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There are times when we dread changes, especially those we can’t control and we are faced with a decision to opt out or bite the bullet. One such life changing event is when your office decides to move out of town and you are given the choice to tag along or part and seek employment elsewhere. The company promises a hassle free departure, without prejudice much like uncontested divorce, should you decide to part – so they say. Commuting 100kms return daily could be a bitch but your hands are tied when you’ve spent many years with the company. You could jeopardize your retirement in case you decide to leave for the sole reason of convenience. I have to make a crucial decision. I sure will my miss my express train and my crossword puzzle ( need to print the online version now πŸ™‚ ) I would be spending on gas this time, a bit more than my monthly train pass. But I could look at the positive side of things. I may miss my downtown walks and gigs with my officemates but I would be working in the suburbs where the air is fresh and golf courses are mere minutes away. I won’t need to pay for parking at the train station and bundle up myself from head to toe in winter. With a good jacket I could just climb into the heated comfort of my car and drive to my office. As they say, you can’t have everything you want in life. It is always a balancing act between the pluses and minuses. We shall see.

Our office celebrated our last Chinese New Year dimsum at our downtown location a few weeks ago. It’s been our annual ritual for decades. We have quite a number of Chinese folk in our division. Next year we will have to look for a suitable venue at the suburbs. Speaking of Chinese New Year, I am quite surprised at the way Pinas celebrates the event nowadays. It is so prevalent everywhere. Is it the manifestation of respect for the Chinese economic power in Pinas ? Heck, without Chinese industry and business acumen we would be in the doldrums right now. Kudos to Sy, Tan and Gonkongwei for keeping the economy afloat πŸ˜‰ When I was growing in Pinas, the celebration was quite subdued, confined in Binondo with not much funfare in the media. BTW, did you watch the Pinas episode of Anthony Bourdain’s famed No Reservations culinary/travel show ? The first place he visited in Pinas was the Binondo Chinatown. Kinda odd to think that there’s nothing in Metro Manila we could show our culinary culture to the world other than Chinese food in Chinatown. I am not insinuating xenophopic notions now but Bourdain didn’t have to travel leagues of miles to sample a dish he could taste in his Hongkong episode or even in his home backyard – New York Chinatown 😦

They say Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Arabic are the most difficult languages to learn, requiring about 88 weeks or 2,200 class hours to attain proficiency. That’s three times the time required to learn Spanish, French, Portuguese or Italian. A buddy of mine emailed me these phrases with their Chinese translations πŸ™‚

Great – Fa Kin Su Pa
Stupid Man – Dam Fuk
Small Horse – Tai Ni Po Ni
Staying Out of Sight – Wai Yu Kum Nao
Did you go to the beach ? – Wai Yu So Tan
It’s Very Dark In Here – Wai So Dim
I bumped into a Coffee Table – Ai Bang Mai Fu Kin Ni
See Me ASAP – Kam Hia Nao
You Turn Me on – A Wee Pak Yu
No Longer a Virgin – Malou Wang


Nope, this post isn’t about the highly anticipated Pacquiao-Mayweather fight which has now tragically turned into an ugly circus freak show. The clash of egos between protagonists and promoters alike made this fight of the century more of a soap opera than a sporting spectacle of the highest degree. Enough of this nonsense. Enough of Mayweather’s stupid ego. Enough of Bob Arum’s greed. Enough of Pacquiao’s meekness. I am a Pacquiao fan but it’s about time Manny quit the priestly, pussy talk and throw back garbage for garbage. Case in point, when Mayweather proposed a $40M guaranteed purse to Pacquiao but with no share of pay-per-view sales and other revenues which is tantamount to highway robbery, how did Pacquiao respond to the ultimate diss ? Pacquiao said ” How can he leave me out of the pay-per-view when I generate more than him in pay-per-view sales ? I am still praying that he gets enlightened because I believe I am not being unreasonable”. Ugh.. WTF ?? Are you praying so you could knock his brains out ? You really want results Manny ? You really want to fight him and make your millions to your satisfaction? All you need to do is tell him on air ” Shut the fuck up you coward, ugly monkey Floyd Mayweather. Get into the ring with me you son of a bitch and I’ll beat you up like you won’t believe”. Calling him a coward might just rile him up and climb in the ring with you. If not, at least you said your piece and we know that you are not pussyfooting and you want war. Enough of this “ it depends on my promoter yadadada..“. We need to know where you really stand – period.

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  1. Relocating to the suburbs is pretty challenging because of the price of gas nowadays. That’s why people invest in hybrid cars to save on gas and minimize emission.

    It is clear that Mayweather is giving excuses not to fight Pacquiao. If not, then his super large ego is something to reckon with. You sound frustrated with this fight not happening like everyone.

    • Hybrid cards are still pretty expensive. That’s the problem why they don’t sell.

      He’s probably not ready to fight the Pacman yet. He needs another solid fighter like Cotto to work him out.

  2. I drive but don’t have a license yet so I would commute to the suburbs. Are there no public transport to your new location ? LOL on the Chinese translations. Chinese food is everywhere so people have acquired taste for it. I didn’t see that Anthony Bourdain episode on Manila.

    • there is public transit but it takes 2 hours to get the to the place with a couple of transfers. Not quite viable during winter 😦

      Bourdain has episodes with China, Taipei and Hongkong. I didn’t quite get what was so special with Manila Chinatown cuisine.

  3. LOL on the chinese translations.

    I dunno if the Mayweather-Pacquio will push through. Like you say, too much drama. I do hope it will have an epic ending one way or the other.

    • I don’t think it will push through. There’s so many egos clashing on the plate, the promoters are likely to mess it up more than the players. Mayweather is also of the opinion that he is king and wants to dictate everything.

  4. well life is about changes… nasa aten na lang if we’re going to take it positively or not… πŸ™‚

  5. i don’t read news anymore about the pacman floyd…too much circus, better watch soaps with predictable story lines and ending 😦

    • so true. Now the Pacman fights Bradley, not for anything but for lack of someone to fight ! Mayweather seems to think he’s the greatest for being undefeated when he’s not. Look at Brit Joe Calzaghe who retired undefeated last year. Chris John of Indonesia is 48-0 and he defeated Juan Manuel Marquez in 2006. Julio Cesar Chavez Jr is also 45-0. Yet these guys aren’t glorified by the boxing world – you think they would be. It only means that you’re the greatest by what you bring to the sport and the fans – not with you’re record πŸ˜‰

  6. okay yung advice mo kay manny, bw, thumbs up nyahaha tunay ba yung chinese translations? if so, that is so cool! πŸ˜€

  7. Relocating is really tough especially when you spend so much time with the company and I agree that retirement is jeopardized in this case if you chose not to go with them. I seem to get from above that you have made your decision to go with them, if not, then I pray that you get enlightenment to make the best decision.

    I hope next year I get to watch the CNY parade in SF Chinatown, the largest outside of China.

    • Yep, unfortunately, I am forced to good so to speak. There are a lot of positives too so that makes me feel better πŸ˜‰

      Toronto is only second to SF when it comes to Chinatown. It’s amazing how much multicultural food we have here. My wife seems to be no longer interested in cooking – she seems content in buying food πŸ™‚

  8. BW, my friend was forced from his job recently, but was denied Unemployment benefits, because accepting their deal means he walked away legally. I hope ther positives balance out the negatives now. I wish you the best!

    • how are you Keith ? Same here. In fact, not signing the doc that says you agree to move is equivalent to resignation. I believe the law here requires a notice of 6 months to staff so they can prepare for the relocation or decide to get a job elsewhere. Of course, the company also provides a few incentives, like shuttle services from certain locations for 6 months plus money for gas for 6 months, depending on the staff’s commute distance.

      • bw, my health is good, though for once my doctor is counseling me on my weight and diet. I now have transcended the forty year marker. Seeing as I anticipate living another eighty years, I need to take my doctor’s advice.

        My friend sells a gm car called the Volt. It is 100% electric, with a gaspowered generator, one step removed from the hybrid concept. I would believe that the price of the Volt is a step removed from the hybrids (though I would have to investigate)

        Thank you for stopping by!

        • good to hear and feel your positive spirit Keith πŸ™‚ Darn, I’m having a hard time losing weight !

          The electric car is the future. I like the idea but the battery design is still a work in progress and… still pricey. If it drops down reasonably, I’ll go for it.

  9. Good luck with your new commute to work. I’m sure things will work out and you’ll get to enjoy being out in the suburbs.

    As for the Chinoys You mentioned the top kingpins. But there are more who choose to lead very private lives. Don’t forget, it was the Chinese who were behind the great success of the galleon trade and who made many Spaniards, including the friars, incredibly wealthy. Also, Binondo used to be a plantation (hacienda) that was donated to the Chinese to appease them, and now Binondo commands the highest real estate price in the entire Metro Manila area … and you’re lucky if you find a parcel of land that’s up for sale there.

    Of more interest, every commodity that comes in the country is controlled by the Chinese — from heavy machinery to foodstuffs. Here in Bohol as well as in the entire Visayan region, hardware stores and large groceries are mostly owned by the Chinoys. In short, the oligarchs might think they got it made in the shade, but take out the Chinoys from the economic landscape and I doubt if the country would remain standing.

    n general they remain in the background, though some of the new generation have entered the political arena. But bottom line is, the Chinoys are incredibly in command of the local economy. Hence, the Chinese New Year being a part of the Pinoy culture is something long overdue.

    Incidentally, here in Bohol, the richest folks in the local populace are the Chinoys!

    • Thanks. I tried to work at the new office a couple of times. Except for the 35 min drive one way – not bad actually. We have better facilities suited for technology staff at our new office. A nice inhouse fitness gym is there too πŸ™‚

      Yep, the Chinese are enterprenurial by nature so they do stimulate the economy in Pinas. China will be the new economic power in the next decade replacing the US – so they say and it could happen πŸ™‚

  10. Except for shelling out a little extra cash for gas, a 100km trip/day won’t be much of a hassle to you. Your highways are wide, well maintained and you got a big car. ; )

    • Fortunately my vehicles aren’t gas hogs. I made sure I got rid of my gas guzzlers. The price of gas here is high too, despite the country having tons of oil to export 😦

  11. This is the problem of my former officemates. They were transferred to another place… Cool terms and names!

    • yeah, can’t do much about it eh ? In our case one of our businesses was sold so we had to inhabit an almost vacant building built by our company just 5 years ago. Makes a lot of cost sense and we the employees understand the move.

  12. there is a saying that change is pain. it is as always. πŸ˜€ i believe you are equipped with all the right ideas to get going with the new challenges you are facing; not someone who is at his wit’s end not knowing what to do.

    don’t you think that Pacquiao might be skeptical, too, about pursuing the fight? as you put it, he sounds so meek.

    with that thought about the entrepreneurial Chinese people, i am reminded of the many employment and work violations they commit in the Philippines. 😦

    • distance is the only problem.. I like the new office. Nice to be working out at the gym with the girls.. that’s a positive

      I don’t think Pacquiao is skeptical. He will fight even Godzilla But I am just too fed up of the meekness. Time to throw trash at Mayweather. The guy is talking too much trash. Oh well, maybe Pacquiao’s lawsuit will take the offensive charge – who knows

      So true. We hear of many irregularities. When I was a little guy I have an uncle detective who caught some illegal Chinese hiding in the province. Times have changed. It’s now us going illegally to China But at the end of the day, the net impact of their enterprenurial initiatives outweighs the negatives of the irregularities… methinks.

  13. There is a word called “sacrifice”. For two years 1999 thru 2001, I commuted weekly to Riverside California from Vegas, stayed in hotels monday thru thursday and drove back to Sin City on fridays. Did that to complete a 10 year minimum requirement to retire from CalPers and NOW, looking back I can’t believe I’ve gone thru those madness. And no speeding tickets driving Interstate 15 with a red vette. Time flies, and before you know it, the sacrifice you put forth will be rewarded a thousand times over.

    My friend Andy Lim was born at midnight in a hospital and there was a blackout. Cheers, been busy with my scrabble games with many opponents, hehe….

    • how are you bro ? Long time no hear πŸ™‚ dang, I could drive that red vette daily for that distance you know πŸ˜‰ Except that nowadays, gas is more expensive than 12 years ago 😦

      Hey, you wonder why you’re disappeared for a while. So you’re busy playing scrabble on the net – your new found passion. that’s really neat πŸ˜‰

  14. So my guess is, you stayed with the company and just mustered enough courage to deal with the daily commute. (Yes, gas prices these days are outrageous! Here in Manila, it would seem that they increase by the week!)

    I’ve been longing to revisit the Chinatown in Binondo. My last visit there was in 1998 when I interviewed a Filipino-Chinese “tikoy” manufacturer. Maybe it’s time to go back! It’s just this summer heat…it’s unbearable!

    Hi, BW. Hope all is well. Am back in the blogosphere. πŸ™‚

    • welcome back to the blogosphere !

      Yeah, I had dealt with my commute effectively although there are ocassions where I grit my teeth when I stay a bit more on the highway than normal because of traffic gridlock 😦

      Why don’t you do a Binondo stint and blog about it. That would be interesting πŸ˜‰

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