Weekday Musings

There are times when we dread changes, especially those we can’t control and we are faced with a decision to opt out or bite the bullet. One such life changing event is when your office decides to move out of town and you are given the choice to tag along or part and seek employment elsewhere. The company promises a hassle free departure, without prejudice much like uncontested divorce, should you decide to part – so they say. Commuting 100kms return daily could be a bitch but your hands are tied when you’ve spent many years with the company. You could jeopardize your retirement in case you decide to leave for the sole reason of convenience. I have to make a crucial decision. I sure will my miss my express train and my crossword puzzle ( need to print the online version now 🙂 ) I would be spending on gas this time, a bit more than my monthly train pass. But I could look at the positive side of things. I may miss my downtown walks and gigs with my officemates but I would be working in the suburbs where the air is fresh and golf courses are mere minutes away. I won’t need to pay for parking at the train station and bundle up myself from head to toe in winter. With a good jacket I could just climb into the heated comfort of my car and drive to my office. As they say, you can’t have everything you want in life. It is always a balancing act between the pluses and minuses. We shall see.

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