Is Chivalry Dead?

What ever happened to men opening doors to women, men giving up their seats in the bus and in this day and age, men paying for the meal on a date ( believe it or not it is now cool to share on the first date) – is chivalry dead? Has the feminist movement / gender equality drum beating dampened the man’s spirit to behave like a true gentleman reflective of the time honored tradition of chivalry and and knighthood? Or does chivalry die a natural death with gumpy old men or bitchy old women… ? Well, this news is quite shocking if not troubling. A 76 year old arthritic woman walking with a cane meets a 52 year old man also walking with a cane from a foot injury at narrow sidewalk path. Both claimed the right of way and neither wanted to give way ! Result? A nasty cane fight ala witch and wizard minus the magic spells with both ending up with injuries and convictions in court. For godsakes, a simple sidestep for a couple of feet would have saved both of them from all the resultant physical and mental aggravation ! Question – if we were to point a finger to a “singular” culprit in this incident – who would it be?

Talking About Accents

Talking about regional accents, it is commonplace for Pinoys to make fun of Visayan accents. The fact of the matter is there are a plethora of Visayan dialects which by for some unknown reason, either by convenience or accident or instructions from the gods , these dialects had collectively substituted the letter e to i, at least phonetically πŸ™‚ The strange phenomenon had since then created the now known genre of Visayan accent jokes πŸ™‚ I’m from the Hiligaynon nation myself and I don’t take the joke seriously maybe because I have leaned to read e correctly lol.. πŸ™‚

Here’s some Visayan accent jokes from my email archive πŸ™‚

Joke 1 :
Bisaya 1: ” Gara ng kutsi, siguro kay Miyur iyan.”!
Bisaya 2: ” Dili bay!”
Bisaya 1: ” Kay Hipi?”
Bisaya 2: ” Tuntu ka man. Kay FATHER iyan. Gisulat niya sa likud o, “‘SAFARI’.”

Joke 2 :
AMO: sagutin mo ang telepon inday!
INDAY: (baligtad ang hawak) hilo ? hilo ?
AMO: baligtarin mo!
INDAY: lohi? lohi?
AMO: telepon ang baligtarin mo!
INDAY: Puntili, puntili

Joke 3 :

Visayan French :

Overheard two Visayan passengers at the PAL terminal in Manila …

Passenger 1 : Pa Cebu ka?
Passenger 2 : Oo e.. Pa Cebu ko.


Remember the controversial Keys Me video that I blogged about last year? Well, I forgot to tell you that Startalk show host Joey de Leon gave the Keys Me star a chance to redeem herself! Yes, Virgina, right in front of public TV – to show the world that the alleged murder of the English language wasn’t a case of twisted tounge, loose false teeth , regional accent nor lack of hearing aid on the part of the listener πŸ™‚

Here’s Keys Me 2 and ye be judge ! Has she redeemed herself?


44 Responses

  1. Re those two cane-weilding antagonists, I think PRIDE is the likely culprit there. Or maybe the guy is indeed turning into a grumpy old guy…

    Those “Visayan” jokes are hilarious, haha. πŸ˜€

    Is that “Keys Me” woman still at it? Hasn’t she out-lived her 15 minutes of fame yet?

  2. I think the Culprit is simply Misery. Miserable people don’t know what chivalry means, but could think “sucker punch” is a handsake.

    I’m Hiligaynon speaking too, and our native “kinaray-a” all sounds i anyways plus r and y, but we love our dialect, since if we converse by ourselves, we’re like birds, yet understand each other well.

    The “Keys Me” girl is pretty. Get your fame and fortune anyway you can, and if it means marketing one’s shortcomings or short of talent, if there’s a market… sold..

  3. chivalry may be dead here in the US, but I think it’s still alive over in Pinas. Don’t ask me how I know. πŸ˜‰

    Nasty cane fight? Too bad it wasn’t captured on youtube. πŸ˜€

    And no, the “Keys Me” woman did not redeem herself, but who cares? She’s hot! hehe

  4. Women wanting to be equal to men don’t help chivalry… I also think young boys don’t learn to be polite at home. And today everybody is getting very self-centered.
    Yesterday I covered a political meeting. One of the journalist got pissed of by my height and showed me his middle finger… (I need to add that this is quite an exception and in fact it is the first time in my life that someone was showing me his middle finger!)

  5. Snglguy – too much pride that resulted in broken canes and bruises is indeed foolhardy I would think 😦 Not sure where the Keys Me star is nowadays but she sure had her share of fame albeit dubious hehe:)

  6. Vic – a sucker punch as handshake hahaha.. looks like you’ve been watching too much hockey ! Kinaray-a is my dad’s mother tongue in fact because he was originally from Iloilo. Who cares as long as she’s pretty eh? LOL πŸ™‚

  7. Wil – agree. Chivalry seems to quite ripe in Pinas. There you gotta’ pay for all the meals, including the chaperones hehe πŸ™‚ I bet you they would censor the duel if it was captured on YouTube πŸ™‚

  8. Sidney – I truly wonder how they handle women in the military fighting side by side men like in the Iraq war. If I were a soldier dunno if I can handle the sight of women being shot at 😦

  9. Chivalry is a western concept. There’s no such thing here in Japan, you know. But I’ve gotten used to it. πŸ™‚

    Naku, I just learned from your comments that we have a common origin – more or less. My Dad was an Antiquenyo (but he was born in La Carlota), and I myself was born in Antique. πŸ™‚ I used to vacation there a lot when I was a kid – I could still understand a bit of Kinaray-a. πŸ™‚

    Is that Keys Me girl for real? I’m still too shocked! First time for me to watch and hear her.

  10. I would have paid for front row seats to see that cane-fight up close. Nothing like watching two boneheads fighting over the most useless of reasons.

    There’s always something funny about every single dialect here in the PI, and Visayans get the accent one. hehehe…

    Gawd! I thought the girl was singing a Korean song! She totally butchered the song. Only in the Philippines can a tonedeaf girl with misplaced P’s, F’s and V’s be temporarily famous. She’s hilarious and she doesn’t even know she is.

  11. Those seniors must be getting itchy in their underpants and just had no chance to scratch it; hence the cane fight. Seriously though, someone should’ve lifted their pride for a second.

    I’m sorry, I’m guilty, I do make fun of the accent sometimes. I think I do have a distinct Pinoy accent too, my hubby tells me so.

    And that girl in the clip seem so clueless that she is being made fun of. Oh well, some cash in the pocket shouldn’t hurt.

  12. Kathy – I know what you mean . Is it true in Japan women give up their seats to men? That’s really odd πŸ™‚

    Common origin it is. My mom was actually born in La Carlota but the family moved when she was 1 year old. That’s why when Verns said she was from LC, i thought it was La Carlota but La Castellana pala πŸ™‚

    Yes – Keys Me is really true πŸ™‚ Check out tYouTube for Keys Me 1 LOL πŸ™‚

  13. Alternati – I’d say the man needed a knock on the head for fighting a woman 20 years his senior!

    Yes, the Visayans seem to get the accent jokes. Others got the more serious ones! Misplacing V, F and P worked for Keys Me girl I guess. The flag was hilarious.. hahaha.

  14. Leah – the long johns and winter may have caused the itch LOL.. I’d be surprised if anyone apologized though. Both look like they’re stubborn to the max 😦

    You’re just like my wife. When I brought her to Negros she was always laughing at how we say traysikol LOL.. You bet, Miss Keys Me doesn’t look like she’s aware that folks are making fun of her πŸ™‚ I guess her being cute covered up for all her shortcomings πŸ™‚

  15. Big Bro I did not watch na the video kasi naiirita na ako sa babaeng yan lolz πŸ™‚

    Anyway I have a joke (that I think tayo lang makakaintindi at makakarelate hehe)

    Pag may umutot, eto sinasabi nila:

    Amerikano: Excuse me.
    Briton: Pardon me.
    Spanish: Dispensa Amigo
    Italian: Scuse me
    Ilonggo: biiissskkkkaaannnnnn mapatay pa ko….indi ko ya ang nag-utot!

    hehehe hope you like it πŸ™‚

  16. About the two cane-wielding anatagonists, I bet at 52 and 70, either could really get grumpy by that time. If one was so much younger like say, 40 or 45, I would still like to believe that decency would let one allow the older one to go ahead.

    About the Visaya jokes, there’s this funny incident I had when i was in Dumaguete. Although my Mom came from a town whose rooted so much in Bisaya language, I still have some difficulty conversing with it. So by the way, this bisaya friend kept on speaking about “langgams” that was at least four inches in length and could fly high up in the sky. I was so amazed that ants could be that big. He stopped churking and finally explained that ‘lanngam’ is actually bird in binisaya.

    And then one time, he was talking about a friend who became rich selling ‘pruns’. Sabi ko meron bang prunes plantation sa pilipinas? akala ko sa middle east lang maraming prunes. Yun pala PRAWNS and sinasabi niya. Nagtawanan na naman kami uli.

    I think thet bisaya friend was always selling me down the river…

  17. This dates back to my high school days:

    Inday: Kuya gusto mo kiso sa pandisal mo?

    Kuya: Anong kiso? Chess!

    I don’t think it’s chivalry that has gone out of fashion; it’s simply unresolved anger.

  18. shouldn’t it be the ladies who should ask the question? hehe. but for me i think it should still be the guy who gave way. even if he is a girl, the younger one should have given way. he’ll get better but the old woman will get well by dying. maawa naman siya diba? hehehe.

    hey! where are you from? where do hiligaynons hail from?

    and honestly, i still can’t believe she’s a star here in the philippines, seeing her faces in almost all the tv shows. but i’m glad i don’t hear her singing keys me over and over again in these shows πŸ™‚

  19. bw

    lol @ the jokes are funny. I like that boy turning around kakaloka sayaw nya.

    Oh, I pity Keys Me. No, she didn’t redeem herself. πŸ™‚

  20. Question – if we were to point a finger to a “singular” culprit in this incident – who would it be?

    The one who invented thed CANE. πŸ˜€

    Seriously now, that incident’s very sad. Two old, presumably weak strangers fighting each other is pitiable. They’re just about to die and yet they still let their egos consume them. They’re both going to hell. LOL.

  21. Verns – naiirita ka ba sa kanya? Bakit naman hehe.. That joke is so funny.. LMFAO ( Laughing My F Ass Out) !!!

  22. Eric – pandesal with chess.. that’s hilarious LOL.. I remember when I was small while watching an amateur singing contest at our townthis contestant was on the narration part of the song and she started off with.. Vye Vavy. ( bye baby)..LOL..

  23. Tin – you’re right, the ladies should ask the question but I had to make up a title to my post ! hehehe.

    Here’s what Wikipedia says about the Hiligaynon language, the language used by the Ilonggo speaking provinces.

    “Hiligaynon is an Austronesian language spoken in Western Visayas in the Philippines. Hiligaynon is concentrated in the provinces of Iloilo and Negros Occidental. It is also spoken in the other provinces of the Panay Island group, such as Capiz, Antique, Aklan, Guimaras, and many parts of Mindanao like Koronadal City, South Cotabato and Sultan Kudarat. “

    If she’s still a star, that means she probably quit singing ! πŸ™‚

  24. Abaniko – here’s my answer to who was the culprit – the 52 year old prick! I don’t care if the old hag is a first class bitch – there’s absolutely no honor in dueling with a 76 year old woman ! But then you’re right – they’re both going to hell LOL.

  25. here’s another one:

    Paano mo sasabihin sa kaibigan mo na babae na maitin ang kanyang kili-kili without hurting her feelings?

    Tanungin mo sha nito: Ano deodorant mo? Kiwi?


  26. I think men don’t even have to think of chivalry. If the lola and lola had just plain common good sense and good manners, they probably wouldn’t have to go through the battle of the lolo and lola. h

  27. marami ako ka opisina na bisaya, tama ka ganung ganun ang accent nia, minsan nakakatuwa talaga. pero naman kapag nag ingles sula ang gagaling.

    minsan napasyal ako sa cebu, dahil di naman ako marunong mag bisaya eh natatagalog ako, sa mall pinagtatawanan ako, ewan ko kung bakit, wala kasi akong visayan accent?

  28. yes, chivalry is dying. when i was still working in Makati, i had witnessed everyday how men dressed in suits or dignified attires would ignore women (young and old), or how they battle for a seat. you know who had most of the time offered me a seat? those few men clad in shorts and worn shirts (probably constuction workers or helpers, or simple citizens). tsk tsk sad.

  29. Verns – LOL !

  30. Iskoo – pinagtawanan ka ba LOL..Just the reverse Visayans find people who say trisikel or triangel funny πŸ™‚

  31. maybe. plus perhaps the thought of women playing equal with men. i know somebody who even commented that ‘they (women) wanted to be in the men’s world, so be it. why would they expect that someone will offer them a seat?’ useless machismo indeed.

  32. Bing – there’s definitely a clash of contradictions and both sides are at fault to some degree I would think 😦 One way to address this from the point of view of the man is – think about the other woman as your wife, or daughter or mother – makes it easier to show sympathy / consideration πŸ™‚

  33. I was a college freshman when a classmate was trying to say the word “debit” in our Accounting 101.

    Classmate: dibit
    Teacher : de-bit
    Classmate: de-bet
    Teacher: de-bit
    Classmate: di-bit

    We couldn’t help but laugh. πŸ™‚

    She laughed at herself too. And I was actually good friends with her. Very thick lang talaga ang Visayan accent niya.

  34. Niceheart – I bet ne had a good laugh in class LOL πŸ™‚ Just the other night as I took my daughter to Tim Hortons/Wendys after I picked her up ( she had to go to a chuch activity every Wed nights)I ordered food for her and this Pinay girl, confirmed my order –
    ” ok, one cheken nodol sop and bagel with cream cheese”.. LOL πŸ™‚

  35. I really don’t know why Visayans speak the way they do. Nakaktuwa talaga sila magtagalog pero pag nag-english na sila talo pa ang mga taga maynila.

  36. Ferdz – it’s a mystery to me too, why e is being substituted for i πŸ™‚ My father wasn’t a real good speaker of Tagalog because in his time, there was no Pilipino subject in the curriculum yet πŸ™‚

  37. About the “keys me” girl, I think it’s a gimmick. ;p

  38. Jeff – gimmick ba? Hmmm.. I think she’s got loose false teeth he he:)

  39. Yes, I think so too.. Keys Me girl is just a gimmick. Pero, hirap ng ginagawa niya, ha. Parang si Theresa Carlson noon – “Si Ako”. I don’t know if you know her though. She was formerly Dolphy’s leading lady and then later married to Gov. Farinas of Ilocos. She committed suicide I think three or four years ago. She was, for most part of her married life, depressed. Sad ending.

  40. Rhodora – interesting when you say she’s doing it purposely to gain attention πŸ™‚ Re Teresa Carlson, that’s news to me. It’s really sad that her life ended that way 😦

  41. Two old fools fighting:

    “If you argue or fight with a fool,people watching from a distance can’t really distinguish who the real fool is”.

    Da bisayan diyuks ar beri pani!

    Ang lupit naman ni Joey! Exploiting that whole “Keys me” episode on his show in the guise of “redeeming her” is typical of how producers of TV programs such as “American Idol” garner wide viewership from an audience that are amused to see a young person’s dream being crushed big time on national TV.

    The William Hung formula for success is limited only to smart people like….William Hung!

  42. I wonder if that “Keys Me” lady was truly redeemed in that show. Looks like it was just a reconfirmation of her bad enunciation of words. I couldn’t understand a single word of the lyrics of that song she was supposed to sing in the show “Master Showman” (sic).

    Kawawa naman siya. Pinaglalaruan ng mga powers that be in Pinoy showbiz.

  43. Noypetes – I read somewhere that William Hung died in Las Vegas 😦 Not sure if this is true or a hoax.

  44. Jayred – Miss Keys Me is still around reportedly and minus the singing πŸ™‚ That’s a welcome change because she possesses the beauty it takes to be a star. It was her own way to gain popularity and I bet you many found it funny but it doesn’t mean she’s being disrespected πŸ™‚ She’s safe and now she must move on to acting πŸ™‚

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