5 Things You Dont Want Know About Me ; IRAQ

Here’s my response to NICEHEART’s meme tag about 5 things you don’t want to know about me :

1. I’m not a handyman. I can fix minor faucet leaks, paint the rooms but for any other malfunctions in the house, I call for service. I can certainly fix things for survival purposes but not for restoration and show.

2. I only prepare my clothes the day I go to work which means I iron them in the morning. I don’t want my wife to prepare my clothes either. It’s a tradition since I was single that I am not able to part with for some reason. Amidst the rush, so far I haven’t messed up my color coordination so serious that I needed to turn the car around to change 🙂

3. I have absolutely no respect for people who have families but don’t work and free load on relatives the whole time. When I go to Pinas for a visit, I purposely show my displeasure to these people by not engaging in conversations with them. I feel that they are reneging on their innate duty to work for their personal survival. I feel this is one of the dark spots of our culture. I have blogged about this last year.

4. When I was in college I had a deep crush on my English teacher. Boy was I ever present in her class, glued to her 100% of the time. One day she asked me to stay after class. Is this the day I’m waiting for ? 🙂 Thoughts of the movie The Graduate was hovering in my brain , imagining her as Mrs. Robinson .. remember that movie ? he he 🙂 Then she said – “could you take these books to the library please ? I hope you don’t mind. “ Ouch. She probably perceived me ogling her from a distance the whole semester 🙂

5. When I was in college I broke up with my girl, got drunk and telegrammed her that I died 🙂 She finally called my home (didn’t want to talk to me again – cell phone wasn’t a fad then), I answered the phone and laughed 🙂


The war in Iraq is increasingly becoming a fiasco in the eyes of many Americans. The four year old war had already exceeded the cost of $500 billion. The Democrats aren’t thrilled with the idea of sending additional 20,000 troops as reinforcement, to quell the anarchy in Baghdad. The Democrats are hell bent on a drastic cost military cost cutting scheme to put the country’s finances in order.

You see Bush is so scared that the SHITE majority in Iraq might form an alliance with IRAN, whose ambition for harnessing nuclear energy might result in disastrous consequences for planet Earth. Not only will IRAN develop nuclear warheads and blast Israel and the United States out of the map, it could also pollute and harm the environment if not careful. The alliance will make Iraq more polarized resulting in an imbalance of power in the region. When Sadam was in power IRAN was wary about intervening in IRAQ’s affairs.

Bush is incensed by the Democrat proposal which is tantamount to backing out, making IRAQ war a failure and stamping the ignominy on the Republican performance record , guaranteeing a Democrat victory in the 2008 election. Bush is definitely not pleased.


31 Responses

  1. #1,2 You are a good husband!
    #3 I was a bit surprised by this “cultural” thing when I married. Let’s say it was an unpleasant surprise. The bayanihan spirit is good but it should not be an excuse for doing nothing. On the other hand it IS difficult to find a good job in the Philippines.
    #4,5 Tsk, tsk BW

    It is a foolish war !

  2. Sidney.. re #2 I think my wife likes the idea which result sin division of labor 🙂 re #3, understood there is an economic problem but the rule is you don’t raise a family if you don’t have a job, period. Yeah, I had my share of silliness 🙂

  3. My brother Bobby has similar attitude as yours with his clothes. When his wife hired someone to wash and iron their clothes, he didn’t allow her to touch any of his clothing 🙂

    BTW, that brother of mine was a career banker, but when offered an exit package due to downsizing, he immediately grabbed the opportnity. He now works at Paul Stuart in New York city. He isn’t making as much money as he used to but he loves being in the men’s clothing retail business. He’s a clothes horse 🙂

  4. Eric – i just have that comfort feel of handling my clothes the right way. Some of them need to be dry cleaned, others hung dry, some can be worked in the dryer.. so I’ve become concerned that the clothes can be damaged..

    The U.S. factory outlets are really cheap these days. We go to the one near Rochester, NY about 3 hrs drive and the prices are so ridiculously cheap, even the signature ones 🙂

  5. lol @ #5…you’re bad hehehe

  6. http://dine.racoma.com.ph

    damn them husbands who want their wives to do this task of preparing their clothes for them. oh, well, i should not be hard on them, but if all husbands were like you, many wives would have been happier!

  7. My husband was like that with his clothes. But if he’s home he can’t say no to me. He always say that he’s pampered a few months every year. 🙂

    lol. Oh those days when we fall for our teachers. 🙂

    I like that Bush flash. 🙂

  8. Haha, you imagined you were Dustin Hoffman in “The Graduate”? Boy, I sure hope your English teacher wasn’t as craggy as Anne Bancroft.

    Bush has definitely painted himself in a corner with his greed and foolishness. He has no one to blame but himself and his advisors, particularly Donald Rumsfeld.

  9. We have our share of fathers who are quite quick in abandoning their offsprings and leave it to our social welfare to take care of them, and the children are growing up in our housing projects and inner city “ghettos” and we are seeing the social consequences in our daily papers now.

    In P.I., I hold the Church partly responsible for our social problems, their stubborn stand against a sensible population control programs and their not so aggressive stand on the government social programs and job creations, but the bulk goes to the politicians itself and the individuals concern who until now can not understand the meaning of the word Responsibility.

  10. Verns – was I terrible ..I know, I was immature back then .. maybe up to now :). As I said I had my share of craziness 🙂

  11. Sexy_mom – on the other hand, she doesn’t want me to laundry her clothes for fear that it might discolor 🙂 Yeah, I think she’s happy to be relieved of attending to my clothes, plus many more of my charitable contributions .. wink* 🙂 Thanks for dropping by.

  12. Ipanema – i think students get attracted to their teachers big time 🙂 If a relationship occurs, the teacher is always accused of abuse of authority. In a college setting, maybe not as severe if the student is above 18, at least here 🙂

  13. Sngl – yep, I was imagining myself as Dustin Hoffman, LOL.. I tell you she wasn’t that old like Anne Bancroft, probably just graduated from college 🙂

    Bad time for Bush indeed.. 25 Americans died yesterday. One of the worst days in this war:(

  14. Vic – those runaway dads certainly have the share of the blame. I totally agree with you. I also feel that responsibility is something most Pinoys learn outside and not inside the house. Worse is if we think we have a bit more money, we tend alleviate our children with responsibility.

  15. Wow, I’m so impressed with the bit about you ironing your own clothes. Not many husbands would do that. Really. Do you also cook? 🙂

    Can’t relate with “The Graduate,” though. I don’t think I was even born yet when that movie was made. Hehe…peace, man! 🙂

  16. similar tayo sa #1 and #2. kung kakayanin ko magbayad to do the job fro me i will pay nalang para makatulong din ako sa iba, basta yung bayad ko eh mas mababa sa kinikita ko for that day. tapos mas gusto ko mamili ng susuotin ko pagkagising kasi para yn ang pampagising ko, antok na antok pa kasi ako tuwing magigising 🙂

  17. Kathy – you’re right. The Graduate is old but stands out as the all time ” cougar” ( cougar=older women going for significantly younger men) movie. The movie is also sort of immortalized by Simon and Garfunkel’s hit song “Mrs. Robinson”, the original soundtrack of the film. The movie is of particular interest to men
    because of the seduction scene , an attractive older woman seducing a young man who later on falls
    in love with her daughter – and a love triangle ensues 🙂

    You have to eat my cooking at your own risk ! Suffice to say I’m just a barbecue kind of guy.. I leave the stove cooking to my wife but she couldn’t cook rice better than me outside the rice cooker 🙂 She learned how to cook here and in
    the early stages often phoned up her mom back in Pinas, in the early hours of the morning asking for directions 🙂

  18. Cruise – paying someone to do it is a good idea. Dito, meron in if you don’t have time you can drop
    it at the dry cleaners which is mahal so I do just the ones that have sensitive fabrics like wool and silk. Buti dyan sa Pinas mura ang labor – unbeatable price talaga 🙂

  19. My husband is not a handyman either. We’re lucky that my brother-in-law, who is quite the handyman, lives just next door.

    My husband also irons his own clothes, but I do wash them. And I have learned my lesson not to let him wash our clothes. 🙂

  20. Niceheart – lucky you have a next door neighbor who could help. I guess in light of the fast paced life here division of labor helps. I also take my clothes to the dry cleaners when I’m faced with extreme laziness 🙂

  21. hehehe I can only imagine her facial expression…crazy! hehe I don’t know what I’m going to do if I receive something like that after a break up or something hehe

  22. Verns – she was %^&*$ when I answered the phone 🙂 It just meant she cared. We buried the hatchet eventually 🙂

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  24. Having crush on your teacher, eh? This reminds me of that 80’s movie “Private Education” and boy it was naughty a film for a young boy like I was then.

    But I guess, unlike in the movie, such thing often happens to students who were lucky enough to be tutored by personable individuals. I think I had crushes on some of my teachers before, but I just could not remember now.

    Oh, the Iraq situation seems to become out of hand. A republican senator speaking on CNN had already even demanded President Bush to specifically tell the American people how this Iraq campaign will end, or if it’s nearby or not. It only means, something scattered is already happening on the U.S. Iraq strategy.

  25. you gave me an idea how to uniquely break a relationship, haha. i am jsut thinking meron pa kayang telegram ngayon? hihi

  26. Major Tom – it is quite normal to get attracted to someone you look up to I guess, esp when you’re young with unstable hormones he he 🙂

    Know what, Iraq is beginning to look like a real mess. I’m sure former Canadian PM Jean Chretien is somehow vindicated calling Bush a moron and not jumping the bandwagon to Baghdad, like some of the European leaders 🙂

  27. Iskoo – hahaha wala na bang telegram ngayon? Here in Canada, it still exists but for those who live in total isolation I guess LOL. Itinatawag na lang ang message ngayon and I don’t think they deliver it anymore… ancient technology na kasi 🙂

    Yep I was crazy to do it but I didn’t regret because I cared about her deeply. I really wouldn’t do it to someone I’m not serious with 🙂

  28. i wish makacomment na ako…

    at least, di ka mas nakakasira ng gamit. hehehe.

    and we’re the same. i only prepare my clothes or decide what to wear the day itself. but the difference is, it’s already ironed. hehehe.

    and lastly, weird ka din pala. you sent a telegram?? bad!! 🙂

  29. Tin – I hope you can carry that luxury when you settle down 🙂 Sabagay sa atin there’s people who can do that for you 🙂 Weird ba ? he he. I wasn’t an altar boy for sure 🙂 But as I said, I would never do it to someone I’m not serious with so maybe sometimes I can be a little passionate 🙂

  30. I totally agree with you in number 3. That’s sheer simple laziness. I also like 1 and 2. My husband is also like that and I really appreciate it.w

  31. Toe – I actually got an email from someone discussing my last year’s post about independence telling me it is rather harsh 😦 But I maintain my opinion. Animals hunt to feed their brood ! If we have a family and we don’t move to feed them, and rely on others, we’re a notch below animals 😦 Nothing wrong in pointing out an opinion I think.

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