Boredom City

Are there issues that bore you to death, like you want to puke when you hear them ? Not that they are totally irrelevant but it just that they grab you differently, with the monotony suffocating you gradually, like they’re squeezing your balls ? 😦

Here’s a couple of them for me :

A. Trial of Michael Jackson’s doctor

Common now – what the heck do we really want folks ? Closure as in hanging MJ’s doctor ? Do we really believe the doctor had malicious intent to kill MJ ? For what ? Was he a significant beneficiary to Michael’s will ? I can’t believe seeing the the daily coverage of the boring trial on TV as if people are waiting for an outcome that would ressurect MJ. Michael’s gone and we must let him rest in peace. The doc doesn’t have money like Steve Jobs. You won’t gain anything by flattening him out, suing the heck out of him to milk him financially dry . Others simply want to appease their emotions, believing that their beloved idol was murdered hence the vengeance call to hang the damn bastard who did it. We must not forget that MJ had the the ultimate responsibility to his body. In the end, he was the author of his own misery – not someone else. Unfortunately there are millions of dimwitted MJ fans out there who can’t discern reality from fantasy. MJ is dead. Let’s move on.

B. The RH Bill

This debate had been going on forever and frankly, the topic just bores me to death. What’s the big fuzz about this anyway ? We’re not even talking abortion here (well, others are steering the argument towards abortion when it isn’t to gain traction – obviously) We’re simply extending and funding the accepted family planning practices to the can’t afford folks so that they can reproduce responsibly. And – more importantly, no one is being coerced. Oh well, I guess I better quit talking now.

Here’s a satire video from George Carlin about the sanctity of life. I’m not endorsing Carlin’s views in its entirety but I do like his humor and candor. I’m so bored shit with the RH debate that I’d like to throw this video smack dab into people’s faces , both pro and anti and tell them ” we are all hypocrite bastards – aren’t we ” ?


Here’s my favorite Curtis Mayfield song. I like to play it everywhere – my smartphone, my car , my Apple TV at home. Despite the trials and tribulations we go through on a daily basis, life is still beautiful isn’t it ? Well, methinks only if you make it so. By that I mean being truly responsible to yourself, doing the darnest best for yourself and your family. I was away for a couple of weeks on an offsite project and despite the posh hotels, gourmet food and living on someone else’s pocket for the duration of the trip, nothing beats being home. Having burgers at a local fast food joint with my family is more pleasurable – honest and genuine pleasure If I could say so – than feasting on caribou steak with other people. Life can be more beautiful with less – that’s for sure.


26 Responses

  1. I find the MJ doctor trial boring too. I don’t even know what they are talking about in the trial 😦

    George Carlin does hit you in the nerve sometimes 😉

    Home is where the heart is they say 🙂

    • I can’t stand watching the trial for even a minute 😦

      Carlin his you in the nerve all the time.

      Ahh.. home sweet home they say…

  2. I agree. Things that drag on for ages are really borrrrring.

  3. i’m so tired of the rh bill issue too. idk why it is such a big fuss anyway.

    • people make a fuss of it for their own self interest, aka pogi points for the politicians 😦

      • yo bw where are you! it’s been over a month since you last updated man, we miss you!

        • hey, i’m still here very much alive 🙂 I have a draft post – hopefully I can get it going this week. I’m thinking of doing a voice podcast too… much quicker I think 😉

  4. As bored as bored can be!!

    George Carlin is a comic philosopher. At first he makes you laugh and then makes you think. Just like Neil Simon who also makes people laugh and then makes them cry. Kinda funny seeing people cry and laughing at the same time. : )

    • I like the use of the word “comic philosopher”. How appropos. Carlin hits you in the head and makes you laugh at the same time 😉

  5. like you I am bored as hell with the MJ doctor trial. It is like soap opera.

    Carlin tells it like it is. He does make you feel you’re a hypocrite.

    Talking of steaks, it is easy to pig up on good food when you’re not paying 😉 It is always more fun to go out with famlly.

    • the trial is soap opera-ish indeed.

      Carlin does make a hypocrite of us everytime he tackles a social issue how true.

      there’s also the danger of overeating so to speak because you’re not paying. Moderation is key. You can still eat well without pigging out.

  6. ram revilla murder and the shaina-ruffa fight…i hear people discuss these over and over 😦

  7. why does it seem that the blame is on the doctor only when MJ had been using those drugs for many years? the doctor must have been following orders only. and my gulay! MJ is already dead. it is such a waste of time.

    and the RH bill. hay, naku, they’re wasting people’s money at hanggang ngayon alang nangyayari!

    for me, i am finding Facebook boring already. having second thoughts about deleting the account.

    • It is such a waste of time indeed. No matter what, no one can bring MJ back to life so better let him rest in peace.

      The tug of war on the RH debate is still going on for years now. Unbelievable.

      Deleting your facebook ? You’re not the only one. I have heard of many people saying the same thing 🙂

  8. I don’t pay attention to MJ doc trial at all. These things don’t concern me anymore 🙂

    Although I am curious about the Kim Kardashian divorce 🙂 —– Just kidding 🙂

    Hope your autumn is sliding by smoothly.

    • Well, the doc has just been convicted of manslaughter. Poor guy. That makes MJ nuthuggers happy now I guess 😦

      That Kim Kardashan divorce is crazy. How could one back out from a marriage in a matter of weeks ? Ugh.

      Yep, my autumn is going smoothly. Getting ready for winter now. It really sucks I tell you but… I have no bloody choice !

      • The doctor being convicted of manslaughter is what many Jackson fans are looking for. In some way it is also exonerates the Jackson family from any responsibility for letting Michael go down with medication addiction. For me this trial is a sham, as you said, soap opera.

        • very the fans have a culprit to crucify. Some fans find it hard to fault MJ so they find a criminal to lay fault on.

  9. I agree on both counts. Lindsay Lohan getting arrested – that bores me to death. And I also agree with Bingskee about Facebook… though I still couldn’t bring myself to delete my account. 🙂

    • I have no interest in reading Lindsay Lohan news anymore. She’s just so messed up that we juist need to ignore her for a while until she gets back to her senses.

      Did you see her in the film Machete ? She did this really seedy role as a daughter of a dysfunctional wife of a drug warlord. She and her film mom were nude, in a menage-a-trois in the pool with actor Danny Trejo – who is as good looking as our very own Max Alvarado 😉 Nothing against Danny Trejo but he does look every bit of a kontra bida but was the hero in the film. It thought it was an inferior role for Lohan. I wasn’t impressed at all.

  10. the issue that bores me to death is if someone keeps on repeating a specific topic over and over or if it’s always about themselves

  11. … ang walang kamatayang RH bill… haayy…

    hello BW, long time no hear… I’ll be sending you an email soon… hope kaya mong i-grant yung small favor ko… 😀

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