funny. I think my friend Tyler will be upset with this video haha..

  2. such a classic George Carlin satire. Sorry to all the Todds, Tuckers and Kyles in the world πŸ™‚

    Indians and Filipinos speak English that’s why they’re all over the place, getting all the jobs.

  3. “what’s in a name?” madami πŸ™‚

    sa tagal ko na sa call center, nasanay na ako sa name na Corey and Kelly ay pang boy… sa pinas kasi pang girls lang yun… tapos ang Robin and Rene naman which are masculine names sa Pinas eh feminine naman abroad.

  4. LOL! Idol mo rin pala, bro, sina George Carlin at Peter Russels. They are two of my favorite stand-ups.

    Names, for me, are just titles your supposed to be addressed to. Better than “hoy” or “psstt”. What I don’t like are parents who gave their children a lot of names. My daughter got 3 courtesy of my wife who thinks its sophisticated (gaga). The shortest is two syllables long plus my surname which is 4 syllables. Imagine how my daughter cope up when writing her name on her test papers and she’s in grade 1! : (

    • hoy and psst… lol.. that’s orig Pinoy πŸ™‚

      I notice that Pinoys nowadays include their full names even on emails – first name+Christian name+middle name( mothers) + surname – that’s pretty long !

  5. Hi.. there’s a lot of energy about names. πŸ™‚ (I often change my name a lot.. sometimes.. i call myself Liberty.. Marie.. Tina.. Kristina) I have 3 names supposedly only 2 managed to my birth cert but im using my third name now n then.

    Names are very important.. because names have meaning.. and what meaning it has… might lead you to be just that. πŸ™‚

    you can always re-frame the meaning of names though. πŸ™‚ hehehe.:)

  6. I’m a big George Carlin fan myself. Too bad he’s gone.

    Thanks for sharing this Russell Peters video with us. I love his jokes.

    • yeah man. Too bad George is gone. He’s one heck of a comedian. He brought stand up comedy to the next level. Russell is gaining popularity as well. People love his ethnic/ multicultural jokes.

  7. Love american-indian names: black eagle, lazy bear. We had a client once in California’s worker’s compensation named: Rantothedoor, one word.

    Never cared what my name was really. Many are in prison with name like Jesus.

    Some bisayans seem to think i’m ilonggo since my last name is an iloilo word, strange.

    • Native last names are strange but they convey real world meanings. LOL. on Rantothedoor πŸ™‚

      Here’s a joke. A native Indian boy asked his dad – why did you name my brother Flying Eagle ? The father replied ” because when your mom gave birth to him there was a big eagle that hovered over the wigwam ( tent) ” What about my other brother ? The father said, ” oh, when he was born, there was a big bull near the tent so we called him Sitting Bull. What about my sister and your younger brother? The father became annoyed and replied ” Shut up.. you ask too many questions Two Dogs Fucking ” :mrgreen:

  8. I resented that I was named “Isidro” that I was subjected to ridicule from elementary to college. It was so because I was the only student in the classroom with an “old-school” given name 😦
    There was one time I wanted to change my name but didn’t want to dishonor my late father. I was named after him πŸ™‚
    Getting into the middle age circle, I no longer care much about my name. After all, I already establish a family of my own. Looking back, there was one time in my life that I almost lost my self-confidence just because women that I liked don’t want to have a boyfriend with “pangmatandang pangalan.” It was until very much later that I realized that a woman who truly loves you don’t really care much about your name. Still yet, I also use my nickname instead of my real name when introduced to new aquaintances…

    • how have you been doing Dong ?

      LOL.. same with me. I don’t really care if my girl’s name is Torquata or Simberguenza as long as she’s awesome – that’s what counts πŸ™‚

  9. ha ha ha what a name the native Indian boy has! πŸ˜€

    i don’t like my name though some find them (my name has two words) unique. i disagree (silently). it’s good there are nicknames.

    the one thing i don’t like about my name is i cant find a meaning to it. ha ha ha

    • my name is also unique and I hate it. I thought about changing my name when I became a Canadian citizen but it’s quite a hassle. Foreign names can be funny in our language , like the Thai name Suphot . I can tell he would have 2nd thoughts in settling down in Pinas – that’s for sure πŸ˜†

  10. I heart Russell Peters. He was introduced to us by Indian friends. In turn we introduced him to Indians who still don’t know him. He’s such a hoot.

    I’m back from my very short vacay. Glad you’re updating.

    • Peters is our home boy, born and raised in Toronto. He specializes in multicultural jokes which is a hit. Funny man indeed.

      Welcome back from your time off. Any exciting pics to post ? πŸ˜‰

  11. My name is a combo of my parents’. I used to wish that they had given me a second name so that my nickname would be MJ. Lol. But now I’m grateful they kept it simple.

    • parents’s names combo – that’s common in our culture, isn’t it ? Some names turn out pretty while others don’t πŸ™‚

  12. i guess my name is ok. better than my parent’s original plan of naming me mario (i was born on the same date as mama mary’s). teka, ano ba name mo?

  13. names are quite funny. u could really tell what generation your parents were from – from how they named their kids. Nowadays there are a lot of tylers, britneys, gabby’s, and manny’s. maybe even the name charice is in the bloom. πŸ™‚

  14. yes, although in the 40’s Pimoys already started naming their kids with American names. These days grabe ang pangalan ng Pinoy – international na talaga.

  15. Some funny ones are: Eleuterio Ignacio, when he became a US citizen, it turned out to be Electronic Ignition (think it sucks, hehe..)
    Another one was Andy Lim, I’ve heard his father named him that coz he was born when at night and there was a blackout in Pinas.

    “Alam ko ala akong ka-tukayo.” – Hmmm..maybe so. A close friend of mine fom Baguio was named “Leovigildo”, a few months ago I saw this name from some Noypi newspaper. Then again, Ive seen names which are one of a kind, so get in touch with Guinness as it might be a world record.

  16. Not only workers, Indians are dominating posgraduate programs overseas. Honestly, they are talented but some are boastful.

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