honestscrapI have been tagged and bestowed the Honest Scrap Award by blogger friend Blogusvox of The Sandbox 😉  It is with great pleasure that I thank him for the accolade 🙂  In line with the spirit of the meme, I am honored to comply with the rules as stipulated below :

Here are the rules, recipient have to agree to, before accepting this award:

“When accepting this auspicious award, you must write a post bragging about it, including the name of the misguided soul who thinks you deserve such acclaim, and link back to said person so everyone knows he or she is real.” “Choose a minimum of 7 blogs that you find brilliant in content or design. Or improvise by including bloggers who have no idea who you are because you don’t have 7 friends. Show the 7 random victims’ names and links and leave a harassing comment informing them that they were prized with “Honest Weblog.” Well, there’s no prize, but they can keep the nifty icon. List at least ten honest things about yourself. Then, pass it on!”
I have gotten a few awards before and bestowed awards to blogger friends who  I have known for years. Perhaps now is the appropriate time to recognize 7 relatively new friends who I feel deserve of the Honest Scrap Award. Let me just reiterate that I value the friendship all all my friends in my blogroll and all of them are important to me.

A Man of My Town – interesting journal of a blogger who shares his musings, personal and work experiences in a down-to-earth and respectable manner.

Backpacking Philippines – if you want to visit a city in the Philippines visit Tutubi’s blog. Chances are you will find the city and more importantly, information on how to get there, where to stay and how much it will cost you. A great resource in my opinion.

 Dong Ho’s Nightscape – a great collection of photos from Dong’s non-stop island hopping in the Philippines. The blog is updated quite frequently which makes you wonder if photo blogging is Dong’s primary occupation 🙂

Lawstude’s Journey – another photo blog that contains a wealth of great photos and valuable information on Philippine tourist destinations. We know that Lawstude is a lawyer by profession and I am truly amazed with his seemingly impeccable time management skills with work and blogging 🙂

 My Sari-sari Store – Sidney’s blog isn’t just a collection of pictures. It is photo journalism about the Philippines. Another blog that has a wealth of cultural information about the Philippines. Frankly, I discovered a lot about Pinas from Sidney’s blog 🙂

Princesa’s Anatomy – Prinsesa Musang might talk about her cat a lot but this young woman ocassionally comes out with thought provoking posts that belie her age. Such posts impressed me hence this stamp of approval for the award.

The Sandbox – a great way to hook up with what’s happening to our OFW brethren in the Middle East. Great self designed cartoons, straight to the point style works for me.

I’ve done quite a few of these “things about me” tags and I am running out of things to reveal about myself . Here’s 10 honest things about me :

1. I like to iron my clothes. I’m one person who doesn’t want to enslave my wife with household chores, more so that she is a working wife.  I think she likes the idea 🙂

2. I take care of mowing the lawn and vacuuming my house. It’s forced excercise for me. My favorite song when vacuuming the house on weekends is Happy Man by Chicago 🙂

3.  I value privacy a lot.  I don’t think I would relish the idea of having household help at my house any longer. I hate the idea of strangers roaming around my house listening to every word I say to my family.

4. I love to eat anything with mayonnaise

5. My ( dysfunctional) uncles taught me how to drink. I remember when I was 17, an uncle gave me a bottle of White Label whiskey at 10am, December 31 and asked me to drink nothing else and finish the bottle by midnight Jan 01 and I did.

6. Somehow I dig women with well modulated, calm sounding voices. It soothes me when I hear them talk.

7. My favorite daily after shave lotion is Aqua Velva. If I go to parties, I go for a stronger after shave like Giorgio for that million bucks smell 🙂 I don’t like cologne.

8. I am very impatient with details. I generally prefer a high level approach to things without getting into the nitty gritty.

9. My first baptism of fire at work was managing a department composed of 16 people. I was only 28 years old. I survived well but stress took it’s toll on me in form of a nagging backache. It disappeared when I started playing tennis like crazy 🙂

10. I was always at odds with my disciplinarian father when I was in high school. When I went to college away from home, I vowed never to return and live with my parents again when I finish my schooling.  I did exactly that and it made me know myself more and appreciate and love my parents better.



Tips on ending an argument :

1. Listen – huh ?

2. Walk in the other person’s shoes – oftentimes in an argument, there is no right or wrong answer

3. Apologize if you are wrong – pride is something none of us like to swallow

4. Walk Away – arguing with someone involves a lot of passion and a lot of emotion

5. Agree to Disagree –  not all arguments can be resolved

And lastly, try to forgive and forget. :mrgreen:







48 Responses

  1. Interesting things about you BW. I like mayo too, especially with fries 🙂

    The argument video is crazy LOL 😆 Looks like you’re thrilled with the blonde jokes hehe 🙂

    • Irrealis – I love everything with mayo. I just had an egg sandwich for breakfast this morning 🙂

      I like anything that cracks me up . A good laugh has medicinal values hehe 🙂

  2. Glad to know more about you, especially that I’m new to your blog. I’m amazed with your number 1. That’s actually my favorite home chore. I totally agree with your number 3. Instead of mayonnaise, I seem to be fond of eating anything with vinegar. =)

    • Witsandnuts – thanks. I’ve been used to ironing my clothes since I was a student in college so I carried that habit until I got married 🙂

      I dig vinegar too. I dip anything into mayo or vinegar believe me 🙂

  3. Hehehe! I don’t know what to say. I feel more like a recepient than a giver. Thanks for write-up about my blog, bro.

    Funny you mentioned your father. I have the same feeling with my Dad. I missed him and visits him when I’m in the Phil. But I can’t live with him. I guess 2 “alphas” just can’t get along that long.

    I’m tired listening to blonde jokes, but that one really makes me laugh.

    • Blogusvox – hehe.. on being a recipient more than a giver… that’s an honest statement bro 🙂

      I think we all need to accept the fact that freedom for ourselves is very important in our character development. As for the 2 alphas – hehe.. preventing a brawl is always prudent 🙂 Blonde jokes come and go but there are good ones 🙂

  4. I HATE, HATE, HATE ironing clothes. So, the question now is, may I send our piles of freshly laundered clothes to your home address? LOL

    I’m sure my husband shares your #6 trait. However, he’s now stuck with a wife with a shrill voice. But being a soprano, I get to hit the high notes in choral singing, which is a good thing — I think.

    I LOVE mayonnaise!

    It’s good that we don’t have our own lawn to mow right now. 🙂


    That YouTube video is very funny! Hahaha!

    • Jayred – well, if you check #1, I said I like to iron my own clothes – not anyone’s hahaha 🙂 The good thing is she laundries my clothes 😉

      woo.. you’re a soprano ? you must be a good singer 😉

      Our lawn is under 2 ft of snow these days so I’m spared of the mowing exercise for a few months 🙂 Mayo, pickles, antipasto – I love them all.

      I don’t think MBenz would ever sanction that videoclip else women would boycott its cars LOL 😆

  5. hey. thanks for the award. hmmm honesty and lawyering is quite a combination really.

    how to end an argument? hope it applies in my line of work.

    again, thank you, thank you, really appreciate it. promise to do the tag soon.

  6. I’m with you on #s 3, 4, 6, 8 and 10. We haven’t had maids at home since I was 8 years old and in a way, doing stuff around the house helped build character. I can’t live with my folks anymore too and I don’t think they like that. The last time I was in Manila, I stayed in my own place away from them for the entire two weeks I was out there. 😀

    Thank you very much for the award and for the compliment. You’re the second one to give the award to me, Blogusvox being the first. Thus, both your blogs will be credited when I do this tag. 🙂

  7. “Walk Away – arguing with someone involves a lot of passion and a lot of emotion…” – Ay, so true. I’ve become an expert at walking away from an argument with my ex-wife.

    Ironing clothes? Man, you ARE domesticated, hehehe. 😀

    • Sngl – did you also use your laptop to settle the argument ? hahaha 🙂

      I like to iron my clothes and take the woolen ones to the dry cleaners. I just like the personal touch on my clothes you know 😉 I don’t iron my wife’s and daughter’s clothes coz if I did, it would be better for me to live by myself hehe 🙂 She does laundry my clothes which is no big deal coz we got automation for such stuff in the house and I know she will not be overly burdened. See ? I ‘m a nice guy 😉

  8. Panaderos – you’re welcome bro 🙂

    In truth, I wouldn’t have been what I am today if I continued to live with my parents. I just didn’t fancy being told off on everything I needed to do.

    Just this last holdays, my wife’s office had a potluck Xmas dinner at one of the staff’s home. One of her officemates came with her mom at the dinner ! Yikes . Then the mom joked around and said she still does things for her daughter who is 28 years 😦 Dunno but if I couldn’t bring anyone to an office dinner I’ll bloody come by myself or maybe not come at all 😦

  9. wow! thank you very much for including my blog. im quite humbled by those words. ill be doing this tag in the coming posts. again thank you and i really appreciate this.

  10. I know a few men who prefer to iron their own clothes. Most would rather have the househelp do it or make tambak to their wives. 😦

  11. Dong – you are wlecome bro 🙂

  12. Mari – we don’t have household help around here so sharing of the household chores is essential. I thought ironing my clothes is one task I can off load from my wife 😉

    The houshold needs to be organized so while I do the vacuuming and mowing ( these days shoveling 😉 ) she does laundry and cooking 🙂 I am still the CEO of the house so guess I must not complain hehe 🙂

  13. I love to iron. That and laundry are my fave chores. I don’t mind doing those two all day long, just don’t make me sweep, dust, vacuum, or mop. I hate those things.

    Aqua Velva is my hubby’s fave too. He has this cologne which I got him that he uses on special occasions only, but Aqua Velva is it for him. I love the smell too.

    I follow the first five blog awardees and I agree with you on why they are worthy. I should check out the last two.

  14. One bottle of whiskey for half a day ? Sounds cool to me 😉

    That guy did put a quick end to the argument 😆

  15. #6 – few women just have that distinct “hornyish” voice, hehe – wifey’s voice is the tiresome “honey do this” which I ignore most of the time.

    To me, there’s only one right answer. A king of diamond is a king of diamond but agreeing to disagree is civilized just to cut the bull so to speak.

    That video joke can happen. Here’s my number one blondie joke of all time: a brunette and blondie are walking down the road;

    brunette: look a dead bird!

    blondie: she looked up and asked, Where???
    That’s why I don’t have lots of blondie friends, hehe…

  16. Ewok – hehe.. you’re just like my wife – no to sweep, dust and vacuum although lately she’s been quite helpful with shoveling snow 🙂

    I hate the strong smell of cologne. The mild after shave smell of Aqua suits is good enough for me.

  17. Natez1 – in truth, I was given a reward for finishing the botlle hehe 🙂 Really dysfunctional eh ?

  18. TrueBlue – LOL on the “honey do this 😆 I know what you mean. We need to compromise for the sake of peace and quiet 🙂

    That joke is hilarious 🙂 You can make a website for blonde jokes only I tell you hehe 🙂

  19. wow!this is really a very challenging tag and of course a worth complimenting award for the 7 people who are next in line. Anyway, the good thing about memes in blogosphere is that bloggers get to invade or let’s say get to know(more polite:D) each other even more. Whether at the end of it all we end up really a lot different or a lot similar from each other, still it’s great to know that you’ve found friends and real people online.

    • NYL – I’ve been tagged so many times and done many “things about me” stuff over the years that I’ve duplicated a few every now and then 🙂 Yes, I ‘ve made real friends online and exchanged emails and stuff with some of them 🙂

  20. 1. I like to iron my clothes. I’m one person who doesn’t want to enslave my wife with household chores, more so that she is a working wife. I think she likes the idea

    -wala ako masabi.ang bait!!!!!!!!!haha

    btw,thanks sa pagdaan sa site ko. :p

    • Flamindevil – bait-baitan lang kunyari hehe 🙂 Hey, thanks for dropping by too. Sure, I’ll add you in my blogrol tool 🙂

  21. oh wow this is just so cool! thank you bw! i want you to know that your blog isd one of the first i fell in love with, inspiring me to pursue blogging. thank you! thank you!

    • Prinsesa – hey, you’re welcome. I hope you’re not learning bad things from my posts… hahaha.. keep on blogging. You’re doing just fine 🙂

  22. BW, to answer your question, I’m a soprano, but that doesn’t mean I’m a good singer (LOL).

    Sayang…I thought pa naman you like ironing clothes in general. (LOL). The truth of the matter is, I don’t iron clothes. That’s how much I hate this task. So, I’m relieved every time wintertime comes just because we can wear sweaters and jackets on top of our ultra wrinkled t-shirts, blouses, and polo shirts. During summertime or spring naman, we can always go for the ‘artist look’ (a.k.a. come-what-may fashion sense).

    • Jayred – hehe.. maybe I should open up a dry-clean/ironing business 😉 I take opportunity of winter like yourself but summer can be a real drag though coz I got to wear sensible clothing to work 🙂 My dryer has perma-press drying feature so sometimes clothes need not be ironed taht much. It also helps 🙂

  23. dahil natuwa ako sa enrty na to, add kita sa flamindevil’s angels ko ha..salamat parekoy!

  24. Wow…thank you for the award… much appreciated !
    Hmmmm… but I can’t do the tag because I am a pathological liar !

    Hmmm…looks like you are the perfect husband…although #5 might be a problem…;-)

    • Sidney – “but I can’t do the tag because I am a pathological liar !” hahaha.. No worries mate.. It’s just fun, a way to say thanks to your good work 🙂

      hmmm.. me being the perfect husband is almost a scandalous statement I tell you hehe 😆

  25. I had to laugh at those rules!

    I already regularly pass by Panaderos’ and PM’s blogs, and now you gave me five other nice places to visit. Thanksie!

    I, unlike you, do not iron my clothes unless absolutely necessary. I tell people it’s because I want to save electricity, but most of the time I’m just lazy.

    About ending an argument…When the boyfriend and I argue, we are not able to resolve anything most of the time. We just say sorry, and say “Let’s not fight anymore” or “Let’s not go to bed angry” and that’s it. The next day we totally forget about the whole thing. Of course if it’s a big issue that’s not exactly a good approach because it’s bound to come up again anytime soon, but it works for us.

    • Kat – yep, the rules are funny 🙂 I tell you, I’m lazy and I tale the opportunity of covering me up with sweaters and vests in winter to avoid ironing work 😉

      agree – it isn’t good to sleep with the problem. Its just a recipe for insomnia for one 🙂

  26. interesting list of awesome bloggers. i have yet to visit some of them but i have most of them in my list. actually, i have been planning to make a list of new discoveries. really interesting ones…

    i agree with you in #3. it’s a creepy feeling living with strangers. my daughter loves mayonnaise, too!

    my husband taught me how to drink LOL 😀

    i like to iron but i hate to iron piles of clothes.

    • Bing – yep, there’s a huge blogging community out there and it would be nice to get new links coz some links in our blogroll have either gone inactive or defunct.

      I haven’t lived with household help for a long time now that when I relax in my backyard or in the house, I wouldn’t want any strangers to be seeing and hearing what I do. Not that I am doing silly things but it’s just the privacy issue.

      Hmmm. your hubby taught you how to drink eh ? I guess he knows how to juice you up hehe 🙂

  27. I used to iron my husband’s clothes, but after the second baby, hindi na. Kanya-kanya na. 🙂

    On ending an argument, sometimes I find it easier to forgive than to forget. But have you really forgiven someone if you haven’t forgotten what they did? It’s tough, eh?

    • Niceheart – with the fast pace of life here, kanya-kanya helps a lot 🙂

      I agree with you that forgiving and forgetting is the best but it is easier said than done. I say it is impossible to do without father time’s help because such effort is akin to healing 😉

  28. Ironing clothes, mowing the lawn…. hmmm…. good husband material! lucky wifey you got!!… may brother ka pa? hehehe…
    but you surely don’t drink a whole bottle of whisky everytime, do you?

    • Curacha – hey, how have you been ? Long time no blog 🙂 I’m not too sure if she’s lucky – maybe it’s the other way around hehe 🙂

      I’ve become real wimpy with drinking nowadays. A couple of wine glasses or 2 bottles of beer max – ouch. No more bragging rights left in me 😆

  29. there are no jokes on the side of your blog anymore?

    for the blogs that you posted, i visit sidney’s and backpacking philippines. i really admire sidney’s blog because same as you, i learn more from hi. talo pa niya ako actually. si tutubi naman, madami din akong natututunan na lugar na di madalas nafeafeature sa iba.

    at ang sipag mo sa household chores. bravo 🙂
    17 ka unang uminom? matanda na. hehehe. ako wala pang 10, and dad ko unang nagbigay saken. saya na tatay noh? hehe
    and remind me not to speak when we meet, okay? hehe ;p

    • Tin- I took the joke out coz I have that compulsion to change something in my blog every now and then… so si joke ang natanggal but will reinstate it in future 🙂

      For someone who is far from the motherland, it is nice to see pics and write ups of places on a regular basis.

      On the sipag side, it’s a case of nakasanayan na coz I’ve been living here for a while now and got so used to doing everything myself 🙂 I started “tasting” spirits much earlier than 17 – it’s just that my uncles thought I was ready to be “primed” at that time hehe 🙂 Hmmm.. btw I also like to be around women who talk a lot 😆

  30. ei thanks. i got “listed”…too many places still unvisited by Tutubi…still many places I wasn’t able to blog mostly from past travels

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