I am back after a long recess. My brain is a little rusty. The reason for twiddling my thumbs and procrastinating for my comeback post was insanely simple – I couldn’t drum up a good title. I am serious. One thing I’ve learned is that a long lay off makes you lazier to write. Maybe the excellent summer weather or the relocation of my office to another city had to do something with it. I had such a terrific summer that I couldn’t muster enough gusto to write. I am disappointed that I could only whip up a measly 10 posts or less this year. Driving 1.5 hours one way ( more depending on traffic) may have contributed to my remissness. My early morning ritual at the driveway is like going to an excursion or fishing trip. My laptop bag, gym bag for the workout , lunch bag plus the usual 3 fruit a day combo, my holy trinity of fruits – banana, apple and orange – my tall coffee mug filled with extra large brewed java, a breakfast to go cereal bar takes me a couple of trips back to the house before finally slamming down the trunk of the car. At the height of summer I would have to throw my golf clubs in the trunk every now and then. After work a short trip to the driving range or a quick 9 hole at late twilight ( 5pm) at the nearby golf course extends my work day until sunset, except that in summer the sun sets at 930pm here. I had to watch TV too. Blogging had to take a back seat.

It’s autumn , getting a little colder therefore things move a little slower. No more golf, no more fishing, no more picnics, no more backyard bbqs. People seem to have a bit more time to recoup and focus on things they have missed during the busy summer season. You see I have a whole slew of topics I’d like to blog about but they’ve been sitting idle in my smartphone’s memo pad for months. I have no excuse for not having any ideas to blog about. It’s just plain laziness.


When I did my last post in April, Barack Obama was president. I was kinda speculating that in my comeback post he might not be the president and a republican would take over. I’m glad Obama won. I’m not American so I can’t vote but Barack Obama bailed out Wall Street and that’s the reason why I still have a job. I work for a Wall St. bank outside the US of A. Like the US auto workers who were bailed out by Obama, I would have no second thoughts of voting for the man. If he saved my job – he gets my vote. Prove me figging wrong – or can you ? No brainer eh ? Politicians fulfill the saying – you cannot establish a reputation by telling people what you are going to do. Yep, all the crap talk and the lies included. I shake my head knowing that Mitt Romney unequivocally opposed the bailout of the auto industry, yet in his campaign he trotted around GM, Chrysler and Ford counties asking for their votes and promising the world – a glaring testament to the two-facedness of politicians at its best on display here.

Now that Obama got re-elected, the republicans are saying they need to imperatively work with the president to fix the worsening state of the fiscal cliff. Hello, what were they doing 1 year ago ? Of course, refusing to collaborate, doing everything to stymie Obama’s plan so he will look bad and lose the election. As usual, partisan politics takes the front seat and the country’s ills relegated to the back burner. Democrats and republicans need to compromise to get things done. There are democrats whose principles are a little bit left of center just like republicans who are a bit right of center therefore a compromise isn’t a distant possibility contrary to what people think. Could the ultra right facist party ever compromise with the ultra left communists ? See what transpired in Greece when both parties had a face off in front of public television. No wonder why Greece is in the doldrums , in a state of malaise as we speak.


Here’s a case of a woman who was so brutally honest when asked at a live TV game show, what different parts of her body she could apply a shave. The question is borderline vulgar and tawdry for it could lead you to your anatomy you’d prefer not to talk about. But, yeah – a win is a win, and darn it, push them to their wit’s end and they will find a way to snatch the booty.

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  1. Lol at the blonde who shave herr thing XDD

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  2. welcome back BW. Hope you enjoyed your vacation. Did you go out of the country ?

    I like Obama too. To me he speaks for the middle class and protects the lower income folks too. Lol on the blonde 🙂 That question is crazy. I’d rather lose than embarrass myself.

  3. i don’t like Romney, inconsistent. but i am not really sure about Obama.

    hello, bw! glad to be reading your posts again! it looks like you had real, real fun! 😀

    • Hi Bing.. yeah, I had fun 🙂 As for Romney and Obama, it’s a choice between the devil and the deep blue sea I guess. Sometimes it is better to deal with the devil you already know 😉

      What I know is my wife will not vote for Obama for reasons she only knows. When Canadian Prime Minister Harper visited Pinas recently, she said – ” ayan, they will see our Prime Minister who is guapo ” 🙂

  4. Welcome back! I also had a blogging recess and I’m not too happy that my productivity level in blogging has gone bad. Lol. I can totally relate with the sort of “to blog list” in my phone’s memo/ notes.

    I have a preference for Obama as well for the reason that he is not most likely to bring more problems compared to his competitor.

    • thanks…nice to see you posting again 😉

      I think Obama is the safer bet because his approach is balanced and fairer esp. to the lower income group. Romney will probably solve the deficit quicker but with a worse “index misery” to the people when drastic cuts are made government services.

  5. between Romney and Obama.. oo nga Obama na lng. methinks.

    glad to see, you are back… and made an untitled post instead. 🙂 hehehe.

  6. Thanks.. I haven’t been taken over by Facebook nor twitter – I am still committted to blogging 🙂

  7. Welcome back, Kotter!
    Like you, I’m also in a state of doldrums, mostly due to laziness.
    But we got one thing in common; my lunch also consist of those 3 fruits. : )

    I’m also glad Obama won. It’s mostly just my impression but I think Romney is out of touch with reality outside his circle.

    As for the blond, I would gladly shave it for her! >: D

    • I’ll try to keep up with posting at least twice a month or 3 for that matter 😉

      well, Mr Obama just invited Mitt for lunch. I think he has great respect for the man. It’s a good sign IMO.

      As for the blonde – lol, that’s a hairy proposition 🙂

  8. seems you are enjoying the long commute. welcome back.

    I think Romney had something good to offer but he made some silly statements like 47% of Americans are free loaders on the government which pissed off a lot of people. His debate with Obama was civil. I think one of his sons said he’d like to punch Barack after the second debate.

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