Austerity was the most searched word in 2010 according to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary. Not a real surprise because the global community was at the crest of an economic crisis short of the Great Depression that year and ordinary folk may have encountered the word “austerity measures” a little too often both in both print and TV media. Austerity comes from the root word austere which means “rigourously self disciplined and severely moral”. When applied to economics, it translates to ” financial belt tightening”. In short, if the house is in severe financial stress it needs to cut expenses to pay off a mounting debt. Everyone must make a sacrifice by spending less, curtailing whims and spendthrift habits, holding off on unecessary purchases to keep the books in order. The government being the catalyst of the economy must keep its financial house in even keel amidst the tempest and austerity measures is a proven recipe to keep it afloat . Politicians are known to act slow on austerity measures for fear that reducing expenses and social services would ruin their approval rating and therefore risk not getting re-elected. When people are pissed with the economy, they show their vengeance at the polls. Take the case of Greece. It is so unbelievable that the country was going bankrupt if not for the Europen Union bailout that saved it from doom. The bailout wasn’t without strings attached though. The EU demanded that Greece shrink the size of its government, reduce expenses by a certain percentage to keep its book in order else the bailout won’t be granted. Citizens who feared losing their government jobs or pensions took to the streets and rioted, burned buildings, cursed their politicians and demanded a status quo – no changes. It boggles my mind how people react to dire situations. How in the hell can you get out of bankruptcy if you don’t give up something ?? This reminds me of a quote of Albert Einstein ” We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them


Enter Pinas. Do we ever complain – burn buildings, stage riots because we are fed up with the government ? Do we ever punish politicians at the polls ? No. Why ? Well, first of all there are millions of us who are either freeloading with relatives or engaged in the underground economy and don’t pay taxes and never get any service from the government – so why give a rat’s ass anyways ? And, we don’t vote for performance. We vote for emotional reasons – we like the person or the family name – period. At the end of the day, our elected politicians possess that sense of entitlement to do anything they want while poverty increases and guess what – we just keep quiet and suffer in silence. Austerity ? We know what that word means. We’ve been stretching it out for many decades now. Who needs social services when we have family to bail us out ?


Last week, a strange event happened. Air Canada pilots surprisingly called in sick instantly stranding a total of 90 flights. Thousands of passengers missed their flights. Many people were aggravated because missed boat cruises, weddings, funerals, vacations tours – name it. Luckily, no one ran amok and burned a plane to the ground. A month ago, many passengers got stranded at the Toronto airport because of a walkout by the baggage handlers. Why do people take their union vs. management battle at the expense of the paying public ? I don’t understand it. These aforesaid walkouts are blatantly illegal and the government doesn’t seem to have the appetite to punish these unions. Greed and selfishness. As long as their wishes are met, they don’t care about the consequences of their actions. Unions are supposed to follow the rules of engagement when it comes to staging a strike. Yes, you have to provide a notice of strike – not just walk out of the job and aggravate the public who have nothing to do with your beef. Screw Air Canada. An hour more I could drive down to the Buffalo Airport in NY State and take my flight from there. And it will be a lot cheaper.


I don’t know about you but I find this year’s edition of American Idol very boring. I can’t seem to get glued for 2 hours on the Wednesday show. I am inclined to watch the Thursday episode to find out who gets booted out. This year’s finalists, good singers as they are, don’t possess that much needed charisma. The contestants have serious personality issues. In my opinion, only one of them – Philip Phillips possesses the personality to qualify as American Idol. He’s got a pretty good voice too but mimicks Dave Matthews a lot. If he’s booted out I may lose interest in the show.

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  1. Discipline – that’s the factor and the Japanese got it. I admire and envy them when it comes to “bayanihan” and self-sacrifice. Throw any thing to them (man-made or natural disaster) and they’ll still come out stronger than ever.

    Proper Education – that’s what Pinoy needs which our government seems reluctant to give.

    I always thought Canadians as a law-abiding citizens. But I guess that’s a general perception. When it comes to unions – walang pinag iba din pala sa counter-part nila sa US. O di kaya their legal “advisers” are Americans. : )

    American Idol? You’re still watching this show? I stop watching shows that got words like “reality” or can be “rigged”. >: D

    • I can’t say more about the Japs. No wonder why they’re an economic powerhouse.

      Too liberal.. here you’d likely to be charged by police if you happen to hurt someone while defending your property.

      Don’t really know if AI can be rigged because people either text or call a 1800 number to vote. There’s too many A Idols now that it’s no longer an automatic passport to fame and fortune.

  2. That pilot strike really sucks. Glad I wasn’t travelling that day. I heard some people missed very important appointments. Maybe some of them will sue the airline. I hope.

    My favorite contest was voted out – d’Andre. I agree with you. Only Phillps has the look. They voted out D’Andre that’s why 🙂

    • It does sucks. I am incensed by their actions.

      D’Andre was cool but people didn’t support him that much. I thought he sang quite OK but he used a lot of falsetto and maybe people want more of a mainstream type singer.

  3. i always mention your idea about the Filipino where one is dragged to doom because of dependence. makes sense they say.

    how can these types of union movements get sympathy? it is not fair that the passengers will have to bear the inconveniences.

    i like Phillips. he’s talented and gorgeous at the same time. he he

    • Pinoys have been suffering in silence for a while now. The extended family support is our way to cope up with lack of employment opportunities and social assistance.

      Definitely not fair. Here there’s too many unions in government and they go on strike if their remands aren’t met – teachers, garbage collectors, parks and recreation workers, even police !

      Philipps is probably the most well rounded contestant left.

  4. Just heard the news today. Some countries in the EU stated that they could not fulfill their austerity promises. The stock markets went on the downside with such negative news.

    I agree with your opinion on these greedy unions. They know no austerity in fact. They only care about their outrageous demands even in tough economic climate.

    No personality ? Doesn’t Skylar Lane look like a midget Reba McEntire ? 😆

    • it is tough to implement austerity measures in a recession. In some way, governments are compelled to go on a deficit spending more to stimulate the economy.

      Government labors unions are crazy to demand 5% annual increases nowadays when the private sector employees aren’t even getting increases these days.

      LOL.. there’s much to be desired in the personalities of the remaining contestants. Jessica Sanchez could have waited a couple more years to join AI. She doesn’t move that well and doesn’t seem to possess the drive and will to win.

  5. been penny pinching since 2007. it’s really easy to cut down. first just bring lunch from home instead of buying. that saves a lot, plus you know what’s going inside your stomach 🙂

    however, coffee seems to be a vice i cannot sacrifice even in times of crisis 🙂

    miss your posts.

    btw, i like philip phillips too. hope he wins.

    • I guess all of us has in some way or another embarked into some form of austerity measures. But you know gas prices have been nasty for the past few years and utility costs have also gone up.

      Coffee – I have a Tassimo at home and I can brew brand names easy. Coffee has zero calories and other than caffeine, it’s not that bad as long as you limit your consumption.

      It depends on the American public who they want to win. Now it is a matter of the contestants selecting songs that fit their style.

  6. thank you for the update! it has been so long i thought you got shipped to the moon or something! i love phil. i hope he wins. he is so pogi! 😀 idk who is dave matthews so i just enjoy phil to the hilt. the quote from einstein is spot on. it is what PH needs, don’t you think? i really do not like election season. it is coming again. sigh. in truth, don domeng only forces me to vote. ack!

    • Yeah.. well my move to a new office – longer commute kept me a bit lazy.. I also went on a March break down South and enjoyed the freak summer we had in March.

      Dave Matthews Band… The lead singer’s name is Dave Matthews and Philips tries to mimick his style of singing. Not bad at all but perhaps he should try to be a little more original.

      If I can say one thing about RP politics, there are too many political parties and you cannot delineate their agendas and platforms from one another, much like in other countries where you identify a political party with their known DNA – conservative, liberal or socialist, Their DNA tells you what kind of legislation, programs or policies they would pursue. People have no clue as to what these parties are up to that’s why it has gone down to popular voting – vote for the person and not the party because we have no clue as to what their party agenda is.

      • glad to hear about that nice summer break 😀 do you think phil is mimicking dave matthews or he is just really like that and you make the comparison because you know dave? i enjoy phil’s awkwardness, the weird dancing is crazy cool 😆 i agree with your thoughts on PH politics. the exact reason why we are going nowhere!

        • I think he mimicks Dave Matthews with his singing style, facial expressions, moves, and playing the guitar. I happen to like Dave Matthews so its cool for me 😉

  7. Hello BW, long time no hear!

    baligtad naman for me, last year I was bored with AI season 10. Now I like it. And I think Phil’s going to win.

    • Hope so. It’s getting more interesting eh ? I was glad to see Skylar go. I think Holly is next 🙂 It’s either Phil, Joshua or Jessica.

  8. all these systems that are currently not working…specially our “economy” are meeting their end. these goes to show… that a total revamp is coming. sure, a lot will cling or hang on to the old system…. and it will take some time… but I feel something new is emerging. 😉

    as of the moment i feel going back to basics might work…. the journey now is how to identify the essential from the non essential. im checking out collaborative consumption and plan to try it out in our community. barter barter muna habang di pa masyado na fi-feel ang effect to get used to it. we consume so much… and not asking ourselves the question whether its essential or not. 🙂

  9. just what I need, austerity. salary inccreases are hard to come by. austerity is easier. i grew up with no money in my pocket, it will be easy for me to practice it

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