Fussy Eater

images1I’m a person that likes to look at things at face value, with more of a take it or leave it mentality.  I’d love everything to suit my taste but also recognize things that can’t be changed. Let me rephrase – I hate straying from the standard,  making exceptions to something that is already set because I hate it when a request drags into an argument.  I believe that a restaurant menu exists because it serves a purpose – to keep things organized. My wife has a penchant for changing things in the menu, even worse, in fast food counters where every item is set and numbered, she’ll throw in something like – “oh, can I have half of this and half of that ?  Or can you put in some of that on this?”  It confuses the server and she’ll reply ” don’t worry – I’m willing to pay if you’ll charge me”.  Then the ” wait, I’ll check with my manager.. blah,blah ” routine  ensues resulting in delay. Gosh. Me ? No problem – give me THAT and everything that comes with the damn thing – pickles, sauerkraut, roasted bugs – whatever and I’ll shut my mouth. Darn, let’s get over with the ordering and start eating for godsakes 🙂 

Lately I’ve learned not to order big because I’ve been given the job of a swiper, a finisher. Very likely my daughter would consume half of what she orders and my wife a little bit more than half therefore we must be conscientious and not allow good food to be dumped into the waste bin when half of Africa is starving.  Additionally, I have to be prepared to swap my plate with the missus, just in case her order becomes a culinary disaster 🙂 “Yuk, this pasta alfredo tastes so crummy. Can we trade  ? “  When I sampled the pasta, it looked like it need a sprinkle of salt and my taste buds gave it a passing grade. Or perhaps, I just have the very non-discriminating taste buds of a pit bull hehe 🙂   I always ask my wife and daughter to place their orders first and when my turn comes, I’d likely say ” just french onion soup for me please”.  Being the finisher I have to leave a bit of room for my tummy.  It could be a drag when we are out on a trip, where we eat in restaurants for every meal. I’m the one who would likely bloat 🙂

Are you a fussy eater? For me being fussy these days doesn’t have to do much with taste but with the kind of food I eat. I’m learning how to drink coffee with low fat milk minus the sugar and boy I’m beginning to get the hang of it 🙂 And yes, I’m getting into the gym once again, after an absence of almost 7 years 😉

MANNY PACQUIAO – ” he love gods. He do a lot of giving “

The forthcoming showdown between Manny Pacquiao and Ricky Hatton on May 2 promises to be an even more exciting fight than the Pacquiao- de la Hoya one, more so that Hatton’s light welterweight belt is on the line and Pacquiao is gunning for a title in a 5th weight class. Fan sentiments vary and as you can see in the video, many Mexican fans are for Hatton, vengeful of Pacquaio’s numerous victories over Mexico’s top rated boxers. What do Pinoy fans have to say ? Well, there’s this Pinoy dude who claims that Pacquiao’s victories had to do with his being Catholic 🙂 Huh ? Where TF had he been ? Pacquiao’s Mexican opponents were all Catholics ! And the he goes on to say that Pacquiao “love gods”. Arggh.. now that’s putting words in Manny’s mouth, making him a consummate idolator. It’s amazing how a single letter can twist things around 🙂 This also goes to show that living in an English speaking country and having that slight twang to suggest that you’ve been living here for sometime doesn’t guarrantee that you can speak the language proficiently. You need to get past that p for f and b for v hurdles first, else you will misplace letters all over the place like this dude who I’m afraid succeeded in making himself look like a dunce 😯


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  1. I wish I could write this well! great blog thanks.

  2. Love Gods? How many God does Manny has? Hehe. He probably wanted to say, Manny love’s God… as if his opponents are all unbelieving atheists.

    I was also the designated “finisher” when I was still married. My ex has this bad habit of filling her plate to the brim whenever we eat at an all-u-can-eat joint, as if it was going to be her last meal.

    • Snglguy – that’s what happens when you start with a dim-witted rationale in the first place 🙂

      Been staying away from buffet meals these days coz even if I win in the tug of war with the dieting part, heck I’ll lose on the money side of things 😉 It’s not smart to go to a buffett and pay so much when you’d be skimping on your intake !

  3. Surprisingly I’m now a fussy eater. With religious playing of Wii Fit, I’mpsyched to eat healthily, too. I miss the times that I eat whatever I want. But gee, it’s about time to think of my health. Heehee, I was smiling with the thought of being a finisher. A noble (fatherly and motherly) task. =)

    • Witsandnuts – that’s great that you have a cardio tool in the Wii 🙂 I’ve played it and liked it a lot.

      The job of a finisher only helps if you’re also the one paying for the meals hahaha 🙂 The real problem here is the servings are much larger and oftentimes a single order is a bit too much for one person ( unless you’re 200 lbs +) 😉

  4. I’m quite a fussy eater myself and I hate food that contains stuff I don’t like to eat, even a bit that I can taste.

    LOL on the broken English 🙂

    • Irrealis – can’t blame you. Most people stick to the food they’ve eaten since birth hehe 😉

      Some people simply can’t get it straight, even after living here for so many years 😯

  5. Hey, we get the roles we get (or is that rolls?). If wde are assigned the roll of plate cleaner, we ought to accept it peacefuly, but may become more attentive when others are ordering food…. BW, thank you for sharing.

    • Keith – definitely not an exciting role, especially if you’re the finisher and at the same time the payer hehe 😉

  6. Luv having visitors from out of town, but I hate the dining part. You get sucked into the feasts. Eat mostly at home but if Kulasa and I go out (fastfood outlets), I knew exactly what to order, saves lots of time.

    We shouldn’t have to be nationalistic when it comes to sports. The best athlete wins, in any sport. Most mexicans are just pissed the PacYaw’s been beating on their countrymen.

    That guy must be referring to the deities of cockfighting, drinking, womanizing, and just gambling in general. I still like Hatton’s chances and if MP wins, I’ll carry his picture in my wallet.

    • TruBlue – that’s the reason for fast foods – so you can select the number and pay up ! Now, if you start tinkering with the menu configuration …. go to an ala cart restaurant – that’s what I tell my wife 😉

      Everybody has got his choice in this fight. Hatton isn’t a pushover for sure but I think the Pacman possesses slightly more teeth that Hatton. I say be prepared to carry the Pac’s picture in your wallet hehe 🙂

  7. Love this blog I’ll be back when I have more time.

  8. “Very likely my daughter would consume half of what she orders and my wife a little bit more than half therefore we must be conscientious and not allow good food to be dumped into the waste bin when half of Africa is starving.”>>> very good point. specially if you actually have the option to order half.

    • Dong – my daughter more often takes the kiddie meal but it she doesn’t finish them. The servings here are quite generous so we got to be careful not to overload the tummy – the most important 🙂 and of course, not to waste food and care for the environment.

  9. I’m not fussy with food either. I’d pay for an extra but not change.

    On the p for f, I wonder how that dude will pronounce the title of this post, Fussy Eater 🙂

  10. My husband and I usually order just one, one appetizer, one salad, and one entree. I always appreciate it when the order comes and the waiters give us two plates (they automatically split the order). I think many people are eating less (for health reasons) when they go out.

    But with fastfood, I too am okay with the set menu; if I don’t like what’s in there, I take it out, no big deal.

    I’m more of an adventurous eater nowadays too, but I simply have not learned to appreciate French onion soup no matter how much I try. 😀

    • Ewok – ” I simply have not learned to appreciate French onion soup no matter how much I try.”

      hehe.. one of the things I hate in life is cold soup 🙂 Are you sure they served it hot ? 😉

      French onion soup is served right from the oven when the bowl is blazing hot and the thick yummy cheese covering melts… and of course the croutons and sweet onions give weight to the hot broth.. I like mine with a sprinkle of black pepper… perhaps it’s an acquired taste but darn, I can’t get enough of it 😆

  11. Hatton beat the ever-impressive Kostya Tszyu, this is my gauge that Hatton has the tools to KO the Pakyaw.
    Then again, once Pakyaw gets into my wallet, it will be the only time in my life I could care less if it gets lost anywhere, hehe….

    Off topic: my veggie/fruit diet didn’t improve my well-being as indicated by recent blood tests. To improve considerably, was told you have to take the diet morning, lunch, and dinner for at least a month and nothing else! hah!! Not sure I can do that……

    • Trublue- re Hatton, my gauge is is last fights where he almost got knocked out by Collazo ( I believe he was a southpaw) on a couple of ocassions. He was lucky to survive those rounds and pull out a decision. His latest fight with Malignani was unimpressive, when he tried to be the new look Hatton, minus the irritating punch and hug style. Lucky Malignani wasn’t a power puncher. Since he got knocked out by Mayweather in Dec 2007, the quality of his opponents were nowhere near stellar. He can only be dominating when he gets back to his old style of rushing like a bulldog, take a punch so he can punch, clinch and when he does that the Pacman will nitpick him with an superfast straight left or an uppercut to stop him in his tracks 🙂 The Pac has shown he can be challenged by an artist like Juan Manuel Marquez but never with rushers who come forward 🙂

      An officemate of mine bragged about his “juicer” equipment every lunch break at our cafeteria like it was the greatest thing since sliced bread. One day, he told me he experienced abdominal pain. He went to the doc and was diagnosed with severe hyperacidity 🙂

  12. nah, im not a fussy eater. i recall when i was growing up my parents taught me to eat what’s on the table and not demand for something else.

    but now that i can afford to pay for what i eat, i choose what i like to eat. i don’t even eat in my company’s cafeteria because I don’t like the food and the ambiance. 😀 but that’s not being fussy, is it? Haha.

    • Barry – that’s in line with craving for the “finer things in life” 😉 It’s could be quite exhilirating and satisfying- absolutely nothing wrong with it my friend 😆

  13. Man, you’re scaring me about Hatton. Guess need to do lots of homework on this one prior to betting.

    I’s gotta be a certain fruit which caused the reaction to high acidity. Never deviated to fruits and veggies I use, it’s always the same. Hope the guy doesn’t die, hehe..
    Have a great weekend. Cheers.

    • TrueBlue – I bet you with Manny’s conquest over de la Hoya he feels like Godzilla right now. With his superior work ethics , conditioning and self confidence , Pacquiao is on a definite roll 🙂

      Well, the guy stopped bragging about his juicer 🙂 Have a great weekend too.

  14. Having worked in both a fastfood joint and a Class A restaurants, I must say those extraordinary requests irked me a lot. I even had one customer ordering Chili Wings, thigh part. LOL. Honestly I hate people who don’t finish their food. I bully my friends into finishing theirs, and thankfully in my circle there’s also a finisher. Life is so unfair because she’s forever slim.

    In this country where people mostly eat meat, people call me a fussy eater because I normally pick out the vegetables in a dish and eat only them. This habit of mine is actually convenient because in family dinners, let’s say we have Sinigang, all that will be left in the pot are the greens and the broth. Everybody will dig for all the pork slices and if I’m not around, all the veggies will be given to the dog. And the dog also won’t eat them.

    I’ve been teaching ESL for almost three years now, so I guess such mistakes no longer pain me like they did before. Here in the Philippines, people often find the grammar or pronunciation mistakes of people laughable, and that’s exactly what prevents many from gaining the confidence to speak. In ESL classes students speak more than the teacher, with errors corrected along the way. You’ll hear an awful lot of cringeing mistakes, but they’ll become less and less as days go by. It’s true that a single misplaced letter or word, a mispronounced sound, an improper word, the wrong tense of verb and many other little mistakes can screw up whatever it is the speaker means, but I’ve already accustomed myself to that. Surprisingly I most of the time understand the English of my students, which is much more twisted than that guy up there.

    • Kat – I’m also one of those who hate the “makulit” hehe 🙂 Maybe I am just too impatient or I just hate it when people become maarte 😯

      Good to know that you like veggies. I’m like you too – I pick the veggies more than the meat but I like fish.

      It is just me but I hate to hear someone say “por, payb, pather” if they live in this part of the world – yikes. Speak it like it should be spoken 😦

  15. Do you get a bit stressed when you dine out with your wife? 🙂

    It’s not fun to be a ‘finisher.’ But waste is never good.

    I’m not at all a finicky eater. Just don’t serve me dunuguan or any liver-based meal, LOL. But In general, I’m very low maintenance in almost everything. So my hubby is happy. 🙂

    As for the Pacquioa fight, I’m not really into boxing. But I just heard yesterday he chose Martin Nievera to sing the national anthem, and not Lea Salonga. In my opinion, he should have chosen Lea. 🙂 Oh well.

    • Jayed – hehe, not much stress to be honest. I order what I feel like ordering in the first place but I just hate it when people order food that they can’t finish – what a waste 😦 As for liver based meal – you’re missing a lot on foie gras ( duck liver) it seems 🙂

      I think Lea should have been chosen to sing but perhaps Martin is in the neighborbood so they don’t have to fly him in 🙂

  16. Good site, admin.

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