About Me


Name : BW

Email : ushb2@netscape.net

Location : Toronto, Canada

Occupation : IT Consultant, technology manager

Zodiac sign : Pieces

Interests : Fishing, golf, hunting, technology, science, exotic food, off-roading, discussions about religion and politics

Favorite Movies : NONE. I can’t sit for 2 hours watching a movie, I usually wait for the DVD release ! Every movie grabs me differently hence I have no particular favorite.

Favorite Music : Songs by Creed, Curtis Mayfield, ELO, Kenny Loggins, Barenaked Ladies, Nickelback , spiritual music of George Harrison

What is this blog about ?

Nothing in particular – as they say, “just another shallow blog” of mainly rants, parody, humor and social issues of relevance to our daily lives. This blog is about freeing and sharing with you thoughts that are imprisoned in my being and certainly not about me, the person and I hope I can keep it that way.

“Here beside the news of holy war and holy need, ours is just a little sorrowed talk “ Ordinary World… by Duran Duran


“A glimpse evokes a multitude of memories
and inspires a weary, burnt out spirit.
A smile reinvigorates and nurtures the soul.
Suddenly a fresh day unfolds to be lived anew.
An imaginary world emerges from the abyss.
The world is bright, the breath of spring fills the air.
For a moment time stood still.
Life is worth every second of it.
Like a time machine the blissful moment dies.
The brilliance of an ethereal wonderland had collapsed.
Once again I breath the heavy air of my universe.”

….. BW


Blog Award :

Winner : Best Pinoy Blog Abroad – 2009


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