Customers Aren’t Always Right

customerserviceLast week I had the most irritating experience that left me gnashing my teeth in anger. Although I wasn’t involved, the incident made my horns grow large and stiff and smoke almost came out of my ears. At one point I wished I was involved but then I’m not a knight nor must I pretend I could solve world hunger so I told me ” self, why don’t you just f-off since it’s none of your goddamn business”. And I did. The incident happened inside Canada’s Wonderland, as I was queuing up to buy the luscious funnel cake for my daughter and my two nieces. We were at the theme park to treat my sister’s family who came to town for a long weekend visit.

There were two queues at the funnel cake house as the workers were busy churning up cakes by the minute to keep the line moving. The 20 something woman immediately behind me,  who was talking on her cell phone like she was standing in the middle of a meadow all by herself, abruptly told the staff who was sprinkling icing sugar at the cake base “ hey, that cake looks stiff . It doesn’t look  freshly baked ” . The staff, without batting an eyelash, threw the cake into the garbage bin, took a freshly baked one, sprinkled icing sugar on it,  a cup of strawberries and topped it with hefty scoops of ice cream. As she was about to hand her the finished cake , the girl quipped “ that cake looks really fluffy, like it’s not cooked properly”. Visibly incensed, the staff threw the entire cake into the garbage bin and prepared a new one, gave it to the girl and went to the back of the kitchen.  Now the line was edging slowly towards the cashier and I heard the girl on the phone telling the person on the other end of  line ” I think this cake is burned. I see black spots on it”. Oh no, not again. She then called another staff, a guy this time, to change the cake !  I turned around and gave her the look of an angry bull. The male staff told her the cake looks perfect and they had a bit of an argument. I moved on to the cashier to pay and ignored them because at this point my blood was boiling in anger . The staff finally gave in an trashed the cake for the 3rd time and gave her a new one. I just nodded my head wanted to shout in the open “ how can you allow this stupidity to happen ?”

I have seen the most ridiculous and impossible instances of people returning stuff after using them. At one instance,  I saw a mother arguing with a department store customer service clerk who refused to accept the return of her son’s rubber shoes that reportedly broke apart while he was playing basketball.  The shoes looked like it gone to war, donned by a marine on a tour of duty in Afghanistan. People here abuse the rather generous return policy that is aimed to protect consumers from faulty and shoddy products.

Back to the funnel cake. My anger subsided a bit when I realized that perhaps these  theme parks deserve an occasional kick in the crotch for the way they rob their patrons with the astronomical cost of everything they sell inside the park. With pop drinks going for as high as $2.50 and sandwich combos for $11 it is highway robbery. This is true with all theme parks – the modus operandi is the same. They frisk your bag right at the gate  and will not allow you to bring food inside the park. If you brought food, leave it in your car to be eaten later but don’t forget to have your hand stamped for re-entry. The girl dinged them with 3 funnel cakes with strawberries and ice cream for the price of 1 ( $12 including taxes). Looked to me like she knew she could get away with it and was getting back at them. Maybe she was a staff they fired in the past. 😉 One thing I know though. I don’t think I could ever handle jerks in a face to face customer service job. If I happen to be the one servicing this girl, I could have gored her :mrgreen:



Last weekend we went to the Oshawa Ribfest and spent the entire afternoon and evening to just relax and have fun at what you may call a community bbq party. The city of Oshawa , Canada’s motor city, where the largest General Motors plants are located, is about 20 kms east from my place and the ribfest was held at a large park by the lake. The ribfest was very well attended and we had to park our car at a parking lot a couple of kilometers away and had to take the free shuttle service to the event. Entrance was free and proceeds from the event were donated to charity. People were encourage to vote for the best ribs and the best sauce but amidst the frenzy I couldn’t care less for the voting 🙂 The ribbers looked like they knew what they were doing but I went where I could get the fastest service and heck, they all tasted the same anyways 😉 I was there for the ribs, the beef ribs especially and to take some home for the fridge 😎 It was a fun day for sure.

Here’s some of the pics I took at the ribfest.

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  2. They threw the cakes?

    My sister once told me that one time when she ordered sinigang in their school canteen, she instanly noticed a fly on the soup so she reported this to the staff. In front of her, the staff took the bowl from my sister, scooped the fly out of the bowl then gave it back to her. My sister didn’t know if she would cry. She’s really shy so she took th bowl, paid it and ate in another canteen.

    • Yes, the cakes were trashed 3 times 😦

      Ouch.. I would demand my money back if they don’t change it. Here if you eat your burger more than half way through, and then stuff it with a fly and complain to the counter, you would get a new burger guranteed. I’ve heard of crazy teens doing it 🙂

  3. Good thing the girl, after seeing the third cake, did not say, “Oh, I change my mind and won’t buy any of your cakes anymore.”

    I heard some teenagers in America would also abuse the “return policy.” They’d get clothes that they would wear during a party and after the event they’d return them to the store. Bad.

    • Well, in this case if she said that the cake would be passed on to the next person in the queue 🙂

      If I were the store, I would put 10 tags on a brand new dress so it is difficult for people to wear and return them hehe 🙂

  4. That girl was a real b***h I’m sorry to say. If I was the server I will call my manager to make a decision. She was just too much 😦

    I’m not a fan of ribs. I’m a chicken gal 🙂 The bbq chicken looks lucious too 🙂

  5. …the incident made my horns grow large and stiff “…

    I would’ve shown that girl my “large and stiff horn”..and she would’ve instantly dismiss the funnel cake order! I guess the “I, me, myself generation” is still alive and kicking. A lot of young folks nowadays are just inconsiderate and plain just don’t care anymore.

    Next time you’re in southern California, Checkout the “Rib Factory”. Deep fried rattlesnake meat, BBqued Aligator meat, Wild Hog bbqued ribs served with Yucca fries…..Delicioso!!!

    • hehehe… she would probably scamper to avoid a bull ready to gore her 😆

      That Rib Factory is my kind of restaurant.. I’m not adventurous to try the rattlesnake ugh, but wild board and alligator bbq would be real dandy 😉

  6. the cost of food in amusement parks are a rip off. Someone told me this is where they make money and not from the tickets. That girl is something else 🙂

    I love pork ribs that why I liked Bobby Flay’s grill show on TV. Don’t know why they discontinued it.

    • it is a rip off indeed and they must be making a fortune with their overpricing.

      yeah that grill show of Bobby Flay was great. Maybe the guy is successful now that he dosn’t need the TV stint anymore. Well, he’s one of the American Iron Chefs so that’s already prestigious.

  7. I have to share another “the customer is sometimes wrong” story. Happened last week. I was at a check out counter of a dollar store (for some bargain table cloth for my cookout) and the guy in front of me is black. The checker looks like filipina. The whole store is decorated with Halloween paraphernalias, this early I know.

    He mumbled something and the checker was not interested in what he was mumbling. She goes about her business of scanning his purchases. He mumbled something again. I did not hear it, because my eyes were too busy searching for my husband in the store to let him know I was already checking out. Finally, not getting the response he wanted from the clerk, he asked if she spoke English at all. The girl who spoke really good English (with me) replied ” A LITTLE BIT” ~ just to end this conversation, I think. It infuriated the guy saying they shouldn’t really hire people who spoke no English. This is America he continued to rant.

    When it was my turn the pleasant girl asked me if I heard what he was mumbling about. I replied that I was not paying any attention to what was going on. I did not realize the guy was not too far away and heard the clerk’s question to me. He returned to the checkout counter and loudly said:


    So the clerk asked what was offensive?

    It was the plastic spider/tarantula that was sitting on top of the credit card pad in the check out counter that was causing the guy all the brouhaha.


    Who gets offended by a symbol of halloween? All that was because of a spider?

    The clerk removed the spider right away all the time composure intact. This is why I would never be good at customer service jobs.

    And in my 16 years in America this is the first time I have seen with my own eyes what I would call “racism” against Asian people. Really sad.

    • that’s one funny story man. Perhaps this guy has arachnophobioa, or fear of spiders hehe 🙂

      BTW this bitchy girl I’m talking about is itim. Ang sabi ng wife ko who is working for a bank ang pinakamaarte at makulit raw na customers ay syang mga kabaro ng babae na ito. Ewan ko siguro maging demanding ka sa funnel cake na yan kung isa kang celebrity subalit hung hindi naman… what are you trying to prove? yikes.

  8. i agree. the customer is not always right but they have the right to be treated right.

    but how can you treat these kind of people nicely when they’re really pain in the ass?

    • As Henry Ford says in my quote of the week sidebar, it is the customer who pays your wage. Maybe what Ford meant to say is – “OK, you’re an asshole but since you’re paying my wage, ‘ll just grit my teeth, swallow my pride and keep the bitterness in check and give you what you want” arghh.. 😡

  9. i laud the crew for still treating that girl nicely and for immediately throwing away the cakes she doesn’t like. not many can do that. i couldn’t if i were one of them. honestly. i might just hand the girl her money and tell her to buy her cake some place else. 🙂

    gee, those ribs look yummy. makes me hungry now. haha.

    • so true. The staff never disrespected her. For one, the place was real crowded so I guess keeping people moving was the order of the day. The cashier was about 5 people away in the queue from where she stood.

  10. It sounds like you almost took both sides…. I will say that as a manager i would have been happy to deal with her… Employees in amusement parks are often worked at minimum wage. Regardless my feelings for the institution, I hope most people will continue o ttreat service people with respect

    • “It sounds like you almost took both sides”

      Did I ? hehe.. I had to find an excuse to tone down my anger 😉 What would you have done if you were the manager? If I was behind her, I could have taken the cake believe me 🙂

      Yes, most of these staff are summer students and for the most part they are quite respectful and I have always treated them with respect.

  11. If food prices at amusement parks a rip-off, that girl is just gettin’ even with the management. But IMO, throwing away food just because customers don’t like the way it look is wastefull. No wonder westerners are considered the most wastefull people in the world.

    • I felt like the girl thought the money she was about to pay was worth 3 cakes 😉

      Absolutely true. The most wasteful indeed. To some degree, the modern day environmentalist movement has helped to stop the wasteful habit but still not quite. People have food to throw because it has gone bad in the fridge.

  12. sayang yung cake. hehe.
    i have never tried returning something to a store.

    sarap nung ribs. promise, parang nagutom ako bigla

    • sayang talaga – not for the monetary worth but on being irresponsibly wasteful.

      well, come over and i will treat you to a Wednesday rib buffet in one of the restaurants here. I try to avoid restaurants that provide unlimited consumption but I’m sure you’d like it 🙂

  13. Umm, I doubt if the return policy similar to that of western countries will ever be instituted here. It’s no secret that a lot of Pinoys tend to abuse a store’s generosity. I know about this because I’ve seen it happen a long time ago when i was still starting out in the business. I was talking to the store merchandiser when one of her assistant came in asking for advice. A middle-aged woman/customer who bought an evening dress a week earlier wanted to return the dress she bought, complaining that the fit wasn’t all that good. Problem was the dress she was returning reeked of human body odor, in short.. may anghit. It wouldn’t take a genius to figure out that the dress had already been used, and the buyer —- perhaps wanting to get her money back — decided to return the item using some lame excuse.

    I don;t know what happened after that as I was about to leave anyway, but that gave me the impression na hindi talaga pwede ang policy na yan dito sa tin.

    Oh and, those ribs look mighty delicious… mmmmm 😀

    • I know what you mean. Even here, in Asian malls, returns are also pahirapan. I get the feeling that for Asians, the buy rule is touch move much like chess 😉

      OK yung ribs, kaya lang harang ang beer – 5 bucks per bottle hehe. Siguro kasi the ribfest is done for charity 🙂

  14. Oh… so you are the guy who ate this big huge rib and asked for another free one because you spotted a fly…

    • when I was a little kid in the province, I remember the old folks roasted flies and crushed them over hot tea. it was supposed to be an effective cure for measles.

      If I saw a roasted fly on a rib, I won’t complain hehe 😉

  15. It’s strange feeling that in a country like Canada, sellers could replace purchase items in so short a time. In our territory, a customer would have to go though a run-around before he/she gets a new cake.

    In this case, you’re right, customer aren’t always right and that rule shouldn’t be so stiff.

    • in this case, the ice cream could have condensed into the atmosphere before a new cake is issued 🙂

      the rule is meant to protect consumers but people abuse it but believe me, I’d rather have it in place than not 😉

  16. Off topic: Darn, talo na naman, dough was on `marquez, hehe… Limited blogging so, cheers muna sa iyo and your good customers. Cheers! EUROPE sucks,

    • Ugh, Marquez wasn’t a safe bet at all bro. The reason why Floyd M wanted to fight him was because he is smaller, definitely beatable. Floyd fought the smallest guy he could fight legitimately to guarantee a win so he can challenge the Pacman for the 4P4 crown. Also, Floyd M is one heck of a shrewd prick. He showed up 2 lbs heavier and opted to pay Marquez $600,000 in penalty. I look at this as buying an advantage 😯 Whatever it takes to goddamn win. Just see how angry Shane Mosely was with him at the post fight interview, for refusing a fight him, with someone his size. They nearly ended in fisticuffs.

      I only saw the 12 round on YouTube. My thoughts was the Pacman would have thrown 3 punches for every Marquez punch and the fight would have been different. The Pac beat a 5’10” dela Hoya badly, much worse than Floyd M did to Marquez. He could definitely handle Floyd M who is only 5’8″. The biggest diff is the Pac has a .45 cal punch vs Marquez’ .38 cal. As Cotto said, he could knock out Tyson with the punch he did to Hatton. Marquez always goes down in fights, always gets hurt but finishes the bout. He has an iron head and that’s why he always redeems himself at the last rounds. The Pacman never goes down and punishes his opponent from start to finish. FloydM will be surprised with the Pacman, I tell you 🙂

      Europe sucks ? LOL 🙂 are you a capitalist pig or a socialist swine ? :mrgreen:

  17. You can only imagine how call center people in Pinas get affected by these “stupid” customers in US and Canada.


  18. I’m just wondering, BW: The angry-bull look had no effect at all to this thick-skinned girl? 🙂

    I guess you could have just gored her right then and there.

    No, I don’t really see you working in customer service. (LOL)

    • nope, unfortunately my look didn’t matter hehe.

      I don’t think I can work in a face to face customer service because my patience is kinda’ short . Perhaps I should try it for the experience 😉

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