A Matter of Privacy

privacyInitially I wasn’t too keen on following the Hayden Kho – Katrina Halili sex video brouhaha because frankly, granting that they are Pinoy celebs, I hardly knew them. My interest was aroused when the Phil. Senate conducted an inquiry into the matter, which made me entertain thoughts that this imbroglio might have repercussions on the national security of the country πŸ™‚ It turned out it had nothing to do with the affairs of the state nor did it involve a high ranking govt official. The proponents of the inquiry were ex-celeb stooges who became senators because of their pretty faces. Not suprisingly, the inquiry turned out to be showbiz like with the media providing coverage like it was a national event. It even became more pedestrian and comical when the the investigation was led by a sanctimonious prick with the likes of Bong Revilla who isn’t exactly representative of morality with his checkered history of womanizing in his celeb days.

But let me cut it short and let my spiel out. The senate inquiry of a leaked sex video involving celebrities is totally uncalled for, a waste of taxpayers time and money. Senate and congressional inquiries are only applicable to matters that threaten or affect the national security of the nation. This matter should have been handled by the local courts, who would determine those responsible for malicious intent and exact punishment on those found guilty. Secondly, people must contain their anger and stop barking at the wrong tree. Two adults who willfully consent to taking a sex video of themselves, for their own private consumption do not commit a crime. It is senseless to point a finger at Hayden Kho, accusing him of gross immorality – unless you are speaking from a religious morals standpoint which you shouldn’t – because the real issue here is who broke the law. Who leaked the video on the internet ? Was there evidence of blackmail ? This is what the senate inquiry is about and not – why the f**k did you do the video Hayden? Portraying Halili as a hapless victim doesn’t help either because we all know that it takes two to tango and very likely she was a willing accomplish to the video shoot.

I could not think of the motivation for the video leak to be more than money and jealousy. Money is for a blackmailer who may have asked for money in exchange of burning the disc and jealousy for someone who intends to wreck havoc on another person’s reputation, so vicious and evil, stopping short of killing him. I remember the case of actress Pamela Anderson and then hubby rocker Tommy Lee whose sex video tape was stolen and sold on the internet. The couple did the unexpected which was to license the release of the tape in their names which meant that all monetary proceeds from the sale went to their pockets. The thieves ended up empty handed. The jealousy motive for the Kho sex video scandal needs to be further pursued because the whole scheme might be a sinister plot for character assassination. Someone is out to cut Hayden Kho’s balls from the looks of it and it could be for all we know payback time for him. Who might it likely be?

Last but not least, with the proliferation of still and video cameras in cell phones nowadays, be careful. Don’t lose your frigging phone because if you do, you’re dead. Don’t store sensitive photos and videos on websites that offer file storage services, even if you pay because if you do, you’re not only dumb but crazy. Learn to encrypt sensitive files but don’t bet your house on it especially if it is not in your physical safekeeping. Don’t think that keeping a sensitive photo in your hard disk is safe. Your PC is susceptible to being forayed by hackers on the internet without your knowledge. Even if you use a firewall, it is not guaranteed because sometimes hackers can slip through the cracks. Encrypt your hard disk, esp if you have a laptop because even if you lose your laptop, you know that it will not be a cakewalk for the finder to read your disk. Use best in class hard disk encryption software – not those freeware or shareware ones. Better to be safe than sorry. Now, don’t you think that I have sleazy videos on my laptop πŸ™‚ It so happens that my company issued laptop underwent a secure build process before it was handed over to me. Call it paranoia but financial institutions are indeed paranoid about security.

I heard the RP govt is soliciting the help of Uncle Sam to help track the identity of the person who uploaded the video on the internet. Unless theΒ culprit is a sophisticated as those “phishing” bandits who ply their criminal trade using servers from Iran and North Korea, I see no reason why he can’t be nailed down. Problem is – would Uncle Sam waste time with a womanizing jerk who lives with a woman as old as his mother and screws other women left and right ?


imagesI am absolutely convinced that the mental state of the person plays a big part in winning any game, let alone meeting his expectations in such a game. But most of us are prone to being tricked into spending our hard earned bucks to get that “extra advantage” to improve our performance be it gizmos, physical training, diet or combinations thereof. Lately I was shocked to watch a pro golfer revealing the secret of his improved performance on TV – a mouthguard. What ?? Wearing a mouthguard while playing golf ? This sounds absolutely crazy but look now, this isn’t a mouthguard you can buy off the local sports store. This has to be fitted by a dentist ! It supposedly gives you more strength and balance. Β I thought those magnetic braclets and necklaces to stabilize your nerves were weird enough but a mouthguard ? Oh well, we are all suckers to these kinds of things aren’t we? The moment we see someone swear on the efficiency of newly found toy, we all follow. We always seek that magic potion to leapfrog our goals. In the meantime, the world doesn’t run short of enterprising minds who feed on our gullibility and vanity πŸ˜‰


39 Responses

  1. Most athletes I know are superstitious than my grandma. Some play with their favorite jersey under their uniform. Others insist on a certain number attached to their shirts. Still others wear some sort of amulet, rosary or jewelry. They say it helps in their game performance. Duh!

    • Superstitious indeed. I read years ago about the tennis player who reportedly didn’t wash his shirt if he wins the game – ang I forgot the name πŸ™‚

      Golf is a very funny game. Lately I’ve been using my leather golf shoes instead of the rubber one. One day I was hitting balls at the driving range and I felt my shots were really good ( I was wearing the leather shoes). I came back two days later wearing my rubber golf shoes and my shots were missing the target. I played on that weekend with my leather shoes and I played well. Looks like I might get stuck with my leather shoes now until it rots if I I continue playing good. My rubber shoes will be shelved, along with my 2 other shoes πŸ™‚

      • Para palang si Efren “Bata” Reyes ano? He won’t take a bath during a tournament if his on a winning streak. Baka daw matanggal ang bwenas. : D

        • hehe.. di bale pa may TV coverage ang game niya.. baka sya mangamoy ugh πŸ™‚

          You see those outfits of ice hockey players ? Except for the shirt and socks, they can’t be laundried nor dry cleaned. They can only be aired-out – hung in a rack and let dry. Baka kailangan din ni Bata is air out yung katawan nya hehe πŸ˜‰

  2. I don’t think Uncle Sam would waste time in helping to address this issue. I didn’t care about this news, too, until it became a ‘national issue’. Only in the Philippines eh? I read one report that all these are orchestrated including Sen. Revilla’s participation. Hay, showbiz.

    • I bet Uncle Sam would make the request a low priority. You can’t do much if the person is careless and doesn’t safeguard sensitive data on the intenet. If it was a very high ranking Pinoy official being blackmailed, it would be a different story.

  3. What a documentary !! Great One..Also I Have Started My Own Website And Would Like You To Have A Look At It.I Would Love To Have Your Comments On That Also.Unseen Rajasthan

  4. The crazy or the stupid thing about this is that the big TV stations in the Phils spent more time broadcasting this useless kind of news rather than running useful tips or information about the A(H1 N1) which is fast spreading the country.

    Both the Phil Senate and TFC wasted my money. bwiset.

    • Buti na lang wala akong TFC or GMA channel sa bahay πŸ™‚ My wife updates me everything with her nightly sessions with YouTube and balita sa Pinas. Man, the networks are probably grinning with the high ratings they got from this brouhaha πŸ˜‰

  5. Licensing the videos, now why didn’t anyone think of that? Both parties could have earned big bucks for their on-camera bedroom fling. πŸ˜€ Anyways, the whole brouhaha would have been a non-event had that prick bong revilla not enter the picture.

    • Hehehe.. I doubt if the pair would be brave enough to face the music and sell their video to the world.

      Yep, everything soured even more when Bong Revilla came into the scene. Talk about total lack of credibility duh 😦

  6. That is pretty scary OMG. Poor girl. She trusted the guy too much. Her reputation is now damaged permanently.

    • It’s so tragic indeed. People blame the guy and for lack of someone to hang, the man bears the brunt of it all. That’s why it is very important that people think twice before doing a risky things such as doing these sex videos. I remember I saw on TV a woman who said that when she bought a house, she found a VHS tape in one of the cabinets. It turned out it was a sex video of the previous owners ! arggghhh 😯

  7. The Hayden-Katrina issue doesn’t belong to the Senate. I don’t see its importance in solving the country’s infinite list of problems. It’s all kababawan if you ask me. Hayden and Katrina are two adults who had consensual sex. It shouldn’t have leaked out if not for –put name of culprit here–.

    • It is super kababawan talaga 😦 The one who leaked it out may have an ax to grind with Hayden. The first suspect would be his 53 year old live in partner IMO. Just like what the police do here, for crimes committed like disappearance of a person or even murder, it is the spouse who is the first suspect and that’s just logical.

  8. It is really infuriating when people in the govt wastes time and money in pursuing cases like this.

    I have commented somewhere I cant remember whose blog it was that if you are a girl and you’re dating someone who’s attached, don’t expect a saint. It’s a buyer beware type of attitude that must have been taken by the girl. I agree with you and everybody that it always takes two to tango. I would like to see this much ballyhooed video tape; where can I see it?

    Does it feel summery where you are? California is grey, gloomy, and a little cooler than normal.

    • The personalities in the brouhaha aren’t saints in the first place. This Hayden guy if I am not mistaken is in his late twenties and he is living with a 53 year old cougar, a famous plastic surgeon in manila. That alone is already infuriating πŸ™‚ So why waste time on these weird people in the first place.

      I believe they took off the video from the net and I don’t even know the links. My wife told me that they were on YOuTube at some point.

      Darn, screw global warming ! Unbelievable but we are still wearing jackets in the morning and evening around here. And to think that it is almost July ??
      *&%$#% !

  9. Today is Philippine Independence Day and I pledge more love for my country Pilipinas, but I’m really sick and tired of senators doing investigations for their own sake, disguised as necessary in aid of legislation. Legislation my ass.

    • Happy Independence Day – we celebrate here too πŸ™‚

      It is sickening indeed because the senate wants to behave like the barangay tanods IMO. Case in point, even that Willie Revillame incident with the alleged cheating at a noontime show nearly got ( or did it?) to the senate inquiry.. arrgh 😦

  10. in aid of legislation kuno…

    these politicians are so pathetic. as usual the inquiry was made public for grand-standing not to investigate and find something that could be in aid of legislation. tsk tsk so pathetic talaga

    • As regards ” in aid of legislation “, why the water dousing ( on Hayden Kho by an overzealous policeman) incident inside the upper house? It is comical and pathetic indeed.

      Bong Revilla also made comments like ( not exact words) ” O, Hayden ikaw ang mas nakakatanda, bakit hindi mo inalagaan ang mas bata sa iyo ( referring to Katrina) ” ( Kwento ni missis ito kasi every night meron syang session sa YouTube, sumasagap ng balita sa Pinas πŸ™‚ ). Aray, bakit, below age of accountability ba si Katrina? Also, is Hayden the culprit? I don’t know if these kind of question has to something to with ” to aid in legislation” 😦

  11. I was not really surprised that there was a Senate hearing concerning these sex videos. Trust our government officials to not choose the right priorities.

    • How are you sis ? Long time no hear πŸ™‚

      Very true – it is a case of misguided priorities. That’s what happens when the people give these buffons like Bong Revilla and Jinggoy Estrada the chance to exhibit their useless and narrowminded antics. I’m wondering if this is just a case of these people justifying their existence at the upper house.

  12. I’m wondering why the U.S. senate did not conduct an inquity on Paris Hilton’s leaked sex video πŸ™‚

    As for the mouthguard, that’s pretty cool. I need to have one for myself. I might become a better billiards player πŸ™‚

  13. True. As far as I know, they only do these senate and congressional inquiries if it involves a high ranking official to get to the bottom of a scandal with the goal of either removing or retaining the official for the interest of the public. If they did a Paris Hilton inquiry – taht would have been a riot πŸ™‚

    Sure, go ahead and let me know the result hehe πŸ˜†

  14. Our greedy and corrupt politicians just love to stick their heads as they please, even to issues they have no part of. They are the classic examples of “ang magnanakaw, galit sa kapwa magnanakaw”. No morality at all.

    If Phil Mickelson wins this weekend, am sure “it will be that Amy was praying hard for him to win” or “Amy was his inspiration”. How many time we heard these premonitions. Athletes will come out with dead relatives some months or years ago but they became the reason why he/she won the event. SO absurd.

    And I never liked these athletes point their fingers to the heavens when they hit a “home run” or score “touchdown”, or whatever. Hope a bird flying by would shit on their faces.

    • Bong Revilla and Jinggoy Estrada should bring their showbiz acts to the movies and not in the senate. They should worry about the economy, unemployment and health care rather than the affairs of their fellow celebs. yuk 😦

      hahaha…you’ve got a point. I’m sure Amy Mickelson would be fine. Looks like the disease was caught early. Phil also said that he would rather have the illness than his wife. I feel for him but know what, the media had just overblown the whole thing IMO.

      As for those touchdowns and homeruns being credited to the man above, I just hope they didn’t inject their butts with steroids before they went to the game πŸ˜†

  15. Heyo, BW. Yeah, I had a self-imposed sabbatical for a while. πŸ™‚

    I’m still shocked that Bong Revilla and Jinggoy Estrada are actually senators! Blame it on those who voted for them.

    When I was in Manila in 2007, the driver of my Uncle told my Mom, “Ma’am, yan po ang bahay ng kabit ni Bong Revilla.” It was in a posh subdivision in Paranaque.

    Kawawa ang mga tax payers.

    • I paused for a brief period too coz I was busy both at work and my personal life πŸ™‚

      Alam mo, I was just waiting for Bong Revilla to ask in the comical inquiry” Hayden, bago mo ginawa ang sex video na ito, nagpa-alam ka ba sa nanay mo? ” hahaha :mrgreen:

  16. Everytime I ask my relatives or friends about the latest issue back home, they will always mention the sex scandal. It’s a major DUH for me. You’ve said it all big bro. Napakalaking KOMEDYA.

    I also want to say that I am also annoyed with those commenters saying that the girls with Hayden were all sluts and whores because they saw them doing it with him. That’s pretty judgmental. I mean it just so happen that the video leaked but, come on, making love is a given between two people who are in a relationship. You don’t call your friend a slut even though you know she’s doing it with her boyfriend.

    I dont think those women know that there’s a camera or a video. I believe they’re clueless. If both consented to have the act videotaped or something, they would have chosen better angles. yeah yeah yeah…I’ve seen the videos haha.

    • hey, welcome back – long time no hear. Akala ko nag settle down ka na hehe πŸ˜‰

      Well, I think Hayden’s women knew that they have been videoed baka naman they both felt kinky which enhanced their sexual pleasures πŸ™‚ Baka lang nga Hayden is not a good director or he’s not using a HD quality video camera πŸ˜† Buti ka pa napanood mo πŸ˜‰

      Remember that case of a Miss Phil ( ex- MIss Bacaolod) contestant who’s sex photos also appeared on the net? It turned out that her boyfriend lost his cell phone ..yay… and the finder loaded into the net. Now that was totally uncalled for. A friend emailed me the photos. I think there was a court order to have them pulled out of the net but don’t know if it was successful.

      Here’s the biggest problem . If you are not a celeb, I doubt if you can get the video pulled out but for celebs, with the attention of their fellow celebs in the high govt, they are able to do something. kaya in the end hypocritical itong inquiry na ito – hindi para sa lahat 😦

  17. If you read Philippine Daily Inquirer, Patricia Evangelista wrote a great article about Bong Revilla’s grandstanding with the Kho-Halili scandal.

  18. I agree with your suspicion that the Cougar may have a hand in the release of such sex videos to the public. Hell hath no fury than a woman scorned, as they say. πŸ™‚

    • ” Hell hath no fury than a woman scorned, as they say ”

      Arrghh… the quote is so apropos bro πŸ˜‰ .. As Frankie Miller’s song Jealousy goes ( BTW the song with its slow rock tempo sounds dandy methinks πŸ˜† )

      As thick as mud
      It’s in my veins
      It’s in my blood
      It’s plain to see
      I love you more
      Than you love me

      Problem is, the 53 year old cougar, with her plastic surgery exploits of making old hags and pot-bellied geezers look reincarnated, is so influential that the she gains the sympathy of the authorities, lawmakers, the rich elite, the media where she has customers aplenty 😦

  19. i agree 169%. you just can’t tell the difference between philippine politics and show business these days. everything is a big circus.

  20. I’m curious of where you came up with 169 percent hehe πŸ˜‰

    So true. Celebs rule not only our airwaves, our newspapers. Now it looks like they may dominate politics and government ouch ;(

  21. “The proponents of the inquiry were ex-celeb stooges who became senators because of their pretty faces.”

    Uy! If you think Jinggoy Estrada is a prettyface, you must be suffering from “Lechon baboy” vision fantasy!

    The reason why the word(noun) legislator is never attached to the names of the elected celebs and most of the circus clowns in the Batasan Pambansa is quite obvious…….. most of them are ignorant of the legislative body functions!

    Yung grandstanding nila sa mga walang kuwentang issue ay resulta yan ng mga publicist nila na pang tabloid at Liwayway Klasiks ang sistema ng pa-pogi points sa publiko.

    Para silang mga kulot na bulbol sa Senado!

    • kulot na bulbol …hahaha… that’s so funny πŸ™‚ Jinggoy and Bong Revilla are total amuyongs sa senado. I briefly went into the senate website and viewed their profiles and you would wonder why they even became senators 😦

      Given that, I’m sure there are people who are pissed by what we are saying but I couldn’t care less dahil bumababa ang tingin ko sa gobyerno dahil sa pagmumukha nila. If there’s such a thing as self respect sa lahi natin, na-aagnas na dahil sa mga tao na ito 😑

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